11 Instagram Reel Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

Instagram reels ideas

When Instagram introduced the new function called Instagram Reels, many people treated it as a Tiktok duplicate. After posting on Tiktok, users re-uploaded that content on Instagram.

But now, on Instagram creators’ account, the company announced it would be on the lookout for recycled content and encourage people to stop doing that. That means they got a point. If you re-upload from Tiktok to Instagram, the video quality might be reduced or become blurry.

The truth is Instagram significantly encourages creators to make Reels. That why’s you see they create a separate space for this feature. Your reels will get a higher chance to be shown on the Explore page than a normal post.

So, it’s time for you to make Instagram Reels. If you have no ideas, we’ll help you with these Instagram reel ideas to reach new audiences.

11 Instagram Reel Ideas to Inspire You

1. People’s Revolt

What better strategy to create your first Reels than by introducing audiences to your team? In this reel, People’s Revolt does three great things. First, they utilize a viral sound for their video, which can help them reach more audiences.

That sound also adds a call-to-action to business owners and encourages them to interact with the post. Given that the brand gives digital marketing and PR services, it is a good way to reach the target users.

Besides, they keep the video short and simple. No fancy props or design – just the team, the sound, and the copy. It is actually all you need for a great first Reel.

2. Sassy Woof

If you need another approach to introduce your team, take a page out of the ‘90s TV show book such as “Full House” and “Family Matters.” That is what this company did. This is one of the coolest Instagram reel ideas.

Sassy Woof introduced its members (which included one furry boss) with the song background is the Full House – it is the perfect strategy.

3. Anima Iris

For the next Reel, think about pulling the curtain back and reflecting your followers behind-the-scenes content. In this instance, Anima Iris – a luxury purse brand – shows followers a peek into the product shots for an upcoming campaign.

Consumers need an authentic company, and content like this does can humanize your brand and help create a stronger connection with your followers.

It is also an effective approach leading up to a launch as it builds anticipation and excitement within your following.

4. Glamnetic

If you think you need fancy lighting and equipment for product marketing, see Glamnetic strategy.

In this reel, the brand uses an easy setup to market its makeup corrector pen – the latest product.

One benefit of utilizing Instagram Reels is the music embed function. As long as it is available in Instagram’s library — which most songs are — you could add any song you need in your reel. It does not constitute an official advert, so you aren’t restricted by copyright laws.

5. Jumz.Equipment

The next Instagram reel idea is an example of the recycled content that Instagram will now make less discoverable. You could easily find the TikTok watermark, however, aside, it is a great example of the kind of content brands should be embracing.

It is product marketing, however, it’s a bit more subtle. Let’s see the video title ” Style Our Mini Handbags,” a model styles the handbags with different outfits, showcasing the product’s versatility.

It is unclear if the video is produced by a Jumz group member or an influencer, however, what we do know is that it checks off all of the boxes for a great Reels video.

6. Apple

In case your team does not have the resources or time to dedicate to brainstorm Reels content, think about outsourcing it.

For example, Apple commissioned creative studio Incite Design to create a video to show how to use the iPhone 12. As the result, you see a quick tutorial of two Apple goods that highlights the phone’s slo-mo effect, a key product feature.

7. MissionRecruit

When in doubt, you could share some tips with your viewers. That type of video is adding value to your audience and presents another chance to gain some credibility.

MissionRecruit executed this well with this video, which brings women 3 ways to dress for their next interview. As an employment recruitment agency, this kind of content is in good alignment with the brand.

The best part? The Reels video additionally doubles as user-generated content (UGC), as they featured photos from influencers.

8. Netflix

In terms of social media, Netflix does not take itself too seriously.

They’ve succeeded in tapping into what followers need. Their Reels video content is no different.

This hilarious skit is supposed to show the POV of a plant looking at somebody crying over a show on Netflix. It is so easy but when the comments under the post are any indication, Netflix hit the nail right on the head.

Just as sounds go viral on short-form video platforms, so do special effects like this one. When the chance strikes, join in on the fun.

9. Skillshare

The time limit for a Reel is 30s. It is also just the right size for a teaser video to create anticipation ahead of a new release.

To promote a new service, Skillshare posted a reel of the course where Kelis – a recording artist and chef – gives a tip on mixing flavors.

It is a cooking show, so they can have just made a montage of what the course will cover. Instead, they took a fascinating tidbit from the course and used that to impress people.

Another vital factor to note here is the caption. Accessibility should always be top of mind when making any content. Beyond their significance for deaf or hard-of-hearing people, non-native English speakers could also benefit from captioned videos. And let’s not forget those that frequently watch videos on mute or maybe watch your Reels in loud surroundings.

Captions broaden your video’s reach, so never forget to use them.

10. Adobe

Creativity is a core tenet of Adobe’s brand identity. So their Reels videos, and most of their social media content, celebrate their users’ creativity.

That is another good instance of user-generated content. For it to work, the UGC has to match your company and followers.

In this reel, the artist takes a journey back in time and reflects how Adobe Photoshop has evolved through the years. One may view it and think, “What’s the point?

Well, not every content you make is meant to result in a direct sale. Typically, a sale is not the purpose. Typically, the goal is to grow brand awareness, foster a community, or make stronger messaging. In this case, Adobe is already a household name, so these posts might encourage and celebrate, rather than promote.

11. HubSpot

I like a numbered list. I do know what I am getting and there is no surprise.

And from a marketer’s standpoint, this kind of content is simply repurposed. Imagine that you had a listicle with this info. Well, now you could use that same info to make a 30-second Reel.

You could also utilize this format to direct traffic to your blog post by introducing some items from the list and inviting your audiences to see the full list on your site.

There are so many Instagram reel ideas to play with. Try some viral filters and sounds and see what resonates with your followers. When you get in a groove, you will see how simple it’s to make short and effective video content.

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