17 of the Best Brands on Instagram Right Now (2/3)

Instagram best brands

Here are more best Instagram brands in 2020 that you should follow and get inspiration.

6. Apartment Therapy

Followers: 1.9M

Apartment Therapy’s Instagram account is a great source of therapy in case you love the sight of cozy homes. In case you’ve seen social media posts from Apartment Therapy before, rest assured the pictures of residences on its Instagram account are just as creative.

Here are two recent posts on Apartment Therapy’s Instagram feed are below. From the plant-friendly living room on the left to the comfortable A-frame on the right, this brand gives its Instagram followers a lot of inspiration to personalize their own space. And according to its Instagram bio, it’s “live happy, healthy lives at home.”

Apartment Therapy Instagram account showing plant-inspired living roomApartment Therapy Instagram account showing bedroom in A-frame apartment

7. Paris Opera Ballet

Followers: 340k

The city of Paris is famous for many lovely things — wine, cheese, and art are just a few. However, that last one, art, is photographically captured on the Instagram account of the Paris Opera Ballet, or Ballet de l’Opera de Paris.

The account captures candid images of the ballet’s dancers during performances, rehearsals, and backstage. That gives viewers an artful glimpse at what goes into the ballet’s productions. It also takes advantage of something called banners on Instagram, when larger photos can be divided into multiple pictures to create a tiled banner of smaller photos.

The way this account highlights performance venues is noteworthy, too. The third photo beneath the first two below provides an intimate shot of rehearsal, conveying a gritty behind-the-scenes feel that can generate excitement for productions.

Paris Opera Ballet Instagram account showing performance of Crystal PiteParis Opera Ballet Instagram account showing male dancers

8. Tentsile

Followers: 189k

“Stunning” is the very first word that comes to mind when I scroll through Tentsile’s Instagram photos. The company sells tree tents, they call them “portable treehouses” that will “literally take your camping experience to a new level”. Their Instagram is full of beautiful scenes of their product in use in all matter of terrain: rainforests, mountains, beaches… so on.

Tentsile Instagram account showing campgroundTentsile Instagram account showing water hammock

Tentsile’s Most Engaging Post

Why it’s engaging: 

Tentsile’s followers are interested in seeing the unique tent uses and setups that customers come up with. Not only is the post above a video — which are known for getting more engagement than photos — but the preview shot alone shows an intriguing location for a tree tent. For starters, how the heck did they get it up there?

9. Desenio

Followers: 910k

Look at the colors of any well-known brand and you’ll notice that they use the same colors over and over again — in their logo, on their website, and in their social media images. Using the same colors for many times is a great way to establish brand consistency and help consumers become familiar with your brand.

That’s what the Swedish online art print company Desenio does on its Instagram account. They use a lot of blues, greens, greys, and blacks, which fuel senses of calm, healing, luxury, and trust.


Desenio’s Most Engaging Post

Why it’s engaging:

When your Instagram account is predicated on brand consistency, deviating from the usual theme or color might be off-limits. However, in minor doses, throwing something new into your feed can give your account a boost of engagement. The post above is a simple holiday card from Desenio. However, it’s so dramatically different from the look and feel of the business’s usual interior design, followers just have to click through to see more.

Many of the comments included exclamations of how beautiful and evocative the post is. One commenter was inspired enough to describe what winters are like where they live. To increase your comment rate, follow Desenio’s lead by posting images of things and situations that remind your followers of things they care about in their personal lives.

10. No Your City

Followers: 26k

The folks at No Your City produce a documentary series that captures the fascinating stories of people all over the world, mostly in New York. The brand’s Instagram account, though, is less about these stories and more about showcasing beautiful images from the city itself.

What makes us love these photos is how closely they follow the best practices for taking great photos with your phone. Each one of No Your City’s photos seems to follow at least one of these recommendations. No matter it’s focusing on a single subject, embracing negative space, playing with reflections, or finding interesting perspectives. The photos are consistently stunning, and therefore, the brand has built a solid following.

No Your City Instagram account showing Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, New York

11. Vans

Followers: 15.2M

Vans is famous for its stylish shoes, but the brand’s use of social media is just as stylish. Its Instagram business account is no exception.

The maker of the classic checkered slip-on has an aggressively flashy Instagram feed, featuring both standalone product shots and action photos of people wearing their favorite Vans products express themselves.

Vans’ Instagram account’s most unique quality is likely how much skateboarding content it has. The brand doesn’t just be hot for teenage skaters anymore. However, it shows its loyalty to that lifestyle in an engaging way. Below, Vans describes an Indian girl with a caption that describes her as the “only girl who regularly skateboards in her town.”

Vans’ Most Engaging Post

Why it’s engaging:

Just because you’re promoting an ordinary product launch doesn’t mean the social media post supporting the launch should be equally ordinary. Vans’ recent video, above, endorses a line of shoes called ComfyCush, but the video itself is a little, well, weirder. And for business so dependent on style, the right amount of weird can give Vans an awesome amount of engagement.

12. Divinity LA Bracelets

Followers: 238k

This’s an example of a small business performing very well on Instagram. A beaded bracelet could have any theme.

Divinity’s Most Engaging Post

Why it’s engaging:

The caption reads “Each Sea Turtle and Hatchling bracelet sold helps a Hatchling make it to the ocean”. People tag their friends to show them the cute sea turtles, or to say “WE NEED TO SAVE THEM!”


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