19 Apps for Instagram Stories Marketers Should Know (2/2)

apps for Instagram stories

With an ever-expanding suite of apps for Instagram Stories, the possibilities for creativity are limitless.

And, while the content is transient, the impact is not. Instagram Stories provide a golden opportunity for social media marketers to reach and engage with the more than 500 million users who watch Stories every day.

Are you new to Instagram Stories or are you having trouble getting your stories to convert? So, continue reading to learn about our favorite Instagram Stories apps for creating beautiful, eye-catching content.

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19 apps for Instagram Stories that marketers should know

Apps for Instagram Stories #10: Hype-Type

adding animated text to instagram stories using hype type

Best for: Including animated text

With this video text animator, you can add some drama to your copy. Flip it, reverse it, accelerate it, decelerate it: just get those words moving. Furthermore, Hype-Type can generate interesting and meaningful quotes to contextualize your Stories.

Essential features:

  • Combine multiple video clips together or apply to a single photo or video shot
  • Text placement control
  • A wide range of font styles and animations are available.

Price: First week is free, then $20 for the year

Download: iOS and Android

Apps for Instagram Stories #11: A Design Kit

three mobile screens showing custom stickers on static images using a design kit

Best for: Adding personalized elements to static images

Design is important when it comes to Instagram Stories. A Design Kit may be your ultimate design toolkit, with its brushes, fonts, design details, collage templates, and stickers. Additionally, A Color Story, its sister app, is a great companion if you’re looking for influencer-approved Instagram filters and effects.

Essential features:

  • A plethora of amusing custom stickers
  • More than 60 fonts and 200 designs
  • Realistic texture and color brushes
  • Metallics and marble make for eye-catching backgrounds

Price: Free & paid premium features

Download: iOS only

Apps for Instagram Stories #12: Seen

mobile screens showing unique template and transition options in seen app for instagram stories

Best for: Smooth transitions for videos

Seen is created by the same people who created Facetune, so you know it’s all about flawless presentation. Moreover, the app includes templates and stickers. However, the real draw is the dramatic transitions. For instance, Images blend together, text fades in and out, and photos slide away smoothly.

Essential features:

  • Smooth transitions
  • Templates that are trendy (including seasonal options)
  • A massive sticker collection
  • Combine video and photos in the same layout.

Price: Free & paid premium features

Download: iOS only

Apps for Instagram Stories #13: Adobe Express

colourful templates in adobe express app for instagram stories

Best for: Excellent social media templates

Adobe Express provides access to thousands of beautiful Instagram Story templates, as well as free design tools to help them stand out. In general, simply select a template, upload your brand assets, and add custom text, and you’re done! You’ve created a social media template worth mentioning.

Essential features:

  • Remove images’ backgrounds
  • Crop, resize, and animate videos
  • Add text effects
  • Share on any social media platform

Price: Free & paid subscription options

Download Adobe Express: iOS, Android, or Desktop

Apps #14: InShot

photo, music, and transition editing features on inshot

Best for: Pro video editing

InShot is a powerful Instagram Story editor app that allows you to easily create professional-grade Stories. Likewise, everything from music to transitions, emoji to filters, blur backgrounds, speed editing, and more is available. InShot is your cinematic excellence partner.

Essential features:

  • Image-in-Image editing
  • Animated Layers
  • Sound effects and voiceovers
  • Film transitions and filters

Price: Free & paid subscription options

Download InShot: iOS and Android

Apps #15: Filmm

video effects using filmm app for instagram stories

Best for: Aesthetic video editing

In other words, Anyone can become a professional video editor with Filmm. In fact, this Instagram Stories app combines professional film light effects, textures, and distortions with contemporary aesthetics. Therefore, when you’re finished, your audience will be swooning.

Essential features:

  • More than 30 text animations
  • 100 different filters and effects
  • Cropping for specific stories
  • Editing multiple clips

Price: Free & paid subscription options

Download Filmm: iOS and Android

Apps #16: Tezza

examples of aesthetic image editing with tezza app for instagram stories

Best for: Vintage & Aesthetic photo editing

While Filmm is the place to go for aesthetic videos, Tezza is the place to go for aesthetic photos. Use this Instagram Stories filter app to make stunning, broody. So, beautiful static photos that will immerse your audience in your fantasy.

Essential features:

  • More than 40 presets
  • Vintage & Aesthetic photo effects
  • More than 150 templates
  • Many texture and dimension overlays

Price: Free trial then $5.99/month or $39.99/year

Download Tezza: iOS only

Apps #17: Magisto

four screens showing layout and sticker editing using magisto app for instagram stories

Best for: Video editing with AI

Magisto Video Editor & Maker employs artificial intelligence to select and edit the best parts of your video. So, sit back, relax, and let the robot do the heavy lifting. Additionally, Magisto’s Instagram Story editor app will create scroll-stopping Instagram Stories worthy of new audience engagement with just a few clicks.

Key features:

  • Customized templates and stickers
  • AI smart editor
  • Include text, font, and color
  • Photo slideshow and collage select

Price: Free & paid subscription options

Download Magisto: iOS and Android

Apps #18: GoDaddy Studio

custom branded instagram story templates using over app

Best for: Simple graphic design tools

With simple design tools built for social, GoDaddy Studio (formerly Over) empowers anyone to be a graphic designer. Use the GoDaddy Studio app for Instagram Stories to create new templates. Likewise, you can add graphics to content. Also, you can add stickers to make your Stories stand out. You can even create a logo!

Key features:

  • Remove background
  • Many templates, fonts, and image library
  • Blend video with pictures

Price: 7-day free trial then $14.99/month

Download GoDaddy Studio: iOS and Android

Apps #19: PhotoGrid

four screens showing custom layout options in photogrid

Best for: Making personalized collages

PhotoGrid is an Instagram Stories app that allows you to create custom layouts in a variety of shapes and styles. In fact, have you recently returned from vacation? Make a collage of your favorite photos. Displaying your most recent product features? Include them all in a personalized collage.

Additionally, you can use custom fonts, text, and colors to make your content stand out.

Essential features:

  • 20,000+ unique layouts
  • 1,000 fonts
  • Grid options for photos and videos
  • Custom stickers, backgrounds, borders, etc

Price: Free & paid subscription options

Download PhotoGrid: iOS and Android

In conclusion, these are just a few of the tools available to help you make your Instagram Story stand out. So, download one or all, but keep in mind that Instagram Stories apps are a great place to experiment. Above all, get creative, try new things, and see what works best for your brand firsthand.

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