20+ Creative Instagram Post Ideas in 2022 (2/2)

creative instagram post ideas

Keep reading for more creative Instagram post ideas in 2022.

20+ Creative Instagram post ideas in 2022

Show an influencer using your product

Another kind of social proof you’ll be able to share with audiences is an influencer endorsement. These kinds of partnerships can bring new audiences to your brand and show {that a} trusted figure vouches for your product.

Just make sure it’s a good fit when it comes to vibes and values.

Ask audiences a question

If you want audiences to engage with your content, and even engage with each other, throw out a question in one of your Instagram posts.

For example, BetterHelp, a virtual therapy company, asked customers “What’s one piece of advice that you’ll always remember?”. The question provides users an opportunity to reflect and engage, as well as an opportunity to learn from crowdsourced ideas.

These kinds of questions may also be used to hear what kind of products, services, or event content your audience wants to see.

Show a tutorial

What’s better than showing off your product? Showing the way to effectively use your product.

Posting tutorials provide value for current and prospective clients. Consider ways you can share tips and tricks to allow them to get the most out of the products your business has to offer.

Go behind-the-scenes

While your products and services may be polished, your social media doesn’t have to be.

Let loose and allow your audience to see what happens behind the scenes. It will humanize your brand and allow them to know the people behind it.

Show a before-and-after

Show your brand’s creativity with a before-and-after photo (check the bedroom makeover above).

If you provide a service to customers, this is a great opportunity to show what kind of magic you introduce into people’s lives.

Before-and-afters also provide hard proof of what your business is able to do.

Jump on a trend

Is there a certain kind of video that’s all the rage on social media? As a brand, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines. Finding your own spin on a trend is an effective way to get noticed.

That might imply joining the newest dance craze, showing your business glow-up, or creating an ASMR video (short for autonomous sensory meridian response) like the post above.

Share user-generated content

Let audiences know that you’d like to see your product in the wild. By creating a hashtag and asking customers to tag you in their posts, you’ll be able to share how others view your product and use it in their own lives. Or even fan art, like @blippi’s post below.

Just let customers know you’ll be sharing their pictures and provide credit where credit is due.

Share your mistakes

By now you’re probably sick of us telling you to humanize your brand, however, people really do like getting to know the real you!

The way to do that is to show the mistakes you’ve made along the way in your business, or life in general.

You can even help prevent others from making the same mistakes as you did.

Seek creative input

Next time when your team has a brainstorming session, take it to Instagram!

Fujifilm, for instance, has asked audiences to help choose a specialty frame for one of their prints.

Nobody knows extra about what your customers want than your customers themselves.

Share an action shot

Unveil the mystery behind your products and services by showing what lies behind the glossy photos.

With an action shot, you’ll be able to invite audiences into the process to see how your creations get made. Take Ru Ru Baked, for example. This ice cream shop jumps into how exactly their vegan oreo and caramel pints get made.

And, with choices to speed up or slow down video, you’ll be able to play around to make your action shots more dynamic.

Create a year in review

Sometimes it’s ok to just stop and reflect on the past. By sharing a year in review post, you’ll be able to show just how far your business has come within a short period of time. Yes, you completely have permission to brag about your accomplishments.

And, you don’t have to wait until December or January to show a year-end review video. Whenever your business celebrates a milestone, take a look back and credit the steps or big moves it took to get there.

Hope these creative Instagram ideas can give you more inspiration for your business on Instagram this year 2022.

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