5 Best Remix Contests To Compete In (2/2)

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After knowing how to participate in the remix contest as well as the notes and tips when participating in that contest, let’s continue reading to learn about the main topic that is the 5 best remix contests.

1)LANDR Challenges

If you’re looking for an opportunity to improve your skills, the LANDR Challenges are the perfect place to get started. You can even enter the remix contests for the music you like, and if your remix has got the top fan votes, the company will release your track, and the reward will be split between the winners and the host.

2) Kenny Beats

If you’re looking to gain exposure for your music, you’ve probably come across the Kenny Beats remix contest. While the contest itself isn’t new, the artist himself has had a long road to success. The winner is determined by the number of votes received. Kenny discusses his favorite beat and how it’s done. Then, he opens the voting poll.


The SKIO remix contest is back and better than ever! With over two50,000 users, the SKIO community is growing fast, and it is your chance to hear your music heard by millions of people. You can win prizes like official releases and music festival bookings and be a part of the biggest remix event in the world.

When entering the SKIO remix contest, make sure to make good quality tracks. If you are new to production, try to produce practice tracks and remix them. Also, if you like a track, make a remix of it. This way, you can showcase your talent and help the artist get the exposure they deserve. There are many ways to enter the contest, and it is easy to get involved!

4) YouTubers

YouTube allows you to hold remix contests, but you must abide by a few rules. If you love to listen to new music and create remixes, you might consider subscribing to music productions on YouTube and participating in remix contests.

5) Metapop

If you’re looking for a new remix contest to participate in, you’ve probably heard of Metapop. This online music platform lets users remix original recordings or create new tracks by reusing the original audio assets. Metapop users can participate in remix competitions, and users can also promote their entries on social media. This is your chance to showcase your talents to the world and get discovered by the top artists in the industry.

Summing Up:

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Remix contests are an excellent way to gain exposure for your music. There are usually hundreds of submissions, and the winning remix often receives the top prize money. There are also many benefits to remix competitions and if you are looking to be on the top of your game and become the next superstar, make sure to enroll yourself in one of these contests!

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