5 Instagram Features Are Surely on Trends in 2021

Instagram features

2021 is ahead, it’s time for us to look back what users are interested in, what they aren’t and what to expect strongly grow on Instagram marketing.

With one billion users active all over the world, Instagram become one of the most booming platform recently. That means you could never miss out the chance to know the latest Instagram trends to make a stunning marketing strategies for 2021.

Right here, we will show you 5 Insagram features will be on trends in the new year!

Instagam story

Instagram story was launched four years ago but It always is one of the best key aspects of influencer marketing with 78% of brands admit that Instagram Stories has had a big impact on influencers’ content about their brand. Base on that, it will surely continue to be a key component of Instagram marketing in 2021 (Tribe Dynamics, 2020).

Today, it said that Instagram story is not just one of the platform’s most popular Instagram features but also among parent company Facebook’s best products with about 88% of influencers said they update content on Stories regularly.

Going forward, all signs point to increasing use of Stories and it being one of the hottest Instagram trends in 2021: 63 % of Instagram influencers began to use Stories “much more regularly” this past year.

Instagram features

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels, which let us make and edit  15-second videos, was launched in August 2020 and is available in 50 countries (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2020). With many similarities with Tiktok, Reels will hardly be a surprise if Reels becomes just as popular.

Tiktok has experienced a rough time. About a month before Reels was launched, India banned TikTok. This likely prompted TikTokers there to look for an alternative, which they might have found in Reels. Statistics show that the average time spent on Instagram by users in India has grown 3.5 % since Reels was launched.

Also with TikTok now under threat in the US, there’s a high chance Instagram Reels will indeed be among the top Instagram trends of 2021.

Instagram In-app shopping

Online shopping is more and more popular with the number of Instagram users strongly grow recently, it will be a big mistake if we don’t mention Instagram in-app shopping in Instagram trends in 2021.

Totally understand this, the platform is constantly launching new tools to cater to consumers’ needs across the different stages of the buying funnel.

As it stands, 70 % of shoppers use Instagram for product discovery (Facebook, 2019). There are also 130 million users who learn more about products by tapping on shopping posts every month.

With shoppers spending more time on Instagram, we will not be surprised if in-app shopping begins trending on Instagram in 2021, more than it currently is.

A picture paints a thousand words. So think about what multiple images and/or videos or a mix of both can do.

Instagram’s carousel posts have become one of its hottest post formats since its launch in early 2017. Today, its growth shows no signs of stopping.

Soon after its launch, just a fraction (3 to 4 %) of all the content on Instagram was updated as a carousel post. Fast forward three years to July 2020 and this figure ballooned to 19.4 % (Marketing Charts, 2020).

In 2020 alone, we see that carousel posts’ share of the entire Instagram posts has been rising month after month, so much so that analysts predict they will become Instagram’s main form of organic content.

If these stats continue growing, there will be no doubt that carousel posts will be one of the top Instagram trends in 2021.


Last but not least on this Instagram trends list in 2021, there is the increased adoption of IGTV (Instagram TV).

IGTV will be a hot trend after Instagram announced to allow ads on their long-form video platform (Social Media Today; Instagram, 2020).

That makes it both more attractive for content creators to begin producing longer videos for IGTV and try to earn money from the adverts, as well as for brands to get their names in front of fresh eyes to boost awareness.

According to reports, IGTV content creators are getting the same percentage of the advert revenue as YouTubers, which can propel Instagram into a potential competitor.

Instagram has promised more IGTV expansions and features to be rolled out over the months so expect usage to gain momentum going into 2021.

Hopefully, these Instagram features will help you go viral in Instagram!

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