7 Latest Updated Messaging Features on Instagram

IG Messaging Features

Instagram is adding many new messaging features. These include the option to respond to a new direct message (DM) without leaving the Home feed. Additionally, you can share posts with friends quickly, see who’s online, and more.

New Instagram Messaging Features 2022 - reply in feed, share from feed, who is online
Source: @Instagram

Late last year, the company announced its intention to focus on messaging (in addition to Reels).

Instagram said in a statement on their press page that the new DM features are part of their “ongoing work to improve how you connect and share with your closest friends.

Instagram’s New Messaging Features

Instagram has added a slew of new features to make communicating with the app even easier.

Everything is happening in the DMs, from polls to immersive content exchange.

Here’s a breakdown of all the new features:

  1. Reply while you browse: Reply to a message without leaving the Instagram Home feed.
  2. Send to friends quickly: By tapping and holding the share button, you can re-share content without leaving the Instagram Home feed.
  3. Check out who’s online:  At the top of your inbox, see who’s available to chat.
  4. Send a song: Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify connections allow you to share a 30-second preview of a song (coming soon).
  5. Silently send messages: Add “@silent” to your message to send messages without alerting your friends.
  6. Change the theme: Check out the new lo-fi chat theme.
  7. Create a poll in group messages: To survey your friends, create a poll directly in a group chat.
New Instagram Messaging Features 2022 — silent messages, group polls, song shares
Source: @Instagram

These features are currently being rolled out to users in a few countries, with the goal of expanding their availability in the coming weeks and months. So, sit tight if you don’t have access yet.

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