7 Predictions about Instagram Reels in 2022

Instagram Reels in 2022

Every creator wants to be on trend so we will give you some predictions about Instagram reels in 2022 right here.

Short-form videos have boomed in 2022, especially Instagram Reels. Instagram announced to release the Instagram reel on August 5, 2020. It now become one of the hottest features on the platform. A reel is easier to go viral than a normal post because Reels are pushed to all Instagram users even they don’t follow you.

With the success in 2021, we believe that Reels will grow bigger and better next year. Now, let’s see which can be new for Instagram reels in 2022.

7 Predictions about Instagram Reels Predictions in 2022

If you follow Adam Mosseri – the CEO of Instagram – you’ll know that Instagram Reels have lots of room to improve. Mosseri admitted that in a series of Instagram Stories.

With this, we could expect a big growth for Instagram Reels in 2022.

#1: The Reels Algorithm Will Become More Advanced

We all know that the Instagram algorithm is a mystery. There is no obvious announcement about that. And algorithm about Instagram is the same thing.

We don’t understand much about the Instagram reels algorithm. Everything we know is that Reel gives less screen time to low-quality and visibly recycled content.

However, one factor we will see is that it seems not to be quite as advanced as the algorithm of TikTok – which can collect even the slightest of interests and recommend relevant content to audiences.

If Instagram wants to dramatically boom in 2022, Reels should take a page out of TikTok’s book – with more diversification and personalization of the videos they bring to audiences.

#2: Reels Shopping Will Go Next-level

In 2022, Instagram Reels shopping will get new levels – for both creators and brands.

Instagram’s e-commerce functions have seen a major facelift in 2021 that includes the Instagram Shop tab, Instagram Checkout, and the ability for all users to tag products on Instagram Reels.

Like Stories stickers, Instagram might launch a similar sticker lineup for Reels we guess.

Particularly, the product sticker where brands could tag products from their shop directly on the video – further streamlining the checkout process.

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#3: Reels Will Become a Main Part of the Instagram App

Reels are visible at the center of the Instagram homepage. They are shown separately from other posts on the platform – however, we’re hedging our bets on a more superior Instagram Reels integration.

With Instagram’s concentrate on video, it’s highly likely that Instagram will move towards a Reels-first approach.

This might mean that when users open up the Instagram app, they will see the Reels page first instead of the main feed as now.

Actually, Instagram has already begun testing out a full-screen view for Reels on the home feed.

If we see a Reels-first format, we expect there could be a shift in the kind of Instagram Reels content users create. We wish to view more in-depth, strategic Reels that support launches, campaigns, and community building.

Typically, Reels work alongside normal posts and stories as part of a massive strategy. However, with a format change, we could start to see Reels take on the identity of a classic feed post.

Some creators such as @olivianoceda are already embracing this change:

As you can see, the main content on her feed is Instagram Reels.

#4: The Instagram Reels Aesthetic Expect To Be More Prominent

When you have opened your Instagram app lately, you have probably found an influx of aesthetically-pleasing Reels.

There is one Reel trend that particularly has taken the Reels world by storm: showcasing perfectly curated photos in a beat-perfect sequence.

Instagram Reels is less chaotic and more curated than TikTok.

That is likely because users tend to treat Reels as an Instagram feed extension – particularly because their reels could be visible to the main feed.

However, it isn’t only the cover photo on the feed that’s aesthetic – it’s the videos themselves.

We expect users to double down in 2022. Particularly since users (and the algorithm) seem to favor this kind of content.

There are even exclusive accounts that let users edit their Reels to be aesthetically pleasing — talk about meta.

However, the same with others on social media, trends come and go with time – so you need to prepare to pivot.

So, while we think the Instagram Reels aesthetic to stick around, it may not last forever.

Recently, we see a less-filtered strategy working its way onto Reels, much like what we find and like on TikTok. Time will show.

#5: Reels Are Not a Copy of TikTok

On TikTok, it’s about making original content, experimentation, and making entertaining and educational content.

On Instagram Reels, the content is currently more trend-centric, with a powerful concentrate on atmospheric video content.

Eventually, it is likely that creators and brands will use TikTok and Reels as two separate platforms with separate types of content plans.

If Instagram wants the kind of content being shared on the platform to change, introducing new editing tools and functions will be a large help – which brings us to our next 2022 prediction.

#6: Update More Editing Features and Interactive Filters

We cannot deny that TikTok reigns supreme in terms of video editing features — you could easily master transitions, edit clips, add unique filters and music, and even color correct your footage all in TikTok.

We also can directly edit videos in Instagram Reels, but it might reach some limitations.

Hence, a quick win that we predict Instagram will launch in 2022 is the power to edit video and photo clips to the beat of the music.

There have already been some users who’ve noticed this as a test on their accounts. The rumored function is from “Dancify”:

Moreover, we expect to see an increase in interactive filters joining the Reels area.

We already know lots of AI filters that are originally popular on stories going viral on Reels.

Our prediction? There will be much more to come in 2022.

#7: New Incentives for Creators

We want to a critical push in making Instagram Reels the go-to for creators on the platform.

Instagram has already begun cooperating with creators through the Reels Play bonus program.

Reels Play bonus program offer creators to earn living directly from Instagram for creating content.

At present, the bonus program is only available to a bit amount of creators so we expect this will roll out to all users, or at least all creators in 2022.

Additionally, we find the Instagram Collabs tool growing in popularity on Reels – particularly since it’s helpful for both brands and creators.

If the Collab tool picks up steam (and if Instagram releases additional brand and creator partnership tools) it might be the important thing to unlocking viral reach for camera-shy brands.

And that’s all our predictions about Instagram Reels predictions in 2022. We hope you will be on trend this new year

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