9 Easy Hacks to Get More Spotify Plays (1/2)

Get More Spotify Plays

Everyone is struggling to get more Spotify plays! Whether you’re a big or small artist, it can be difficult to boost your Spotify for artists’ numbers…

But don’t worry. This guide will teach you how to get more Spotify streams and promote your music like a boss.

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1. Get On The Best Spotify Playlists!

If you want to increase your streams, you must get on the top Spotify playlist.

To be honest, Spotify playlists aren’t going away.

Those who curate independent Spotify playlists or use Discovery Algorithm playlists are here to stay.

The majority of your growth should come from independent playlist curators.

Spotify playlists are the single most effective way to increase your streams and get noticed on Spotify.

Organic independent playlists will provide you with more streams and monthly listeners at the lowest possible cost.

When Spotify users hear your song in a Spotify playlist, the algo will increase your Spotify plays.

As a result, your music will appear on the Spotify algorithm playlists Discover Weekly and Release radar!

Get on Algorithm Playists


The more Spotify users who hear your song, the better it is for the algorithm.

2. Get On Friends And Family Playlists!

You should also try to get your music on playlists owned by your friends and family.

It’s a simple method for promoting your music on Spotify.

Of course, yours will not necessarily explode… However, it does appear in Spotify for artists.

Easy playlist placements

The following are the advantages of having friends and family add you to their Spotify playlists:

  • It’s very quick.
  • Super simple and (best of all) completely free!

This can help boost your Spotify profile on TOP in addition to the other promotional efforts you’re making for your new music.

3. Submit To Editorial Playlists

To truly grow your Spotify for Artists account, you should strive to be featured on an editorial playlist.

The most popular playlists on Spotify are editorials (aside from the ones owned by Major Labels.)

The only problem is that most artists do not submit to them…

To get your music on Spotify’s editorial playlist for FREE, you must follow the proper steps.

The Spotify editorial team is eager to feature you on their popular playlists!

Spotify editorial playlists

More streams from editorial playlists will boost Spotify’s algorithm for your track, allowing your music to be heard!

Just keep in mind that you can only submit music to editorial lists directly if it has not yet been released.

4. Put Out Many Releases To Grow Your Spotify Plays

You will receive MOTE Spotify plays based on the number of songs you have available.

A good artist manager will tell you that the quality of the music is everything.

Once your quality has improved, you must release as many songs as possible into the market!

This gives your fans more chances to hear your own songs. This is why top record label artists always release deluxe 20-song albums.Release a lot of music!

While I don’t recommend releasing 20-song albums…

It’s crucial for many Spotify links to be distributed, and songs to be placed.

When it comes to generating streams on Spotify, the more the merrier.

If you consistently release great music, OF COURSE, you’ll get a lot of Spotify listeners on your songs.

Fewer songs always equal fewer streams.

Consider what would happen if Kanye West removed 90% of his songs from Spotify.

Can you guess how much Spotify account streams will be reduced?

Spotify users will enjoy different songs of yours at different times.

Some songs will receive more Spotify streams, while others will receive fewer streams.

You must still give them a chance by publishing your work!

5. Supply Makes Demand: Doubling Spotify Plays

Every new piece of music you release adds to your overall catalog.

The larger the catalog, the more streams you’ll see for artists on Spotify!

Demand is created by supply.

If you don’t have a steady supply of new music, there will be no demand for it (or any Spotify streams to begin with!).

It is simpler to obtain more Spotify plays on multiple songs and just one.

Assume you have five songs on Spotify and your goal is 1000 streams.

In this case, all you need is 200 streams for each song to reach your music career goals!

Generating 1000 streams

On the other hand, getting 1000 Spotify streams on a single song will be more difficult.

People prefer variety to listening to the same song over and over…

Please make sure you cater to all of your Fanbase’s different tastes and preferences if you want to really crush it and grow your Spotify please!

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