9 Easy Ways to Get more Twitter Followers

get more twitter followers

The first thing you should do to get more Twitter followers is to choose a clean, high-quality logo to fill your profile photo and relevant cover photo.

Here are 9 super simple tips I’ve tried and succeeded in getting more Twitter followers for our Twitter account. Try and see how they will help your account 😀 

1) Choose a Relevant Profile & Cover Photo

The first thing you should do to get more Twitter followers is to choose a clean, high-quality logo to fill your profile photo and relevant cover photo. This way will make you look more realiable and noone see you as a spammer or fake user. There are tons of fake users on Twitter nowadays. We can easily recognize them because they nearly never use a profile photo. Never make a mistake like this!!


2) Build a Unique Twitter Bio

When it comes to a decision of following a person or not, people will look through your Twitter profile to know whether what you tweet is related to their interests. A should-have method to follow is showing clearly your job, your hobbies are and your industry. This will encourage potential followers to judge whether you will share suitable for them. Optimizing this can get you more Twitter followers because we all tend to look for new people to follow.


3) Tweet Consistently; Not overwhelmed

It is crucial that what you tweet is consistent enough to maintain your followers and get more new followers because nobody  follow someone who last tweeted a month ago. A good pattern to follow is around 3-5 tweets per day posted in between a few hours each. This way will remind your followers who you are. However, don’t be a person who shares every minute because you will bombard your follower’s newsfeeds an quickly get an “Unfollow.”

TIP: In case you must reponse to a lot of people, just ensure that you have the @username at the beginning of your responses. This way will help your followers not to be spammed by all your irrelevant replies.

4) Tweet by Expressing Opinions or Asking Questions

The key is that you should not just tweet for the sake of tweeting. It’s better to attach a clever opinion or a wise question so that you can get reaction from your followers. The more they engage, the more viral your tweet can spread—which leads to more exposure and then more Twitter followers. If you just tweet, it sound that you don’t care. As a result, your followers won’t care either.



5) Tweet with Relevant Hashtags

You can see lots of hashtags on your newfeeds. Hashtags usually speak for a topic your tweet is about. If you are tweeting an post about education use the hashtag #education because there are hundreds of people searching for content associated with #education on Twitter daily. By hashtagging your tweets, you will get your brand exposed to hundreds people searching that topic. Use it cleverly, you can get more Twitter followers. Otherwise, if you use it too much, people will feel annoyed and unfollow you.

6) Spread your Twitter URL

Enclosed your Twitter URL on your business cards, email signatures, your websites, and Facebook profile/page. Because emails or business cards are things you actively use, people will naturally see your account and most likely give you a follow.


7) Retweet Others

A retweet is when sombody finds your tweet amazing and like to share it (with your Twitter username attached). There’s no other delighted feeling when others love your posts and they will likely share it with all their followers. The same happens to others. When you retweet other people’s tweets, people will tend to follow you and return a retweet then. Retweets are the simpliest method to get more twitter followers/customers.

8) Follow Relevant People

One of the fastest ways to begin  getting more Twitter followers is first following others so that others can see you. But don’t follow random people; choose people who have something common with you. The key is that they will most find you or your brand related to them and tend to follow you later. Remember  not to follow tons of people before you start getting followers yourself. If the number of people you follow are more than your followers, people will likely question your legitimacy. The best situation is to have a 1:1 ration of following to followers.

9) Interact, not Promote

Last, but certainly not least, whenever you tweet, don’t forget this: Tweet something you’d feel like about if you saw it. Offer your audience engaging information that they can be delighted  about. When it comes to use Twitter as a promotional megaphone, the brands get wrong. You would certainly feel annoyed, and so do all your existing and potential followers. None will like to follow a brand that always tweets “check out my services, check out my site, check out my brand…”


It will certainly take times to building a large Twitter follower community  But if you follow above steps and spend time thinking how to engage your audiences, you will get more Twitter followers on a daily basis in no time.
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