9 New Features to Try on Instagram in 2021 (1/2)

new features to try on Instagram

Instagram updates its new features almost every week. And together with the platform, the tastes and expectations of Instagram users evolve too.

In case you want to engage more followers and stay relevant, you need to be creative. Here in this article, we provide you with some of the latest additions to your Instagram that can make your social strategy better.

Let’s read it to find out 9 new features to try on Instagram that you can use to drive higher engagement and create quality content in the year ahead.

1. Boost your Stories with the Create Mode

Base on research from Hootsuit, more than half a billion users are watching Instagram Stories every day. It is still reigning in 2021.

It is the reason why Instagram usually provides new functions and features that make it more interesting and attract more people using it.

One of the newest is an expanded version of the Create mode, which previously let customers share text-only posts.

Now you can do so much more, including sharing flashback posts from the previous years with the On This Day button (a function that reminds us of Snapchat’s Memories). You can even repost Stories from followers who’ve mentioned you recently, share GIFs, and create Q&A.

2 examples of Instagram Stories using Create mode

To discover, just open Stories and swipe left to enter Create mode. Then you’ll be able to tap via the options at the bottom of the screen.

The brand new Create mode is ideal for sharing engaging Stories once you’re light on pictures and videos. Even without visual assets, you can create fascinating content.

weekend countdown Story


  • Countdown to launch. For those who have got a product release, a campaign, or a once-a-year-sale, stoke excitement with a countdown sticker.
  • Flashback to a special day. Celebrate the anniversary of your first post, your first launch, or your greatest joke (to date).
  • Shout out your followers. Repost content from your mates and followers to show your appreciation, and amplify positive word-of-mouth.

2. Go deeper with Growth Insights

In case you’re building your brand on Instagram, you need to have a business profile.

Not only does it help you add information like category and contact details, but it also gives you access to richer analytics. This knowledge helps you understand more about your viewers and hone your Instagram strategy.

In 2020, take advantage of some new metrics for Instagram business accounts. Their new Growth Insights tools reveal which stories and posts are growing your viewers. Understanding what resonates with your followers will allow you to refine your content, so you can effectively spend your time on social.

Instagram Growth Insights screen

Learn more about Instagram Insights and how to use them to better your social strategy here: How to you Instagram Insights?.

3. Bring TikTok to Instagram

Instagram has always been a chameleon, reproducing common features from different platforms. Now that TikTok has hooked us on short clips set to music and changed how we watch a video, Instagram is introducing their version: Reels.

Reels allow customers to record and edit 15-second video clips, then add music and captions. It’s only being tested in Brazil so far, however, it’ll likely migrate to other markets soon.

For brands who haven’t ventured onto TikTok yet, this new function might save you the trip. In the meantime, you can always repost your favorite TikTok content to Stories.

4. Add music to your Stories

While you watch for Reels to arrive, you can still deliver music to your Instagram content. The app allows you to find and add music clips to your videos and photos in Stories.

Just swipe up to discover the Music sticker, then search the library for a track. You can also add lyrics, choosing between completely different font and formatting choices as they appear over your Story.

Music option selected on Instagram Stories screen + Instagram story with Jaws soundtrack

Here are some ideas for using music in your Stories:

  • Behind the scenes. Do you like sharing real glimpses of your HQ with followers? Enhance the experience by sharing what your group is listening to these days.
  • Special events. Are you planning your social media content for upcoming holidays or occasions? Add music that matches your content, whether you’re feeling festive or celebratory.
  • Pump up a photo Story. Hold your viewers’ attention a little longer with a catchy track, so that they linger on your carefully-chosen photo Stories.

5. Share posts from the feed on Stories

Ever since Instagram switched to an algorithmic timeline, brands have tried to figure out the secret to making sure that your followers see every one of their carefully-crafted posts.

There are lots of effective ways to work with the Instagram algorithm. However one simple hack for raising the visibility of your posts? Add them to your Stories!

Instagram’s algorithm breaks up multiple posts from accounts to make sure customers see numerous content in their feed. So in case, you’re posting frequently, sharing each post to your Stories means they won’t get buried.

Just tap the “share” button on any post, then choose “Add post to your Story.”

option to add post to Story

Here are several ideas for Story-worthy posting:

  • Highlight essential captions. Posting in the feed is still perfect in case you’ve received a longer caption to share, whether that’s an announcement or a testimonial.
  • Spotlight beautiful visuals. Instagram is exploding with wonderful visuals lately, thanks to popular collage tools like Canva and Unfold. In case you’re particularly proud of the photographs you’ve been sharing, give them a little bit extra love on Stories.
  • The feature can’t-miss-it contests. Running a contest on Instagram continues to be a surefire method to increase engagement and grow your viewers. Share a post with all the details about the contest and the way to enter, then amplify it in your Stories. You may also share a follow-up Story to remind your followers to enter when the contest is almost over, which can give it another boost without clogging your feed with repeat content.

Looking to improve your Story strategy? Here are some Instagram tips and tricks for you.

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