How To Add Pronouns to Your Instagram Profile

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It’s been a very long time coming, however, Instagram has finally added a feature where users can add their preferred pronouns to their profiles. Whether you utilize the app to step up your selfie game or catch up with your besties, this is an essential update to keep expressing your authentic self via social media.

Instagram introduced the update in a tweet on May 11. The pronouns feature is now available in just “a few countries” and will finally take effect worldwide.

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“Add up to 4 pronouns and edit or remove them whenever you want. You may also choose to show pronouns to only your followers,” read the update in a Twitter thread.

Instagram hasn’t introduced which countries have access to the pronouns feature, however, we all know that the United States is one of them.

So, if you haven’t found the choice to add pronouns to your profile, you would possibly update the Instagram app. Ensure to check the App Store (or Google Play Store, if you’re an Android user) to download it.

How to Add Pronouns to Your Profile

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The most effective part about this update is that it’s user-friendly, which means it’s incredibly easy to navigate. Keep reading to see how you can add your preferred pronouns to your profile.

  1. Head to your profile and choose “Edit profile.”
  2. You will be redirected to the fillable forms that make up your profile information. Click “Pronouns” and add up to 4 pronouns you determine with.

That’s all there is to it! You need to be able to see your pronouns in gray next to your display name.

Why Pronouns Are Essential

A ton of individuals have been celebrating Instagram’s latest update as it’s a step toward a more inclusive environment, however, some are wondering why it even matters.

Pronouns are one of the many ways individuals portray their identities. When somebody introduces themselves with their pronouns, they are asking so that you can respect their identity. That is especially the case in terms of transgender and nonbinary people who may not identify in the gender binary.

When more people — especially those who are cisgender — include pronouns to their social media profiles, email signatures, or in-person introductions, it destigmatizes the usage of pronouns. It also normalizes that somebody’s physical appearance isn’t interchangeable with how they identify. For instance, somebody can present themselves in a traditionally feminine way but use they/them pronouns.

Based on the University of Colorado’s Center for Inclusion and Social Change, purposely referring to someone utilizing the incorrect pronouns can not only lead to that person feeling disrespected but also lead to “dysphoria, exclusion, and alienation.” Instagram’s update is a much-needed feature to promote inclusivity.

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