Alternative Tools for Facebook Analytics (1/2)

Alternative tools for facebook analytics

We’re going to get real with you: in case your business is on Facebook, it’s essential to be utilizing Facebook analytics as well as alternative tools for it.

If you’re not gathering data and insights from the activity on the platform, then you’re never going to maximize your impact on the social community’s 1.62 billion daily customers.

When using Facebook for business, taking a structured strategy is important that ties your social media efforts to real business goals. Facebook analytics provide valuable data that allow you to monitor and measure your outcomes.

Understanding how and when people work together with the content is also vital to ensure the Facebook algorithm works for you, rather than against you.

Facebook is discontinuing its official Facebook Analytics tool as of June 30, 2021, however, the platform still gives many different methods to gather worthwhile data and insights. And we’re right here to share just find out how to take advantage of each one.

Tools for Facebook analytics

Whereas Facebook Analytics (with a capital A) could also be shutting down, by no means fear. There still are three alternative tools for Facebook Analytics to enter vital data and insights: Facebook Business Suite, Creator Studio, and Facebook Insights. Let’s dig in.

Facebook Business Suite

As Facebook shuts down Facebook Analytics on June 30, 2021, they’re recommending customers swap to alternative tools for Facebook Analytics such as Facebook Enterprise Suite, if available.

Facebook Business Suite is a one-stop store to handle all of your connected accounts throughout Facebook and Instagram. All of your Facebook business tools stay right here; it’s the place you handle your whole Facebook advertising and marketing and promoting actions.

3 alternative tools for Facebook analytics

If you’re in search of insights into the outcomes of your organic and paid social media on Facebook, you’ll discover them in Business Suite’s Insights section.

Right here, you possibly can see metrics, traits, and visible experiences that can assist you to achieve insights about your overall account or individual posts. These insights would possibly include…

  • Engagement, together with likes and feedback
  • Demographic information about your followers
  • Reach of your Facebook Web page

Business Suite is rolling out to exchange Business Managers and is probably not obtainable in your region quite yet. To enter Business Suite, simply log into the Facebook account related to your business. in case you’re eligible, you’ll be redirected to Business Suite whenever you go to on desktop.

Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a bit of Facebook particularly designed for content material creators, compiling all posting, monitoring, managing, and monetizing tools into one place. It can also be the simplest method to be taught what new features or monetization opportunities chances are you’ll be eligible for. It might be a perfect one between alternative tools for Facebook Analytics when it’s discountinuted.

3 alternative tools for Facebook analytics

The Insights tab will feature a range of metrics to offer you details about the efficiency and reach of your content material, Pages, and earnings.

With Creator Studio, you’ll have the ability to enter insights like…

  • New followers (and unfollowers!)
  • Impressions, reach, and engagement
  • An in-depth breakdown of your viewers and followers
  • Loyalty and performance

Discover more details about Insights in Creator Studio.

Facebook Insights

Is it infuriating that Facebook calls every part on its website “Insights”? Yes, yes it’s. However right here we’re: on the Facebook Insights web page, buried within Facebook Business Manager.

3 alternative tools for Facebook analytics

Right here you may assess content material insights, overarching traffic trends, and unbelievable elements about your audience. It’s an effective way to get a clear image of just who’s following, watching, and liking your content material.

This tool may help you dive deep into your audience. You possibly can discover ways to successfully goal your Facebook advertisements and organic content material.

5 causes to track Facebook analytics

Understanding efficiency

How do you know what worked and what didn’t? It’s essential to look again.

This offers you an opportunity to pat yourself on the again for profitable campaigns and allows you to understand what direction to take your technique in for the future.

What sorts of content material constantly collected likes? Why did 40 individuals unfollow you last Wednesday? Seeing the cold, hard facts of what occurred on your account is important to study, rise, and make.

Cause to track Facebook analytics


When you have stakeholders or just some curious co-workers who wish to see a snapshot of how things are going over on Facebook, the reporting tools are awfully useful.

Export graphic PDFs, spreadsheets, or charts from the analytics tool of your option to share clear and concise findings and trends.

Cause to track Facebook analytics

Understanding your audience

Possibly you’ve set out to target one specific group together with your marketing campaign, content material, and branding. However, you won’t know in case you’re truly connecting with them unless you test.

Facebook’s treasure trove of data help reveals who’s participating with and following your content material, with demographic and geographic information that covers age, sex, and site.

Cause to track Facebook analytics

When are your viewers online? Will you have a stunning quantity of followers from Germany? Answering those questions allows you to refine your content to achieve the viewers.

Optimizing your Web page

Facebook Page analytics can present to you what actions individuals take in your website.

So how do these actions align with the goals stated in your Facebook advertising and marketing technique?

How will you refine your Web page to steer them in the direction of your most popular actions? Possibly it’s best to take into account changing your call-to-action button. Possibly you could change you’re pinned post. Take into consideration what you actually need people to do on your Web page. Then use Page Insights to see which of the potential actions in your Web page that people interact with most.

Cause to track Facebook analytics

Scheduling your posts at the perfect occasions

In fact, there are common ideas on the market for the best times to put up on Facebook. However, the easiest time to put up will rely on your particular viewers.

Having the data from your online followers is extremely useful for planning posts, particularly when you pair this intel with a scheduling tool.

Cause to track Facebook analytics

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