Alternative Tools for Facebook Analytics (2/2)

Metrics for Facebook analytics

Important Facebook analytics metrics

Your audience is interacting with your brand in so many different ways on Facebook. For instance, they might be visiting your page, clicking on an ad, buying tickets to an event, or interacting with a Live video, etc. They are measured by many different metrics in Facebook analytics.

Beyond the overarching Facebook analytics tools mentioned above, it’s important for marketers to understand the unique behavior, engagement, and demographics behind each of these digital spaces and activities.

Facebook Page Insights

Digging into the analytics from your Facebook Page, you can reveal a wealth of information about what’s clicking with audiences… and what’s not.


How many people saw your posts? Who interacted with them? Which posts did people hide? Did people report any posts as spam?

people see your posts

Post types

What type of content is popping off: links, video, text-based posts, or photos? Measure the reach versus the engagement for a compelling picture of what clicks with your audience.

post type video link photo


This tab doesn’t just track how many page views you’re getting… but also who is viewing your page.


people who view your page

Facebook Audience insights

Within Facebook Insights, you can check in on both your current audience and custom potential audiences.


Audience insight metric


You’ll see the top cities and countries for your audience, so you can understand just where the likes and followers are coming from.

Age & Gender

The breakdown of age groups and percentage of women and men (no statistics for non-binary folx at this time, unfortunately) is visible here too.

Facebook ads analytics

Ads Manager lets you view, make changes and see results for all your Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

Facebook ads for your campaign


How many people saw your ad? This number is important to compare to the actual number of click-throughs or engagement — if they’re seeing it but not following your CTA, what may have gone wrong?

Cost per result

To measure the ROI of a campaign, this piece of data is key to revealing just how much bang you got for your buck.


With the Breakdowns tool, you can view your audience’s ages, where they’re viewing your ads from, and whether they’re on mobile or desktop.

Facebook Group analytics

Facebook Groups are an amazing way for brands to build fan communities — and an even better way to collect data on who your most passionate followers are through your group’s Admin Tools.

Top contributors

Reveal who the most involved members of your community are — and possibly tap them for influencer or partnership opportunities.


Understanding when your members are most active can help brands understand when to post and what to post for maximum reach.


Track how many members are joining your community, and what the catalysts to surges have been. This might give you insight into possible future promotional opportunities.

Facebook Live analytics

You’ve already pored over our story on creating Facebook Live videos people actually want to watch — now it’s time to dig into the data to see if your creative content actually hit the mark. You can find Live analytics by clicking on the Live video you’d like to see the metrics for or find them in your Video Library tab in Page Insights.

Facebook Live video analytics

Peak concurrent viewers

Track the highest number of simultaneous viewers at any point during your video when it was live.


The overall number of views your Live video experienced on a particular day.

Average % completion

Did viewers tune in and stick around… or drop out right away? If you’ve got a retention problem, it might be time to rejig your content strategy.

Facebook video analytics

Does your audience love video or hate videos? Only one way to find out: dig into the analytics of this specific type of post. Head to Page Insights and click on Post Types to see just how any video is performing overall.

For more specific insights on any individual video, click on the post title to see metrics like…

Video retention

An interactive graph will allow you to see exactly which frame in your video corresponds to any given moment in the video’s run… and what the retention percentage was at that particular moment.

audience retention

Average view duration

As with Live video, this statistic is a helpful one for determining just how your content is hitting. After all, if someone is tuning in and immediately leaving without watching the video, how much does their “view” actually matter?

Video engagement

Here, likes, comments, and shares are compiled for a clear picture of just how engaging this content is.

audience engagement by likes, comments and shares

Facebook Analytics and the Facebook Analytics app may be winding down. However as you can see, there is still plenty of metrics for Facebook analytics to be analyzed from this platform, and a million different ways to do just that. If knowledge is power, your brand is going to be well equipped to have the most powerful social media marketing strategy ever.

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