Audio Editing Software Suites for Any Production (2/2)

audio editing

Read on this guide to explore more audio editing software that helps your business on Spotify.

4. Logic Pro

Logic is a more advanced version of GarageBand from Apple.

While it’s primarily known as a great DAW for music production, it’s absolutely a great choice for professional audio editing as well—especially for video editors who are working in FinalCut Pro.

Logic provides a well-designed timeline editor, time-warping features, mixing tools, plugin compatibility, and deep integration with other creative platforms within Apple’s ecosystem.

Of course, the main downside of using Logic is that it only suits Apple devices. And it isn’t available for Windows.

5. Pro Tools

audio editing

Pro Tools is an industry staple for a lot of audio professionals.

It’s famous for its interface that best accommodates live recording and mixing. It also comes with ample audio editing capabilities, making it a great option for professional audio editing.

It’s a fully-fledged audio production software suite that we highly recommend if you want deep features with a bunch of functionality beyond basic audio editing.

It comes at a premium price. However, if you’re a professional, Pro Tools is definitely worth trying out.

6. GarageBand

GarageBand is the simpler, less feature-rich version of Logic Pro.

It comes pre-installed on all Mac devices so you might already get it now. Its iOS version is great for on-the-go audio editing as well.

GarageBand won’t come with audio restoration features or as many mixing tools as other platforms on our list.

However, it’s a perfectly fine entry point for basic audio editing tasks with its well-conceived editing timeline and recording interface.

If you’re an Apple user, this will be one of the best free DAWs available these days.

7. FL Studio

audio editing

FL Studio is a favorite DAW among many beatmakers and hip-hop producers. It’s famous for its MIDI and drum programming workflow.

However, aside from its creative capabilities, it comes with capable audio editing functionalities that rival other music-oriented DAWs on this list.

FL Studio comes with a great timeline editor, mixing controls, and plugin compatibility.

This is a decent place to explore basic audio editing needs, especially if you’re finding creative functions beyond just audio editing.

8. Ableton

Ableton is definitely a DAW that’s oriented towards the creative side of the music production process.

It’s a favorite DAW for many artists who appreciate both its audio timeline view and its clip view.

While Ableton is well respected for being a solid creative platform, it also provides capable audio editing functions including its audio Warp tool that adds pitch shifting and time stretching into its long list of features.

Ableton is a versatile DAW that satisfies many creative needs within music production. So, it’s an option contender for music producers in need of audio editing. It also comes with tons of creative features.

9. Reaper

audio editingReaper may be the cheapest DAW available that isn’t marketed explicitly as a free DAW.

You can try Reaper free for a certain time period until they remind you to pay for the platform.

Reaper is a capable audio editor with functionality similar to Logic and FL Studio. It has a great timeline editor, mixing section, recording interface, and compatibility with external plugins.

If you’re finding a professional quality DAW on a budget, definitely take a look at this one.

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