Brands with The Most Followers on TikTok (1/2)

Brands with The Most Followers on TikTok

Because brands are relatively new to TikTok, you will discover that they haven’t practically reached the excessive follower numbers as influencers. Additionally, business accounts are exactly identical to individual accounts. There is no specific list to confirm the platform’s highest-ranking brands. Nevertheless, here are some of the brands which have the most followers on TikTok.

Brands with The Most Followers on TikTok

1. TikTok Accounts (@TikTok@TikTok_India@LiveTV)

Combined Followers: 88 million+

TikTok’s primary account, which has 35.5 million followers, is one of the brands that have the most followers on TikTok. The following most-followed brand accounts are TikTok India, with 29 million followers. LiveTV has 23.7 million followers and presents videos from

TikTok and TikTok India both follow an identical technique of highlighting options on the app, firm news, and the inside workings of the TikTok office. Meanwhile, LiveTV curates and reposts partaking lip-syncing videos from the discontinued app

Whereas it isn’t surprising the TikTok has the top follower depend on its own app. What’s fascinating is how the account is used. Fairly than curating and reposting popular content made by customers, as Instagram does on its Instagram account, TikTok makes its personal content to educate viewers concerning the app and model. This can be a really nice marketing technique. It permits individuals to see the inventive and distinctive inside workings of TikTok.

In this instance, TikTok presents mini-interviews of its U.S. office’s numerous workers and management. The video additionally demonstrates that TikTok embraces female leaders:

TikTok additionally highlights a few of its most fascinating brand and influencer accounts. For instance, within the video below, TikTok promotes the NFL’s new TikTok channel by exhibiting workers talking about soccer:

No matter which platform you market your brand on. The best method for creating viewers and awareness is to show off the things that make your organization unique. TikTok nails this technique by constantly arising with methods to focus on its brand, workers, and distinguished influencers to remind viewers why the app is so successful.

2. Flighthouse (@Flighthouse)

Followers: 20.4 million

Flighthouse is a media and entertainment company founded by a 20-year old CEO named Jacob Pace. The corporate produces music, videos, and different content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, and different platforms which can be common with Gen-Z and millennials.

On its TikTok channel, Flighthouse hosts mini-shows that function with social influencers and celebrities discussing online developments or taking part in trivia games.

Here is an instance where Baby Ariel are requested to identify celebrities by their baby image:

Lots of Flighthouse’s mini-shows are segmented into a number of TikTok posts with captions that signify whether a viewer is watching elements one, two, or three of the episode. This might be an awesome technique. If viewers are algorithmically sent to any of those videos, they could go to the Flighthouse account. In the event that they need to watch the other parts of the present for more context.

This is a look at one of the multi-part Flighthouse exhibits where a band known as AJR attempts to attract photos that symbolize their song titles:

This channel has leveraged and thrived on influencer marketing. Even when viewers aren’t conversant in what Flighthouse does as a content creation firm, they could nonetheless follow the account. Once they realize it commonly publishes videos that present their favorite TikTok celebrities or influencers.

Like a few of the influencers on this record, Flighthouse additionally posts at an excessive frequency with common content posted all through the week and its mini-shows that span a number of TikTok posts.

Due to its content, frequency, and trendy-ness, Flighthouse has rapidly become one of the brands with the most followers on the platform, other than TikTok itself. Flighthouse’s account is an efficient instance of how a brand can study concerning the pursuits of a social platform’s viewers and make content that caters to them.

3. NBA (@NBA)

Followers: 5.7 million

Whereas some brands are ready and watching different firms on TikTok before launching a method, the NBA embraces it by dedicating seven full-time employees to creating content for the platform.

Not like its Instagram channel, which focuses purely on basketball games and highlights, the NBA’s TikTok posts present a lighter facet of the group. For instance, they will typically post videos of players working out dramatically to music, dancing in the courtroom, or adventures of team mascots.

Here is one instance that exhibits a highlight reel of a gorilla mascot doing methods and slams dunks:

Whilst you may expect the NBA to focus critically on stats and games. It uses the app’s musical options to lighten up the branding and make its athletes look more relatable. Whereas the videos nonetheless promote basketball. In addition, they slot in nicely with different funny or musical posts on TikTok feeds.

When a brand exhibits off a more private side, audiences may begin to relate to it a bit more. Even when a viewer isn’t a basketball fan, they could nonetheless think about following NBA players. In the event that they noticed a funny or motivational video about them.

In different business settings, making a brand feel more private can have an identical impact. For instance, you post TikTok videos of staff dancing, viewers may think your organization has nice and blissful employees. This may make viewers think their expertise with your firm might be enjoyable, helpful, or positive in different methods.

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