Brands with The Most Followers on TikTok (2/2)

Brands with The Most Followers on TikTok 2

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4. Nickelodeon (@Nickelodeon)

Followers: 4.7 million

Nickelodeon, a youngsters’ tv channel that is created award-winning exhibits for decades. Nickelodeon uses its TikTok to stay in touch with its young audiences, whereas additionally posting nostalgic clips of older reveals that is perhaps well-known to its older or grownup audiences.

On the account, you will discover funny clips from its newest exhibits. In addition, mini-music videos with visuals from previous exhibits with new music of soundbite overlays.

Here is an instance where Nickelodeon posts a scene from Spongebob Squarepants with a musical overlay of the Billie Eilish song, Bad Guy:”

Within the instance above, Nickelodeon reminds nostalgic or older followers of Spongebob whereas permitting mixing in a new, trendy Eilish song to make it pleasing for all age groups.

Like TikTok, Nickelodeon additionally offers viewers a glance behind the scenes by displaying funny skits filmed throughout the channel’s offices. For instance, on this skit, an employee recreates a sushi Halloween costume from the early 2000s present ICarly:

Whilst you may assume that youthful folks may get tired of office-based videos, this channel demonstrates how behind-the-scenes footage can nonetheless be engaging to all ages. With these videos, Nickelodeon reveals that its content is fun.

5, Red Bull (@RedBull)

Followers: 3.1 million

The TikTok account of energy drink Red Bull leans into its slogan — “Gives you wings” — by displaying excessive sports videos of notable athletes doing in-air stunts. For instance, Red Bull would possibly present snowboarders, BMX bikers, or different athletes going over jumps or doing methods within the air. The concept is to indicate how individuals who drink Red Bull are flying because the beverage “provides them wings.”

Here is an instance where Red Bull reveals BMX athlete, Carson Storch, doing methods on a racecourse.

Whereas Red Bull is not advertising its product outright, it provides you with an approach to link its metaphorical “Provides you wings” slogan to entertaining videos that TikTok viewers will watch or interact with. Red Bull’s TikTok demonstrates how an organization can get creative on a new social network whereas nonetheless having a deeper technique that pertains to its model.

6. Radio Disney (@RadioDisney)

Followers: 1.6 million

Radio Disney’s TikTok highlights musicians which can be generally played on the Radio Disney app and in Disney content. Like Flighthouse, this channel additionally closely embraces influencer advertising by posting videos of widespread musicians singing or performing within the Radio Disney Studios.

In case you’re questioning which social network your model ought to be on subsequent. Take a note from Radio Disney and construct a presence on platforms that are already an excellent match for your model or audience. Because Radio Disney’s viewers range from children around five years old to people in their late teens, the model is a natural match for TikTok, which is both highly musical and has a heavy tween and Gen-Z audience.

7. NFL (@NFL)

Followers: 1.2 million

Since launching its account in September 2019, the NFL is one of the brands that has rapidly surpassed a million TikTok followers. The account posts a mixture of serious and funny sport highlight videos with musical overlays.

In one of the NFL’s more traditional videos, it highlights a ball that was handed an extreme quantity of instances throughout an advanced play:

Just like the NBA, the NFL uses its TikTok to advertise its league. Additionally, making football players more relatable with lighthearted behind-the-scenes videos that present one other side of the competitive sporting industry.

Takeaways from Brands on TikTok

Though these corporations are all experimenting with a new platform and trying to leverage TikTok’s features and trends. They nonetheless appear to remain true to their model. Whereas Red Bull’s account is a visual metaphor for its slogan, Radio Disney highlights a few of its best musicians. Though social media platforms have developed, general brand methods have stayed fairly constant. These brands are all finally displaying off traits of their corporations that make them stand out from the competitors.

One other brand technique generally used on the platform is displaying off behind-the-scenes or lighthearted content concerning the model itself. For instance, whereas TikTok highlights what’s occurring in its U.S. office, the NBA reveals funny videos of its players practicing. This provides a way of depth to the brand that makes viewers determine with and believe it more.

Apart from the brands listed above, a variety of others with under 1,000,000 followers are nonetheless testing out distinctive methods on TikTok.

As talked about within the NBA instance, you may earn trust. A way of relatability, and probably new followers by displaying off your brand’s most human qualities in funny or behind-the-scenes videos. This social media technique might be useful to any firm which may struggle to relate to its viewers or possible new followers.

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