26+ Business Ideas on Instagram in 2022 (1/2)

business ideas on Instagram

It’s easier than ever to start an online business on Instagram. However, there are a lot of possible business ideas on Instagram. So, it’s not always easy to choose the most effective one for you.

There are many reasons why you might want to use Instagram for business. You might want to

  • Broaden an existing business,
  • Add source of income,
  • Start a brand new career.

No matter what your targets are, Instagram is a strong tool that will help you achieve them. Around 60% of Instagram users are in the important thing 18-to-34 demographic. And unlike other platforms, they’re about evenly different between men and women.

profile of Instagram's advertising audience - business ideas on Instagram

This article will show you 26 business ideas for Instagram to get your creative juices flowing.

What is an Instagram business?

Before specific Instagram business ideas, let’s take a general look at how Instagram businesses work.

If you’re trying to come up with a business idea for Instagram, one of the first questions to ask yourself is “how will I make money from this idea?”

The standard way is to make use of Instagram to promote the product or service that you sell. You’ll be able to always do this by linking to your online storefront in your posts. However, Instagram has been making it easier to sell in the app itself. Instagram business ideas of this type make money by selling to their followers.

Sometimes you use Instagram posts to promote a product. Sometimes your Instagram posts are the product. This second category contains any business that makes money from sponsored content or affiliate links. Instagram business ideas of this kind don’t earn money directly from their followers. They earn money by selling themselves to advertisers who want to reach their followers.

26+ Business Ideas for Instagram


Instagram has added more and more new features over the years. However, at its core, it’s still a photo-sharing app. So where better to show off your images skills?

Keep in mind, you’re not just selling your photos. You’re also promoting the value of buying a print overlooking an image on your phone. Don’t hesitate to show your work in a beautiful context.

Visual artist

Digital photography could be the simplest artistic medium to put up on Instagram. However, all types of media can benefit from the platform’s visual interface.

Painters, sculptors, “other” artists all can use Instagram to promote and sell their work.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers are the same as other businesses that create visual products. They are well placed to benefit from Instagram’s focus on visuals. They have the extra benefit that the brands they’re designing for are just as eager for attention as they are.

When you put your designs on Instagram, it’s a win-win that advertise for you and your client. Just ensure you have permission from the brand to publish it.

Makeup artist

Maybe the human body is your canvas. Instagram is a superb place to promote your business too. The strong visual part of your work as a makeup artist gives you a natural source of content to construct your Instagram presence.

Make sure to get consent from your clients before posting pictures of them on social media. Many will be happy to model your work. However, check first. This can help avoid any ethical, not to mention customer-relations, issues down the line.

Or you can simply publish designs you’ve done on your face.

Tattoo artist

Back in the good old days, for those who wanted to get a tattoo, you had to go to a tattoo parlor and look through a physical book to see if the artist was fit for your vision.

However, platforms like Instagram have disrupted the way people who need tattoos find artists who can make their idea a reality. Now you’ll be able to browse a tattoo artist’s work from your phone.

Minuit Dix promotes their work with close-up images. This way they show off their artistry while respecting the privacy of their clients.

Web designer

For most people, websites are essentially visual experiences. Use your Instagram presence to share your most stunning designs.

Take advantage of different Instagram features to show your designs’ interactivity. A Carousel post lets the person swipe through different elements of a website. You can also use videos to show more animated interactions.

Interior designer

People love pictures of beautifully arranged interiors. This makes Instagram a natural fit for your interior design business.

Whether the look is Scandanavian minimalist or eclectic maximalist, no one can resist a peek into someone else’s home.

Event planner

Even businesses that are more about providing a service than producing a simply photographable product can thrive on Instagram. Put photos of the events you plan on your feed to let people know how fun your events are.

Event promoter

If you’re an event promoter, you most likely already use social media to advertise your clients’ events. Why not use Instagram to advertise yourself to new clients?

At the time of writing, packing crowds of people into enclosed spaces continues to be risky in many places. However, people are hungrier than ever for social contact. Photos of events you’ve promoted where people can have fun without putting public health at risk are an effective way to attract positive attention.

Social media marketer

If your business involves providing social media marketing for other brands, what better strategy to prove your abilities than by marketing yourself on social media?

However, you don’t need to passively wait for clients to return to you. You may also use Instagram to connect with the brands that you want to work with.

Personal trainer

For a more active source of income, try becoming a personal trainer on Instagram.

There are all types of content you’ll be able to create to promote your brand. Exercise demonstrations, motivational content, or advice about a healthy diet are all possibilities. You’ll be able to even use Instagram Live to broadcast your workouts in real-time.


We all tried our hand at baking once we were stuck at home within the early days of the pandemic. However now our sourdough starters are all dead, and we’re ready to pay someone else to make our bread. That person might be you!

From crusty bread to delicate macarons, baked goods’ visual qualities make them ideal for Instagram content.

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