26+ Business Ideas on Instagram in 2022 (2/2)

business ideas on Instagram in 2022

Keep reading for more business ideas on Instagram in 2022.

26+ Business Ideas on Instagram in 2022

Specialty repair services

You may be a cobbler, a watchmaker, a tailor, or in TV/VCR repair. For those who make or repair a specialty product, Instagram can connect you to customers who want your service.

Instagram helps you build an audience of people who aren’t always actively searching for your services. You’ll already have a relationship with them when their shoes’ soles become thin and they need someone to help them lose their walking blues.

Instagram Live salesperson

Meta launched Instagram Live to allow users to create live streaming videos. They then created Live Shopping. This platform allows users to purchase products directly from live broadcasts.

There’s almost no limit to the kinds of content you may make with Live Shopping in mind. You can make Home Shopping Network-style product demonstrations or ratchet up your showmanship like the Ronco infomercials of old.

Affiliate link marketer

Affiliate links are trackable links in your Instagram posts that lead to different brands’ stores. When someone makes use of your link to buy something, you get a commission.

To start using affiliate links, you’ll be able to join networks such as CJ Affiliate, Pepperjam, ShareASale, or Rakuten. Brands such as Glossier, Mejuri, and Rent the Runway create their affiliate programs. Instagram is even developing its native affiliate tool.

This is a particularly effective idea for Instagram business among Fashion Instagrammers, who get a cut of sales made from followers shopping their outfits.


The word influencer covers lots of ground on Instagram. Everyone from X to Y falls into this category. The thing they all share is that they monetize the personal effect they have over their followers by acting as marketers for other brands.

If you wish to make influence your Instagram business, think about what your brand will be. The next few ideas will cover a few of the main kinds of influencers.

Lifestyle influencer

Lifestyle influencers create their audience base through their general personality. Usually, this means you build a personal life for Instagram that connects with their followers. And this connection will be monetized by partnering with brands on Instagram.

Some influencers build a connection with their followers by portraying an aspirational lifestyle. Others base their business on their rawness, monetizing relatable suffering or realistic situations.

Food influencer

Food influencers on Instagram create their following around enticing visuals and concise but informative commentary. You’ll build trust with your viewers as a source for great places to eat.

The viewers you build around your food-based content might be engaging to advertisers looking for customers with a discerning palette.

Influencer chef

If your strengths are in cooking dishes rather than reviewing other peoples’ food, there’s a business idea for you. As an influencer chef, you’ll share ingredients and cooking recipes to compel followers who want to learn how to cook—or who just want to watch someone else cook.

Cooking is visually dynamic. And Instagram’s video sharing options allow you to diversify the way you reach your audience. Short videos can be published on Reels or Stories. You can now use Instagram for longer streaming cooking demos with Instagram Live.

You can earn money as an Instagram chef by marketing food-related brands. However, you may also use it as a stepping-stone to selling your cookbook or other products.

Travel influencer

Travel influencers make themselves the source for where to visit and what to do through the trips. As you have more followers, you’ll be able to sell your influence to marketers who sell to a traveling demographic.

You’ll be able to market your effect to accommodations and attractions that you can visit. However, you may also promote brands that produce items for travelers like suitcases, backpacks, and comfortable-but-stylish shoes.

business ideas on Instagram in 2022

Source: Instagram

Have a look at these popular hashtags, like #vanlife, to share your content with people who want to see it.

Expert influencer

Do you have expertise in a specific niche and the ability to communicate it to a wide audience? You should use Instagram to post informative content and grow your following.

Maybe you understand a lot about structure. You don’t need to publish pictures only of houses you designed to build a following. The viewers you cultivate with your know-how will have extra value for advertisers in that field.

Animal influencer

Footage of pets has been on the web as long as there have been image transfer protocols (the I Can Haz Cheezburder meme might be old enough to get a learner’s allow in lots of places this year). However, with the growth of Instagram, it has never been easier to earn money with your pet’s image.

The pet care market grew by 28% in 2020 all over the world. Sponsored content or affiliate links for the products your pet makes use of can just as lucrative as human merchandise.

Source: @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

Being an animal influencer isn’t only for cats and dogs either. Centering your content on an unusual animal, like a squirrel, can make you the master of a profitable niche.

Product reviewer

About half of Instagram users use this platform to approach new brands. As a product reviewer, your small business gets money by partnering with brands to review their products to introduce users to the service they need.

It’s great to be up-front about your relationship with the brands you review. Your value as an influencer comes from your audiences’ trust for you. It’s bad for your bottom line if your audience thinks you’re talking good about whoever pays you.

Instagram poet

For those who enjoy writing, think about Instagram poetry as a way to earn money from the platform. Poetry may not be the first thing that people consider when they think about Instagram business ideas. However, thanks to early pioneers, it has become a viable business idea that you can try.

Being an Instagram poet is lots like running other kinds of businesses on the platform. Strong personal branding, encouraging viewer’s engagement, and a consistent flow of content are the keys to a following you’ll be able to monetize.

Reels dancer

Meta launched Instagram Reels in 2020 and it quickly became the opponent of TikTok. Only time will tell if Reels will end up like Stories (Instagram’s Snapchat clone that continues to thrive) or like IGTV (the YouTube competitor that has not had as much success).

Because the two platforms are so similar, content that does effectively on one tends to also do effectively on the other. Increase your audience, and your value as an influencer, by taking the most recent TikTok dance to Reels.

Brand ambassador

The line between an Instagram influencer and a brand ambassador is a fuzzy one. The main difference is that brand ambassadors usually pay attention to promoting a single brand. Influencers tend to be more diverse in their promotions.

Finally, you have gone through the top 26 business ideas on Instagram in 2022. Hope you find yourself a great one to start your online business on one of the best social media channels these days.

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