Why Should We Buy Real Followers on Instagram?

buy real Instagram followers

Not all Instagram followers are created equal. If you’re buying followers and your purpose is to improve brand awareness, gain engagement, and possible conversion, you want to be sure that you buy active followers. We’ll give you the scoop on how to buy real followers on Instagram that will actually care about your content.

Anyone who’s ever tried to grow their Instagram following knows that it can be a tiring and complicated process that requires a lot of patience. It’s no surprise that many people want to look for an easier way, and then decide to buy Instagram followers.

In case you’ve ever been one of those people, you know that the follower-buying process looks like this:

You search the web for a company that seems to offer the service that you’re looking for. Then, you decide to use this service, buy followers, and maybe even some other engagement such as likes or views.

After spending too much money on what you think is going to be an effective investment, you end up with a variety of outcomes: the followers that you paid for never come in. The followers did come in, but they were tons of bots or fake accounts, or you write to customer service to find out what’s going on and never receive any replies.

Now, you realize the mistake you’ve made and that you’ve wasted your money.

Why did this happen?

Well, the problem is you didn’t buy active Instagram followers. You paid for fake accounts or bots. These accounts are not will never be real followers.

Instagram followers

We know that this can be a devastating experience, especially for those who are on a tight budget looking for ways to shout out their content, build their brand, and drive business results.

For this reason, we’ve created this complete guide on how to buy real followers on Instagram to boost your exposure. We’ll go through:

  • Why people buy followers
  • How to buy real followers on Instagram and find the best provider for your brand
  • Final thoughts on real Instagram growth

The best thing you can do for your Instagram growth is to use a service like Build my plays, which helps to grow your real, active followers without automation. Before we jump into that, let’s get started with some common reasons people might seek to buy followers.

Why Do People Buy Real Followers?

Since the beginning of Instagram, there’s been no shortage of providers willing to sell you Instagram followers. Why is that? Well, simply because there has been a demand because businesses recognize the power of Instagram when it comes to marketing and expanding reach.

As of 2020, Instagram has had a billion or more active users every month. This is a huge number of people that could become potential clients, sponsors, product partners, or followers. Not only that, 90% of all users of Instagram follow at least one business account.

Honestly, Instagram’s marketing potential has only grown in the past few years and is continuing in that direction. With features that include in-app shopping and different ways to directly bring users to external web links, businesses and influencers really do need to have a solid Instagram presence to stay relevant in their respective markets.

Buy Active Instagram Followers

So, why don’t people just grow followers manually?

Most manual Instagram growth comes from many hours logged on the platform posting content, integrating Instagram stories and live sessions, engaging with followers, and exploring accounts engaging with them in hopes of a follow back.

Anyone who’s ever dedicated their time to build a successful Instagram account knows that there are many more moving parts. It includes content creation, captioning, story shooting and design, hashtag strategy, analytics, and more. Many people just don’t want to spend hours on Instagram growth if they want to keep a balanced workflow and content quality.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Followers

So, here are some of the most common reasons that people buy followers for Instagram?

  • New accounts: if a business, brand, or influencer is just starting, buying followers is an attractive option to get their account to stand out from the crowd.
  • Expansion of their business or brand: when businesses and brands are looking to get their products and services out to more people, buying followers can be an attractive option for reaching more people.
  • Influencers looking for partnerships: Instagram influencers need followers and engagements to boost their opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsors. Buying followers may serve that purpose.
  • Reputation: the higher the number of followers, the more reputable a brand can look. If a brand or business wants to improve its reputation, it may look to buy followers.
  • Slowing sales: businesses or brands that see a dip in sales might want to buy followers in hopes that it will inject some sales into their business.

These are some reasons that people buy followers. It’s important that you first clearly identify your purpose before trying to grow your Instagram following. That makes your strategy clear. In any case, what do all of these reasons have in common?

These accounts would require real followers to reach the goal that they set out when buyibung followers in the first place. In case the followers they purchase don’t care about their content and don’t engage, there is no hope for conversion, partnerships, or sponsors. The purchase of followers would be just a waste of money and time. It’s vital that you buy real followers on Instagram, and not ones that just fill a hollow number count.

More often than not, people buy followers. Then they say, “I spent an amount of money on Instagram followers and they gave me nothing but low-quality ones.”

“Low-quality followers,” what does that really mean?

It typically means that these accounts appear to be fake followers or bots. So, how to find a trustworthy provider that gives you great service with high-quality real followers? We will find out more in the next part of this guide.

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