If your business utilizes Facebook, you need to be utilizing Facebook Business Manager also. It’s a necessary tool that keeps your Fb business assets centralized, safe, and organized.

When you have been putting off setting up Facebook Business Manager since you were not fairly sure how it works, we have got great news. In just 10 simple steps, this tutorial will teach you how to do everything from setting up your account to placing your first advert.

However, first, let’s answer a vital question: what’s Facebook Manager exactly, anyway. Continue reading →

When designing your Facebook Instant Experience adverts, it is vital to be crystal-clear on the purpose of your campaign, and have polished, eye-catching visuals ready to go.

Adverts made in this format should be visually striking to entice viewers into watching your experience.

Additionally, in terms of your advert text, it is vital you ensure your creatives could be read from the top-down. Even when you have carousels, it is vital that the advert experience is readable, particularly if the user does not swipe through your carousels. Continue reading →

Nowadays, Fb is one of the best platforms for digital advertising — actually, 93% of social media advertisers utilize Facebook adverts on a regular basis. Moreover, since Fb gives a wide range of options for effective and measurable advertising, it is a great chance to reach an audience regardless of your budget. Among the various offerings in the Facebook advert family is the Facebook Canvas adverts.

To help you discover success with Facebook canvas adverts, we have made this guide (based on the 187-page Handbook for Facebook Video Marketing). Keep reading to learn what Fb Instant Experiences are, and how you could improve both brand awareness and revenue through the new tool — for cheap. Continue reading →

Most brands often have one of two targets once they post on Facebook: engagement or conversions.

Both metrics matter, but depending on what your targets are, one will typically matter more. In case your goal is to grow website traffic, a Fb post with a high like count—while nice—isn’t essentially helping.

When do you want conversions? Basically, whenever you want somebody to take a particular action after seeing your Fb post. Maybe you would like people to subscribe to your newsletter or join a membership. Or maybe you want them to visit your site, or purchase a particular product.

It’s true that every good Fb post will have some things in common. However, if you need your posts to have a high conversion rate, you will need to use a different technique from the one you’d use to achieve a high engagement rate.

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More American adults use Facebook than any other social media platform. However, the larger Facebook gets—nearly 2.3 billion active users monthly, as of 2019—the more brands struggle to earn attention.

As engagement drops and the number of posts rise, marketers need related, interactive content that rises above the noise. Like, for instance, a Facebook contest.

Running a contest is an inexpensive—and sometimes even simple—method to achieve measurable outcomes for your Facebook marketing goals. We have gathered some nice Fb contest examples to encourage you.

That said, there are also lots of methods—from obnoxious to outright illegal—that Facebook contests shouldn’t be run.

Here we layout plan and execute a Facebook contest that will thrill your audience and your analytics both. Continue reading →

Before knowing how to run a Facebook contest, you need to know about Facebook contest rules. Facebook’s contest rules change frequently, so it pays to stay up-to-date.

For example, Facebook used to require that contests be run on third-party apps, however, now you could run contests directly on the platform. Utilizing, say, a regular post from your business Page.

As well, Fb no longer permits certain prevalent kinds of contests. (By “popular” we mean “overused and spammy”—more details on these in a moment.)

Fb’s most recent updated contest rules break down into three major parts. Continue reading →

The changes Facebook made to its News Feed algorithm earlier this year imply that social media marketers should up their advert game on the platform. The same holds really true for social media groups with small budgets who have likely seen organic reach figures declining.

One of the most necessary metrics social marketers track on Fb are conversion rates. Sometimes, conversion refers to the degree at which a user converts from being a browser to a purchaser.

For many marketers, Facebook Ad conversions are a top priority. A great conversion fee is one of the greatest measures of success and is vital to delivering a strong ROI.

Facebook Ad Conversions aren’t only about driving purchases. They’re additionally about driving actions. Maybe the purpose of a marketing campaign is to increase newsletter subscriptions or for shoppers to add goods to a wish list. All of those actions could be considered conversion events.

Fb ranks as the number one social media website for driving conversions, which makes creating efficient Fb adverts all of the more vital.

Follow these 11 tips to convert your next Fb campaign into a success. Continue reading →