Continue with some last methods to gain more Facebook likes for your business…

5. Engage consistently and at the right times

Post consistently

Facebook itself notes that “being consistent in the quality and kinds of posts you make could help people know what types of messages to expect from you and how they tie into your business.” Make a content calendar and schedule posts in advance to assist keep your Facebook content organized and consistent. Continue reading →

How many Facebook Likes does your business Page have? When you are immersed in social media marketing, you probably know this number off the top of your head.

With over two billion users, Fb offers an enormous potential audience for your business. But with over 60 million active Fb business Pages on the network, there is also lots of competition for those all-important Likes.

There is no getting around it: getting more Likes is a critical part of your Facebook marketing strategy. However, you cannot get so concentrated on Likes that you lose sight of what Fb is all about.

Gain more Likes requires you to share content that’s actually likable—and engage in ways that make your brand likable, too. You will not find any underhanded gimmicks in this post. It is about getting more likes by being a great Fb citizen and working to make content that has real value for an audience that’ll provide plenty of value for your brand in return. Continue reading →

Facebook Audience Insights, used wisely, assists you to connect your brand directly to your customers.

Fb is one channel to interact with your audience.

However, how do you know you are reaching the right people?

You should dig deeper than knowing just the age and gender of your followers. You need more detailed insights such as job titleshobbies, and relationship status.

So you could say, show, and share the right things. At the right time. With the right content.

So you could tell your boss, “it’s working!

So she-or-he can tell you—”nice, you could keep your job.” Continue reading →

If your business utilizes Facebook, you need to be utilizing Facebook Business Manager also. It’s a necessary tool that keeps your Fb business assets centralized, safe, and organized.

When you have been putting off setting up Facebook Business Manager since you were not fairly sure how it works, we have got great news. In just 10 simple steps, this tutorial will teach you how to do everything from setting up your account to placing your first advert.

However, first, let’s answer a vital question: what’s Facebook Manager exactly, anyway. Continue reading →