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Step 7. Consider making a Facebook Group

When you have begun to build up your following, you might wish to consider including a Facebook Group to your marketing plan. With more than one billion people utilizing Fb Groups every month, it’s an audience too massive to ignore. Think of Groups as the online equivalent of the office water cooler or your favorite coffee shop. They’re a place for people to get together and share info and ideas with like-minded users in an online community environment. Continue reading →

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Step 5: Begin posting

Now you are ready to begin posting of Facebook marketing guide. First, let’s have a look at the different kinds of content you could publish on Facebook.

Facebook text post

That is the most basic kind of Fb post. A text-only post could not direct people to your site or drive conversions, however, it could be used to spark engagement on your Page. Asking a query could be a good way to get people involved, as author and speaker Brian Tracy did in this text post: Continue reading →

Why should your enterprise put money into Facebook marketing? For beginners, it’s the world’s biggest social network with a whopping 2 billion users. In the US and Canada alone, 183 million people use Fb daily. To put that in perspective, that is 80 million more people than the 103 million viewers that tuned into the 2018 Super Bowl.

The great news is you do not need a budget of Super Bowl proportions to get into the game. Sharing valuable content that connects with followers and potential prospects is your most vital play. Continue reading →

With 1.45 billion active users every day and counting, knowing Facebook demographics is vital to reaching your audience.

And despite the controversy surrounding Fb in the first half of 2018, the platform’s users just can not quit. Even if they want to. For the most part, revelations about Russian meddling and Cambridge Analytica’s data abuse were taken in stride. Actually, in its first quarter 2018 earnings report, Fb revealed that its user numbers have gone up.

In terms of social media advertising and marketing, including Facebook in your technique is a no brainer. Continue reading →

A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot that lives in Fb Messenger, which means it converses with a few of the 1.3 billion people who utilize Facebook Messenger monthly.

In case you’re on Fb, you probably already have a Fb Messenger technique. A Facebook Messenger bot is the method you scale that technique.

We have divided them into two Facebook messenger bot categories based on their capabilities and the investment required: self-serve and enterprise. We have noted them particularly below. Continue reading →

You have heard the buzz. Chatbots will replace mobile apps. Chatbots will replace email marketing. Chatbots will replace buyer care agents. Chatbots will reduce your prices and improve your revenue. And Facebook Messenger bots are gonna do it all when you sleep.

There is lots of hype floating around right now about chatbots generally, and Facebook Messenger bots in particular. It is no surprise that, based on a survey by Oracle, 80 % of businesses want a chatbot in place by 2020.

Could Facebook Messenger bots really do everything they promise? Continue reading →

The rising significance of Facebook Messenger for business becomes even clearer if you look at messaging in the context of overall social network usage trends. The user base of messaging apps has now outgrown that of social networks. According to Business Insider, the top 4 messaging apps have a mixed 500 million more monthly active users than the top 4 social networks.

Now that your Facebook Messenger account is ready to go, let’s take a look at some methods to get Messenger working for your enterprise. Continue reading →

Would you ignore a channel with 1 billion active users every month? In case your brand isn’t currently utilizing Facebook Messenger for business, that’s exactly what you are doing.

When you consider messaging apps are just for personal communications, think about this: Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey showed that messaging ranked second out of 9 potential modes of communication with business and that 53 % of people are more likely to shop with a business they could message directly.

In fact, people exchange 1 billion messages with businesses on Facebook monthly. Continue reading →

When somebody visits your Facebook page, the first thing they see is a big splash picture taking up nearly a quarter of the screen: your Facebook cover photo. That is your profile’s headline, an enormous, bold banner picture that introduces your brand to potential Fb followers.

You could feature a lot in your Facebook cover photo: photos of your product or team, adverts, and promotions, or even something as simple as a graphic that sets the right mood. A great cover photo could lead to increased engagement, whether that’s more page likes or boosted traffic to your site or other social channels.

So, how do you make Facebook cover photos—and get the most out of them?

This post will go over everything you should know about Facebook cover photos, from the ideal Facebook cover photo size to choosing attention-grabbing photos—or videos!—that set the right tone and convince people to interact with your page.

Let’s begin with the basics: ensuring your picture fits the Facebook cover photo size guidelines (and their other guidelines, too). Continue reading →