Today’s communication tools have broken down boundaries between listeners and creator.

It’s clear that sharing your music with your followers is the number one priority. However, your community is looking for more than just tracks. They want more details that bring the music to life.

Your music has a story, and it’s up to you to bring that story to your followers—it’s the part of speaking to your viewers that’s more than just music.

There are tons of methods to tell the story around your sound to gain more followers. However to get you began here are 5 helpful ideas of things Soundcloud artist should share with your followers beyond your music.

1. Why you make music

Share the motivations behind your track is one of the important things Soundcloud artist should share. It offers your listeners a window into your process.

Whether it’s the personal significance of the track or a necessary message you want to get out there, spelling it out adds new layers to your music.

People will always discover their own that means in your work. But when there’s something about the creative motivation you may share with your followers directly, don’t pass up the chance!

Moments, where artists speak candidly about their work, aren’t as rare as they used to be, however they’re still valuable.

Here are some questions to consider asking:

  1. What’s your song or album about?
  2. Where were you if you made it and when did you write it?
  3. What does the track or album mean to you and how does it fit into your entire body of work?
  4. How did you evolve as a musician during the process?

Again, these are just some common ideas to think about. Use them as a starting point, however, find your own destination.

Use them to examine your project from all of the angles and find the ideas that may strengthen your promotion when you launch it.

2. Your studio, gear and recording process

Who doesn’t love taking a look at a setup and trying to identify each piece? Or thinking about the potential of certain gear combos in other artists’ setups? Or seeing how your favorite sound was actually made!

Even modest setups are great to take a look at. It’s not how fancy your gear is, it’s how it contributes to the music you create.

Publishing your gear in action is like your own little behind the scenes mini-documentary. It offers people the clues to connect your sounds to the devices that made them.

Don’t hesitate to grab some pictures of a cool setup you’re working with.

Images or even videos of your gear in action can all be exciting additions to what you share—To your followers and other musicians alike!

3. Your influences

Obsessive followers like to trace the flow of influences from one artist to another.

Sometimes things just click on if you find out who influenced who.

Such as Sonic Youth exploring alternate tunings after playing with Glenn Branca. Or Tears for Fears’ Roland Orzabal writing “Mad World” as an attempt to copy Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film.”

Juicy tidbits like these will pull audience even deeper into your tracks and add context to your work. Share your influences and let your audience make the connection.

Posting tracks from your favorite artists and what inspires you is an effective way to share music in between releases. Or get it one step further and record a cover song.

Hot tipPlaylists on streaming platforms are excellent for sharing your influences in easy-to-listen methods. Add some of your own music to your influences playlists to really paint the whole image of your sound.

4. Other creative projects you’re into

Music could be what brings people to your channels, however, even the diehard obsessives among us have other interests. That is your opportunity to tell your listeners about yours.

Display the method you interact with your other interests. It’ll help people get to know the method behind your craft.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with posting about your favorite filmsbooks, mycology or no matter you’re dabbling in at the moment.

Who knows, perhaps your interest in medieval siege weapons will really resonate with your Twitter followers.

Anything you could do to help your followers feel more connected to you and your sound is worth sharing and provides you choices for how to promote your music in more fascinating methods between projects.

5. Other artists in your community

Have you ever played with an excellent band lately? Has somebody in your scene dropped a track that’s their greatest yet?

Supporting your community is all about celebrating achievements—which means you AND your friends.

Sometimes it looks like the music world is a cutthroat race for the most streams.

However, connecting on a human level via music is what really matters. Share a bond or admiration you have for a like-minded artist in your scene.

The next time you see an excellent show or listen to a friend’s songs, give them a shout out online.

When you love it, there’s a terrific chance your followers will too. It’s fun and it feels good. They could ever return the favor!

More than just music

Being a modern musician is all about multi-tasking. Not only do you must produce great tracks, but you also have to keep your followers thinking about a sea of noise.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of great material you could depend on that’s not just your music. Ending music takes time. Taking time to consider what you share in between makes a difference.

You already make and do most of it, it’s only a matter of sharing it smart and making it a part of your music promotion.

Now that you have some ideas for the way to bring new ideas to your listeners, enjoy the feeling of having space to make your greatest music while keeping your listeners excited all at the same time.

We live in a world that reveres extrovert personality traits. All over the place, you’ll discover tips on the way to be more sociable, the way to gain more friends, the way to stand out more, and basically, the way to be more like extroverts.

The reality, however, is that extroverts aren’t “more normal” than introverts, and introverts aren’t lacking in some specific method. Neither personality type is better than the other. In fact, whether you’re extroverted or not doesn’t affect the quality of your music. Being an introvert, however, does make it hard to go out there and expose yourself to criticisms.

That’s where the real struggle is and that’s what we hope this article will assist you to overcome. The good news, however, is that history says you may overcome your limitations and that you could be outrageously popular too. You see, a few of the most famous musicians of all time are introverts.

Here are some introverted musician’s guide to gain more followers

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According to co-founder Alex Ljung, SoundCloud has managed to gain financial support from investors to maintain the platform alive.

They’ve additionally hired former Vimeo employees Kerry Trainer and Mike Weissman as the new CEO and COO for SoundCloud respectively.

These changes send a clear message that SoundCloud is here to stay.

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The present state of the music industry means lots of doing it yourself all the things: booking, recording, promoting, posting and anything else related to being a musician. This may leave a musician overwhelmed and making a critical mistake – not having an overarching strategic album release marketing plan.

Musicians used to have a supervisor, label marketer group, publishers and booking agents to work this out together, however that’s not often the case anymore. This leaves a musician in the position of caring for what needs doing now, and never taking the time to step back and develop an overall plan.

It’s understandable, musicians need to focus on creating the music and once it is finished, they need to get it out there. However getting that music ready for release has been an expensive endeavor mixed with a lot of hard work and time invested. To move forward without a strategic advertising and marketing plan to make it profitable is a mistake.

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Promote your new music shouldn’t begin on the discharge date.

Waiting until your music is released to begin promoting is method too late. Efficient music promotion begins months before it’s out.

A stable pre-release marketing campaign can construct pleasure for your launch, develop your viewers, and turn informal listeners into real followers.

However, the place do you even begin? And extra importantly, how do you make it work whereas still having time to complete your music?

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