Turn scared into shared.

Let’s face it, sharing the first track out there is not always simple. Particularly when you are new to music promotion.

It was not for me! The perfectionist voice inside my head began excitedly about the criticism I’d receive.

What are my friends gonna say about it?

What will strangers say about it?

What would artists I admire think of it?

However, in the process, I realized just a few things that all music producers should find out about sharing… Continue reading →

Albums do not get almost as much mileage as they used to.

They are still essential, however, artists are having to make more music than ever before to keep up and connect with their listeners in a meaningful method.

Writing songs takes time—particularly if you want to make something really great. Strong songwriting cannot be rushed.

Unfortunately, you probably do not have the time to write and launch a constant stream of great original songs.

So what’s an ambitious songwriter to do?

The easy answer is Cover Songs. A thoughtfully recorded cover can enhance your craft in so many ways. Here are just a few of the reasons cover songs make sense for every songwriter. Continue reading →

Music theory should not be confined to classrooms.

It is a strong tool that any creator should use—whether you are an experimental composer or a death metal bassist.

By practicing some music theory basics, you will be capable to bring something new and highly effective to your songwriting practice.

The theory is not always something you learn in a textbook or practice over and over bored out of your mind.

If you look at music theory as a production device, it could open up new methods to create and spark ideas for your songwriting.

In fact, specific music theory methods are incredibly useful for inspiring new track ideas.

In this article, you will learn 7 of the simplest and most useful methods to turn music theory into songwriting inspiration.

Let’s jump in! Continue reading →

Unsure about how to start a song?

It is simple to feel lost and uninspired with your songwriting sometimes.

Staring at a blank page or empty DAW session could be anxiety-inducing.

However, it isn’t as terrible as it seems. Keep in mind, when it comes to songwriting there are no wrong answers. You just have to select the best starting point and commit!

So to get you started on starting here are 7 places to focus your opening energy to beat your creative blocks: Continue reading →

The recording is completed. You have mixed every song. Your album sequencing is ideal. And you are done mastering. Good!

Time to distribute your music right?

Hang on… There is still one more necessary step! And it is just as creative as the rest of your workflow: Your mixtape or album cover art.

Album art continues to be necessary. However, the truth is, it is normally an afterthought in the creative process.

It makes sense—you spend enough time honing your music and probably do not have time to become a Photoshop wiz too.

No sweat. We put together this quick guide on methods to create your album cover online at no cost—including where to find free images, album cover templates, and methods to use online photo editors to make it your own. Continue reading →

Streaming is taking over the world. You just have to take a quick look at the numbers to see the development exploding.

CD sales have fallen 80% in the last ten years and digital downloads are on the same trajectory.

In their place, streaming has surged. The only real player left in the physical landscape is vinyl.

With a futuristic digital medium living alongside a legacy analog format, it is starting to seem like the past and future exist at the same time.

However, the fact is that physical formats could still educate us a lot about how we have learned to hear since recorded music went mainstream.

Listed below are six key lessons musicians should learn, and the way musicians could apply them to the brave new world of streaming. Continue reading →

It doesn’t matter what type of music you’re making, technology is now able to provide you with better tools than ever before to get the job done.

Even when you’re not flush with money or particularly savvy when it comes to navigating technology and music, firms are making it user-friendly and cheap to better your music via tech.

A dizzying offering of awesome tech tools for making music to help you write, record and master professional-grade music has come out in recent years, and right now, we’re going to some awesome tech tools for making music for Soundcloud artist. Continue reading →

Songwriting is difficult even in the best of times.

However, after wrapping up a big project such as an album or mixtape release on Soundcloud, it could be downright difficult to search out the time and power to start new music.

While it could be tempting to take a break from songwriting after recording and releasing an album, you may wanna to think twice…

Waiting too long between your releases could be dangerous news for your craft, career and the comfort you get from creating.

Creative fulfillment for the right reasons is important for any musician who loves creating music, even if you’re feeling tired, uninspired and spent.

So how do you bounce back after a big creative push? And more importantly, how do you ensure creating is the solution, not the problem.

Here are 4 useful tips for re-thinking your process after wrapping up a big launch, and some methods to help you nurture your passion in a healthy way. Continue reading →

Music Copyright is one of the most necessary ideas for musicians on Soundcloud. It’s the way you get paid for your music and the way you protect the music you’ve worked so hard on.

However, it’s also really confusing…

Without the help of a music lawyer, the ins-and-outs of copyright are tough to determine by yourself.

Which is why we spoke to music lawyer Mark Quail to help clear up a few of the confusion around music copyrights and help you get a handle on your rental property.

Quail has been practicing music law since 1990. He at present advises leading electronic musicians Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Art Department, John Acquaviva, Matador, Pleasurekraft, Mathew Jonson and Shaun Frank. Quail additionally sits on the executive and advisory board for the Association for Electronic Music and hosts the successful The Music Law Podcast.

In other words, he knows music law inside and outside. Quail took time to answer some important questions about music copyright and the way they impact getting paid for your music. Continue reading →

Kick sample could be the defining factor of a track on Soundcloud—so if it is not working, your tracks will lack that particular crack.

Choosing the right kick sample is crucial for giving your tracks impact. What makes a kick drum great? And how do you choose the right kicks for your tracks?

There are so many good kick samples out there… finding the right kick is a challenge.

The key is understanding what to listen for.

In this article, I’ll go over 7 ideas that will help you select the best possible kick drum sample for your track. Continue reading →