By now, everybody knows how essential it’s to promote your music online.

The new normal is spending a considerable chunk of time writing emails, posting on social media or sharing links to your new launch.

However, there is a whole world of promotion out there that’s simple to forget if you are too focused on your online channels: the real world.

Offline music promotion is still one of the most vital parts of music promotion.

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On the surface, the purpose of your music promotion seems pretty simple.

You wish to develop your following enough to bring your music to an enormous audience.

However, treating your targets as benchmarks for success once you are beginning out is a large mistake.

You are only setting yourself up for disappointment in case your music promotion objectives don’t fit the scale of your project.

The only method to be efficient with your promotion is to set realistic goals that build on each other to offer you a clear path to growth.

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The future of music distribution comes down to three words: Metadata for Musicians.

Metadata makes sure your songs are ready for distribution and launch. In case your metadata is not in order, your music simply is not ready to share…

The information you enter as metadata permits your music to be properly stored, sorted and identified everywhere your music is available. Which means platforms like Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify,  and even Shazam.

It makes your music discoverable.

Your music royalties are additionally dependent on your metadata. Without correct data attached to your music, you run the risk of not receiving the proper credit for your streams.

And that might mean losing your paycheque. Being skilled with your music means being skilled with your metadata. You could not have one without the other.

The solution? Get it right before you launch so your music could be properly identified no matter where it is played.

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Creativity could mean many things. To write a song that actually resonates you will have to draw from sources of inspiration that go method beyond music.

We are still learning a lot about creativity from modern psychology and neuroscience, however, lots of its power is said to lie in divergent thinking.

Which means drawing on various key areas of your mind—not just the ones related to music.

Flexing your creative muscles in different methods will help if you truly sit down to start a song.

However, when music is your main medium, understanding where to look for other sources of inspiration could be vague and confusing.

Whether you struggle with writer’s block or just wish to attempt something other than music to get the creative juices flowing, here are just a few ideas to find inspiration outside of music. Continue reading →

I usually see introductory mixing guides that stress the importance of not relying on headphones for mixing music. While they make lots of good points, it isn’t totally true that you need to never mixing on headphones.

Actually, I feel lots of newbie and intermediate producers and engineers may benefit from mixing on headphones.

These are the top reasons why mixing on headphones could be better than mixing on nearfield monitors. However first…

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Planning your launch calendar is one of the most enjoyable parts of music promotion. Your album is nearly completed!

However, it’s hard to place together a release calendar without missing anything—and that could have serious consequences for your promotion efforts.

Nonetheless, you will not have to worry when you keep the main points in mind.

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Booking a day in a pro studio is thrilling. Access to high-end gear and someone else to care for engineering could push your tracks to the next level.

Even when you are just taking the tracks back to your own home studio to mix your own music, it could still be an enormous step up.

However, paying for studio time could be stressful. It’s hard to feel creative when the clock is ticking on an expensive session.

Do not worry, it does not have to be scary. Plan properly and you will never need to feel anxious about working in a pro studio.

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When you are serious about making music, then you have definitely got your work cut out for you in 2019.

Between writing songsmixing your music, and music promotion, it takes an incredible amount of work to make your mark in today’s competitive music world.

It may be simple to focus purely on your work and not on taking care of yourself.

Musicians are spending more time working in front of screens than ever before. You may think your work as a musician is radically different than that of somebody who works in an office, however, you both actually face lots of the same physical and mental challenges.

Spending countless hours in front of a computer is the truth for a growing number of musicians working today. It could result in negative health impacts when you aren’t careful!

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There is nothing worse than pulling out a piece of gear for the first time in a while and discovering that it does not work anymore.

Digital music tools such as your DAW or VST plugins won’t ever need repair, however, the physical parts of your setup are all at risk.

Not taking proper care of your equipment could shorten its lifespan and cause it to need to repair more often.

However, when you learn the basics of keeping gear in good shape you will be capable of keeping your equipment out of the repair shop and ready to use in your home studio.

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Unless you are a bonafide musical wizard, you probably get stuck in a spark creativity rut every now and then.

Good habits are necessary for writing songs, however, they could also limit spark creativity and curb ideas.

It may sound odd, however, complete creative freedom is what most of us are after. Sticking to the same musical playbook, again and again, threatens that freedom in an enormous method.

Reassessing the way you make music from top to bottom is one of the greatest methods to find what’s working and what needs to change to figure out that creative freedom.

Here are some ideas for reassessing your workflow and making positive changes.

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