8 Celebrities Who Are Good at Instagram (2/2)

celebrities good at Instagram

Keep reading to explore more about celebrities who are good at Instagram and learn more from them.

5) Jessica Alba: Content creation and cross-promotion

Jessica Alba is not only good at Instagram for a celebrity but good at Instagram period.

She has an excellent robust feed full of Reels, IGTV, Stories, and video posts that are unique content created by her. She arranges her Instagram better than most brand accounts. Alba has a link tree in her bio link, a lot of IG Highlights, and has even created IGTV series.

Although Alba has several different types of content going on in her feed, she consistently keeps its themes: being a mom, sharing her healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and promoting her companies (Honest & Honest Beauty). These themes are reflected throughout her content, no matter what the format is.

Another thing that Alba does well is cross-promotion. Regardless of doing lots of promotional posts for Honest on her account, she makes them related and useful for her own followers. For example, when creating a post about an Honest product, she also adds a lot of educational tips in the caption.

What we can learn from them: When creating content for your brand, make sure that it provides value to your followers before thinking about the product tie-in. Create your content like you’re doing it for a YouTube channel, not an advertorial.

6) Arnold Schwarzenegger: Behind-the-scenes content

Sometimes the beauty of social media is that it reminds us that celebrities are normal people too and they have chances to show it.

Take Arnold Schwarzenegger, as an example. What’s more normal than lifting weights in your home gym next to your pet donkey?

Ok, so maybe the Governator continues to be on a different level than the rest of us. However, I do admire the behind-the-scenes content that he shares about his children, pets, being a dad, figuring out Facetime, and hanging out with different celebs.

Schwarzenegger’s Instagram feels a lot less promotional than different celebs’ accounts, which makes him all the more follow-worthy.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Schwarzenegger himself, if he’s working on a film with one of your favorite actors, you might follow his Instagram because of his behind-the-scenes content. For businesses, this type of content is yet another way to humanize your brand and offer unique content that wouldn’t be accessible anywhere else.

What we can learn from them: Posting behind-the-scenes content is an effective way to reward your followers with exclusive content and give them a reason to follow your social accounts.

7) John Mayer: Humor and brand voice

Humor is a difficult thing when you use it as a strategy. For the brands that have become well-known for being funny on social, it really works really well. However, for every Wendy’s, there’s a local burger chain that tried to replicate the pointed sarcasm and timely memes to no success.

For brands that are keen on injecting some humor into their brand voice, the important thing might lie in balance: not posting memes 100% of the time and being funny in EVERY single caption, however using it more sparingly to have a better impact.

One celebrity who is good at doing this balance on Instagram is John Mayer. He still posts the usual mix of music promotions, tour stop acknowledgments, and magazine shoots, but evens it out with posts like these:


celebrities good at Instagram

Mayer’s humor is reflected in casual posts like these, as well as his Instagram Stories. Though he doesn’t use this tone in all of his posts, they are consistent enough to make it feel like his “brand voice” on social.

What we can learn from them: If you want to use humor in your brand voice, don’t overdo it. Balancing humorous posts with more toned-down posts will make them feel funnier and less like a schtick.

8) Chrissy Teigen: Comment game ?

I do know Chrissy Teigen is an obvious entry for a “greatest celebrities on social media” list, however, hear me out: I’m not including her for the usual reason of her hilarious posts.

No, the takeaway I want social media marketers to get from Teigen is her powerful comment game. Unlike most celebrities, Teigen takes the time to read through comments on her posts and reply to them. She often replies to her celebrity friends, but sometimes to normal followers too.

This is a vital lesson for brands: for all the time you put into writing captions, you need to be spending just as much time replying to comments. In any other case, you’re just using social media as a one-way advertising channel, and fans will quickly and stop engaging or unfollow.

What we can learn from them: Create a strategy and process for your brand to reply to comments on your own Instagram posts, as well as when others mention your brand on their posts. This is the most important part of building your community on Instagram.

There you have it: eight effective lessons and ideas from celebrities that you can apply your Instagram strategy.

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