Create a Perfect Spotify Profile: The Do’s and Don’ts

create a perfect Spotify profile

Using streaming platforms like Spotify is one of the best ways for artists to grow their music careers. Their music can easily attain so many alternative folks in so many alternative ways. Actually, listeners could stumble onto your songs once they pop up in a playlist thanks to an algorithm on Spotify.  Then, they start wanting to know more about you and they come to your Spotify bio. So what if your profile is not eye-catching enough?

Besides the good songs, create a perfect Spotify profile is really important. In this article, we will help you to figure out some do’s and don’ts that will help you create a memorable bio on Spotify. Let’s go!

Do: Write the way you think

Before you start to create a perfect Spotify profile, think about how you wish to convey your identity as an artist to listeners. Do you want users to know you as a serious and intense artist? Would you want to communicate that you’re always down for a time and that your songs are great to set the mood for a party? Maybe you are out to assert that your art is ever-shifting, and you are too chameleonic to be organized tidily into one category.

There’s no right answer here, but the tone of your language should reflect the kind of artist you’re. If you wish to let your listeners know that you are as fun as your music, possibly make your word choices laidback and informal. But you’re trying to communicate depth, you could create some gravitas with your words. Profiles could provide short information into the artist behind the work, which adds new dimensions to the listening experience. There’s a chance to be as creative with your story as you’re with your music.

Do: Tell a story

If users are caring about your bio, it’s because they’re curious about you. So you could catch their attention with a story. You can aim for something broad in scope that puts your whole musical journey in perspective; you can narrow your focus a bit to share something that gets at the important points of your most recent or upcoming project,  you also can craft a mix of both.

Here are some questions that can really help to set the scene:

  • Where do you come from? How did you come to where you are now? Where are you headed?
  • Was there a catalyst that led to the music you are currently composing? Why did you make this album or that song, for example?
  • What themes do you explore in your music? Or what themes are you discovering in your latest songs or profile?

Especially, think of your story as a good partner to your work. How could you address your identity as an artist and the music you are creating in a way that enriches the listening experience?

create a perfect Spotify profile

Don’t: Forget Your Listeners

Always keep in mind who’s going to be reading your profile. Giving them the bare essentials—where you are based, what your latest release is called and at least some good details about it, what type of an artist you’re, who’s in the band if you are a band, and who you’ve worked or collaborated with—is useful.

Things that aren’t useful to somebody just running across your page are inside jokes or references so local {that a} global audience will not know them. When you determine something like that’s vital, it helps to provide a short explainer, but don’t forget that you have 1500 characters only; it is probably wise to leave out something that overcomplicates your profile.

Do: Invite the whole crew

One of the most connective methods you could fill out your Spotify bio is by highlighting your musical connections, like collabs, producers, influences, and labelmates. You are able to actually mention any artists you want inside your bio, which might help listeners discover kindred artists and nơ more about the roots and branches of your work.

“It is a cute little way for people who may belong to the same collection or who have launched music with the same label to shout out each other,” says Yeh. “Lots of the Odd Future people used to reference each other and each other’s bios. These people normally mention each other in their profiles as a way to recognize up-and-coming artists or people who have inspired them in the past or music they love or are actually interested in right now.”

Do: Update your listeners

Because audiences are often engaging with Spotify every day, and your creative projects are always updated—new releases, album announcements, upcoming collaborations—you could use your bio as a way to keep followers posted and find out about new developments in your career. While it may be good to keep part of your bio as static, covering the nuts and bolts of you as an artist, Yeh assumes that it could be a great idea to add a few of the bio space for regularly changing, news-type info. This way, audiences know what you’re up to the minute they tune in.

Don’t: Be afraid to be inventive

The above-suggested points, after all, are there only to provide a structure that’s meant to be played with. You could write something as memorable as your song in less than 1500 characters, and sometimes what’s most memorable is what stands apart from the pack. Can you write a poem that related to your music career that deserves space in your bio? Can you compile some stats into something cleverly constructed to look like a recipe from a cookbook? The creation is endless, so don’t be afraid to explore them to create a perfect Spotify profile of your own.

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