Create Highly Clickable Facebook Messenger Ads (2/2)

create facebook messenger ads

Keep reading to explore examples that inspire you to create your Facebook messenger ads.

7 effective examples to inspire you to create Facebook messenger ads

You’re probably amped up and ready to begin talking with your customers, however, before you dive into that Ad Manager, soak up some inspiration from brands who are using this format in savvy, innovative ways.

Kiehl’s Vietnam

When people began organically using Messenger to request common info about the skincare brand and products — and even trying to place orders! — Kiehl’s saw a chance to meet customers where they were.

The company built a Messenger bot (named Mr. Bones, about Kiehl’s skeleton mascot) and created a collection of targeted Stories ads that clicked into a Messenger conversation.

The campaign quadrupled the amount of Messenger conversations and grew sales by 22%.

Kiehl’s Vietnam message botcreate facebook messenger ads

One Doc Laser and Aesthetic

The perfect thing about the One Doc Laser and Aesthetic campaign here is the direct call to action. The clinic ran a series of 15-second video ads explaining the advantages of treatment with animations, ending each with a prompt to “PM Us for an Appointment Now.”

Paired with the “Send Message” button, potential customers can act on the impulse to book an appointment immediately.

One Doc Laser and Aesthetic campaign call to action create facebook messenger ads


As a result of the shopping network already had a lot of customers reaching out with questions and comments via Messenger, QVC had an enormous audience for sponsored ads via Messenger.

Ads were concentrated on people who already had open Messenger threads with the company. The outcomes were impressive (no surprise, given that they’re reaching out to already-engaged clients), with a return on spending that was over five times higher than other kinds of Facebook ads.

QVC targeted ads

Kia Motors America

The car company launched its virtual assistant with a Facebook ad campaign. From the newsfeed, potential customers were informed of the capabilities of lovely little “Kian” and encouraged to hit that “Send Message” button.

Customers who clicked through initiated a Facebook Messenger conversation with the chatbot. Here, they may request vehicle comparisons or schedule a test drive.

(Bonus to this advertising method: participating customers are now able to be targeted with sponsored Messenger ads.)

Kia Motors America virtual assistant chatbot
Source: Facebook

Newsome Interactive

As an organization focused on advertising for real estate developments, Newsome Interactive is finally in the business of the lead generation: discovering the people out there who are looking to purchase a property.

For a development called Jasper Highland, ads prompted viewers to “Send Message” if they’d like a free booklet with more information. Clicking opened up an automated conversation with a chatbot, which collected contact information and other key facts.

Newsome Interactive automated chatbot conversation create facebook messenger ads Source: Facebook


Subscription box company FabFitFun drew in clients with its own click to messenger ad.

The ad featured a dynamic video ad that revealed the sample contents of a box, in addition to information about a discount code. However for individuals who clicked on “Get Offer,” the Messenger experience was kicked off.

The message reiterated the 40% off discount but also allowed the consumer to redeem that offer right in Messenger.

FabFitFun video ad create facebook messenger ads

Source: Facebook

Haven Life

Using a click to Messenger ad, insurance agency Haven Life encouraged viewers to tap the “Get Quote” button to strike up a conversation and get their life insurance quote directly in Messenger.

Emphasizing the simplicity and speed of the process worked to draw in customers. 12% more people completed the Messenger quote questionnaire, in comparison with the website’s more traditional quote type.

Haven Life messenger quote questionnaire create facebook messenger ads

Source: Facebook

Of course, Facebook Messenger is only one direct-messaging tool out there that brands can optimize. Check out some inspiring examples from brands using messaging in creative ways across quite a lot of platforms… and then let the chatting begin.

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