20+ Creative Instagram Post Ideas in 2022 (1/2)

instagram post ideas 2022

Instagram is still one of the hottest spots online to connect with your followers — if you’ve got good Instagram post ideas in 2022. Even Gen Z thinks that Instagram is really cool. Research shows that many people prefer it to other platforms — and that includes TikTok.

90% of Instagram users say they follow at least one business, which implies brands have an opportunity to connect to strengthen relationships with current customers and pique the interest of potential ones.

Since adult Instagram users are on the platform for nearly 30 minutes per day, you’ll need to drum up some creative Instagram posts to catch your followers’ eyes.

Or else read on to see our useful list of 20 Instagram post ideas for business in 2022 and get inspired for your Instagram account.

20+ creative Instagram post ideas in 2022

Below we’ve got what we consider the most effective Instagram post ideas. However, don’t take our word for it. Try some of these yourself and see how they do!

Get real with Reels

Every once in a while, it’s a good suggestion to show the face (or faces) behind the brand. With Reels, you’ll be able to show snippets of your daily life, passions, goals, and any fun facts about yourself or your team.

Check out this post each time you get an influx of new followers. It’s an opportunity to let new audiences know the real you, while also reminding long-time followers.

Host a giveaway

Showcasing services or products with a giveaway is an effective way to spice up engagement on your Instagram.

By inviting users to tag friends, share the post and follow your page, you’ll be able to create excitement about your offerings and reach new audiences all at a pretty low cost.

When it comes to Instagram content ideas, this one offers a return on investment.

Build branded content relationships

Instagram has a branded content partnership function that makes it easier for creators to boost branded content posts on their feed.

By building relationships with creators and collaborating on content ideas for Instagram, you will get more eyeballs on your products and services.

Keep an eye out for a new feature from Instagram that can let brands use data and filters to find the best creators for forthcoming campaigns. It’s currently being tested with a select few U.S. creators and brands.

Share memes

Humanize and humourize your brand by sharing relatable memes that will resonate with your audiences.

Done well, memes can increase brand awareness and strengthen customer engagement. By connecting with audiences to an emotional level, you’ll seem more authentic.

Try to keep them funny, timely, and relatable. Best case scenario? You go viral. Worst case scenario? You look cringe. So, maybe get a second opinion before posting.

Respond to questions

Use your Instagram comment section for this interesting idea.

Creators on Instagram can now reply to comments on their Reels by creating another Reel. Sometimes words don’t do a query justice. With Reel responses, you’ll be able to take the idea of “show, don’t tell” to another level.

Our own findings show Reels with people and audio perform better, so remember it when crafting your response.

Learn more about Reel’s replies here:

Post a save-the-date

If you’re going to host an event live on Instagram or in-person, you’ll need to share a save-the-date with your viewers.

Since Stories are fleeting, creating posts allows your followers to return to if the event time slips their mind. They will also add to their Saved posts if needed, which has the added bonus of bumping you up on the algorithm.

Unpack industry myths

There’s tons of information on the internet these days. However, as a business owner, you’re likely an expert in your field.

Help debunk some common myths audiences might have with a post that sets the record straight.

Skincare company Paula’s Choice, for instance, breaks down three common misconceptions about moisturizers. Take their lead and concentrate on a number of myths at a time.

Create a carousel

Did you know Instagram carousel posts get, on average, 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than normal Instagram posts?

With Instagram carousels, you’ll be able to share a number of photos or videos. Users just need to swipe left to view them all. Since you’ll be able to share up to 10 visuals, this kind of post comes in handy when one image doesn’t do your message justice.

Some Instagram ideas for a carousel post include creating a slideshow presentation. Take a look at an example of Contra, a freelance platform, that does on drafting client pitches.

Alternatively, you should use a carousel to broaden a visual story, like Slovenia’s tourist board does when promoting a holiday hitting the ski slopes.

Share a testimonial

Typically people need social proof before spending their hard-earned money on your business. This means they’ll often turn to online reviews, third-party websites, and even your own comment section to see what others have to say.

One way to get ahead of the game and provide social proof front-and-center is by sharing testimonials in your posts. This will help build trust among your audience.

Just don’t go overboard with the testimonials. They shouldn’t be the dominant type of post on your feed.

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