How to Use Creator Studio for Instagram (1/2)

creator studio for Instagram

Creator Studio is a dashboard for brands and content creators who use Instagram and Facebook. On a high level, it helps to publish content and analyze performance across accounts on both platforms.

Keep reading this complete guide to explore what you can do with Creator Studio — and what you can’t — plus some time-saving hacks.

What is Creator Studio?

Creator Studio is Facebook’s free dashboard that social media marketers and content creators can use to manage Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.

It brings together social media analytics, scheduling, and community management. It additionally helps eligible accounts monetize their content and manage influencer-brand collaborations.

How to get to Creator Studio

Creator Studio is out there for desktop and mobile users.

To access Creator Studio from your PC or Mac, simply go to while signed in to your Facebook account.

Anyone with access to a Facebook Page can use Creator Studio, no matter their role (though some options are only available to certain roles — more on that in a bit).

To make use of the dashboard on mobile, you need to download the Creator Studio app for iOS or Android.

Creator Studio app iOS and Android

Instagram Creator Studio features

Even though Creator Studio can be utilized to manage both Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts, the features available for each platform are a bit different.

To access Creator Studio for Instagram, choose the Instagram icon at the top of the display.

Instagram Creator Studio

How to connect Instagram to Creator Studio

If it’s your first time using Creator Studio for Instagram, you’ll have to connect your accounts. Note that Creator Studio is just suitable for Creator and Business accounts.

The process of connecting Instagram to Creator Studio will be different depending on whether your account is linked to a Facebook Page or not. For detailed instructions, take a look at Facebook’s help center article.

When you organize your account, you will be able to use some features:

Create Post

The post creator for Instagram is available for only 2 content formats:

  • Instagram feed posts
  • IGTV

Note that, in contrast to Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories can’t be created and posted from Creator Studio — and neither can Reels. You’ll be able to, however, use Creator Studio to post carousel posts to your feed.

Instagram feed

To create a feed post, type or paste your caption and add the photos or videos you need to post.

You’ll be able to include a location and add emojis. If you want to add hashtags or mentions of different accounts, simply include them in your caption (keep in mind to include # for hashtags and @ for mentions).

During this step, you also need to crop your image. And decide if you want to cross-publish the post to Facebook as well.

post to Instagram feed

In advanced settings, you’ll be able to turn off commenting and add alt text to your photos.

Instagram Creator Studio advanced settings

Finally, use the blue button to right away publish your post, schedule it later, or save it as a draft.


When creating an IGTV post, add a video from your computer or re-share one from your Facebook Page. Then, write a title and description, select where your post will appear (other than IGTV, i.e. in your Instagram feed as a preview or on your Facebook Page), and choose a thumbnail.

post to IGTV

When you’re done, click on the blue button to publish or schedule your video, or you can save it as a draft.

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