How to Download Instagram Videos (2/2)

download videos on instagram

Keep reading to know more tips and tools to download videos on Instagram.

Tools to Download Instagram Videos on Desktop

There are many tools available online that you can use to down Instagram videos from your desktop. Here are a few of the greatest options:

1. Downloading Instagram Videos

That is an especially simple-to-use service that allows you to download Instagram videos in two simple steps.

First, you paste the URL of the video that you just want to download in the box right on their homepage. Second, you download the video from the download option that’s clearly visible on the page that opens, as shown below.

2. DownloadGram

That is one other similar service that allows you to download any Instagram video with ease. The method is similar to the previous one and you simply need to copy-paste the URL of the video that you need to download.

Here’s what the interface looks like:

As soon as you paste the URL and click on “download,” another download button will appear that you need to use to actually get the video.’

3. InstaUncle

That is an online service that allows you to download IGTV videos from your desktop. It really works in the same way as other tools mentioned on this list, simply by copy-pasting the video URL.

download videos on Instagram

Aside from using third-party apps or online services to download videos from Instagram, you may also use a Chrome extension. DownAlbum, for example, is a Chrome extension that allows you to download Stories, images, and videos directly from the Instagram app.

Unlike other options listed in this post, where you need to leave Instagram and go to a different platform, this allows a direct download from Instagram.

Simply add the Chrome extension to your browser and you’ll start seeing a download option right there on every post or IGTV video.

Here’s one example where you’ll be able to clearly see the download options right on the Instagram interface.

Image via Instagram

Apps to Download Instagram Videos on Mobile Devices

Similar to the services mentioned above, there are options out there for downloading Instagram post videos on mobile as well. These mobile apps allow you to download Instagram videos from a post, directly onto your phone.

Here are some of the options so that you can try:

4. Video Downloader for Instagram (Android)

This works in the same manner as the tools mentioned for downloading on the desktop. You need to copy the post URL and paste it into the app to download it. You may also use this app to repost Instagram videos.

download videos on Instagram

5. Regrammer (iOS)

This is one of the most popular options for iOS users. Using this app you’ll be able to repost any Instagram video posts without any watermark. Simply copy-paste the URL in the app, preview it, and repost.

Regrammer can also be available for downloading videos from the desktop and works similar to the services mentioned in the previous part.

This app also works for downloading Stories and IGTV videos. Therefore, if you want an all-in-one app that you should use to repost any kind of video from wherever on Instagram, then that is the one for you.

6. IGsave

That is another helpful app that you should use to download and repost Instagram post videos. One added advantage of using this is that it allows the bulk to download choice. This means that you can download multiple photos or videos at once.

download videos on Instagram

7. FastSave

As the name suggests, this app allows you to save Instagram videos for offline viewing. It’s a quick and easy method to download any kind of video on Instagram. And, you’ll be able to always repost them later.

download videos on Instagram


Knowing the way to download videos from Instagram opens up a whole lot of possibilities. You’ll be able to easily save videos that you want to watch offline or share wherever you want. You may also repost the videos on Instagram, which you can’t otherwise do from the app itself.

Overall, having the ability to download videos from Instagram can make the whole experience more helpful and fun.

Now you should use any of the tools mentioned above to download or repost any video from Instagram without any hassle. And, if you mostly browse Instagram from your desktop, then using the Chrome extension might be better for you.

Take your pick and start downloading.

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