How to use the Facebook Ad Library (1/2)

How to use Facebook Ad Library

In this article, we’ll help you to peel back the layers of the Facebook Ad Library. We’ll discover what it is, why it’s vital, and the way you should use it to create competitor-crushing Facebook ads.

What’s Facebook Ad Library?

Facebook Ad Library offers anyone and everyone access to promoting taking place on Facebook. Besides, this method is to advertise transparency sharing as a lot of info as possible.

You’ve access to a collection of all ads running from throughout Facebook Products, together with Instagram. What’s more, access to Facebook Ad Library isn’t restricted. You should utilize the platform without owning a Facebook or Instagram account.

Why is Facebook Ad Library Necessary?

Facebook Ad Library was created in the interest of transparency. Anybody paying attention to the beginning and development of social media and internet giants is conscious of the fine line they stroll in bringing products to market. One particular challenge they face is the usage of personal data. It’s a hotly topic and one which’s typically hard to search out particular answers to.

In recent years, as more news surfaces around how much personal data manufacturers have access to, and the way they use it becomes more evident, folks and governments have taken a stand. Each has been pushing again hard to stability the scales. In light of larger news occasions like the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook determined to do more to indicate they care.

Offering free access to all ads running on Facebook and Instagram provides anybody the chance to establish what manufacturers are up to. Given the Cambridge Analytica scandal, access to ads isn’t restricted to what commercial manufacturers are up to. You additionally get to see what social situation, electoral, and political ads are running.

Facebook Ad Library and Your Competitors

In the case of creating more aggressive ads on Facebook, Ad Library is a treasure trove of information. Nevertheless, it’s additionally vital to achieving your audiences as quickly as possible to generate model awareness, leads, sales, and ultimately business development. To deliver the best Facebook ads, you want insights into what your rivals are creating and running. These insights enable you to produce stronger and more compelling provides.

How does Facebook Ad Library Work?

Before Facebook Ad Library was launching, accessing ads took a different form. The function was solely open to Facebook customers. To discover which ads manufacturers were running, in addition, you have to go to their page and go to Page Transparency.

The function offered customers a host of information. You would see an abstract that confirmed when a page was created, whether the page name had been modified and when the change took place, and how many different pages were linked to the page you’re viewing. Other info included which nations the page managers are situated in.

With the creation of a standalone Facebook Ads Library possibility, anybody can access all ads via this URL. Once you go to Facebook Ads Library, access adverts within the type of a search engine. You enter the identity of the model and shall be introduced with all pages that meet the text you’ve entered.

Right here’s a video walk-through of learning how to discover a page utilizing Facebook Ads Library.


Facebook Ad Library Options

Ad Library provides more than just a take a look at all ads, it additionally comes with useful filters. Besides, you possibly can view adverts by nation:

Impressions over a particular time period:

and by platform:

How does this data assist create aggressive adverts? Utilizing it, you possibly can inform where your competitors are focusing advert spend, which adverts they’re running, how they’re engaging their audience when they’re promoting offers, and which platforms they’re utilizing. It’s highly effective.

Note: whereas Ads Library provides access to adverts that appeared within the last 90 days, it’ll solely present active ads.

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