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Why Your Business Ought to Use The Facebook Messenger Bot

#3: Customize Your Provides with Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger may collect relevant information about your viewers and then send customized messages based on their preferences.

Herbivore Botanicals does this very well. Their bot is trained to ask questions and collect buyer preference information based on how folks respond.

Once it determines what product category you’re most excited about (like moisturizing oils or exfoliants), it creates a consumer profile based on your answers and utilizes that info to share more merchandise and content that it thinks you’ll like:

That is hugely valuable for companies. As soon as your bot collects the proper information, it may automate a drip campaign to nurture leads, send relevant weblog posts and articles, or share offers that are customized to their exact preferences and tastes.

These sorts of “segmented campaigns” are additionally typically way more successful than generalized messages. And depending on your objective, they can lead to more sales, conversions, and click-throughs.

#4: Maintain Your Business Top-Of-Mind with Facebook Messenger Bots

One of the most helpful options of Facebook Messenger bots is the ability to send newsletter-style messages to groups of your subscribers, known as content or chat blasts.

And whereas it’s vital not to do this too typically, it may be a complete game-changer for your business. In a matter of seconds, you possibly can share details about events, sales, new merchandise, and more.

You may also mix your content blasts with your buyer segmentation. For instance, when you determine {that a} subset of your subscribers are excited about a certain topic like natural beauty merchandise, you may send them a personalized blast with content on that topic.

You may also ask customers to opt-in to content blasts like the Wall Street Journal does. This enables folks to update their preferences and determine what, when, and the way typically they need to obtain new info from you.

Just remember that Facebook has rules about what sort of content you possibly can send as a blast on Messenger.

It’s additionally actually vital to offer customers a transparent method to unsubscribe from automatic messaging.

#5: Educate Your Viewers with Facebook Messenger Bots

Messenger bots are additionally great for constructing model awareness and educating your viewers about your corporation.

A technique to do this is by customizing the greeting message that seems when somebody first interacts with your bot on Messenger. With that approach, customers can learn a little more about your corporation before they have interaction in conversation.

You may also create a series of one-option prompts that permit customers to actively learn about your corporation like Marriott International:

National Geographic does one thing similar. When you faucet the “Get Started” button on their Messenger page, it pulls up a trivia game where you may learn more concerning the company and projects they’ve been working on — which is nice for capturing their viewers’ attention and constructing model affinity.

These are just a few ways in which bots can be utilized to educate your viewers about who you’re, what you do, and glean different helpful data they might care about!

#6: Reach More of Your Viewers with Facebook Messenger Bots

With 1.3 billion monthly active users and counting, Facebook Messenger is one of the hottest apps in the world. However, it isn’t just its popularity that makes it such an ideal instrument for businesses.

By numerous sources, Facebook Messenger averages around 70-80% for open rates and 20% for click-through rates — which is lightyears ahead of email marketing. Additionally, unlike email, you won’t get blocked by a spam filter or get lost within the wrong mailbox.

This makes Facebook Messenger the most effective method to reach your viewers quickly. Add a well-trained bot into the combination and you’re bound to construct a ton of nice relationships with your viewers and hopefully make a couple of sales along the way.

The best way to Get Began with Facebook Messenger Bots

If you understand how to code, you possibly can construct your business with an individual Facebook Messenger Bot.

But in case your coding abilities are thin on the ground, you’re nonetheless in luck. There are several third-party instruments that you should utilize to create and customize your Facebook Messenger bot. Here are a couple of our favorites:

#1: ManyChat

ManyChat is one of the more popular Messenger bot builders on the market. It’s really easy to use. Designed for customers with very little coding or programming experience. You possibly can create your first bot in about an hour!

In case you’re just getting began with bots, we recommend ManyChat’s free model. However, it’s pretty limited in what it may do (you’re solely allowed 3 custom fields and 10 tags on the free plan, while you’re given unlimited of each on the paid version).


In addition, they provide a ton of documentation and guides on the way to construct an effective bot that solves questions, offers value, and sells your services or products.

#2: MobileMonkey

Like ManyChat, MobileMonkey provides both free and paid versions of their Messenger bot builder. The largest difference is the variety of “contacts” you’re allowed in your Facebook Messenger database.

Don’t have a technical bone in your body? MobileMonkey’s training is next-level and covers everything it’s essential to get began with your first Messenger bot.

#3: Chatfuel

Chatfuel boasts a pretty impressive list of shoppers. In case you’re going for credibility, this could be the best choice for you.

In terms of options, the bot builder provides pretty much everything that ManyChat and MobileMonkey do. The one difference is that their free model comes with Chatfuel branding on bot landing pages and payment pages. If that’s a no-go for you, we suggest upgrading to one of their paid variations.

Facebook Messenger bots are a friendly and accessible time-saver for purchasers. And for companies, they’re a cost-efficient method to scale buyer help and marketing automation.

In case you’re looking for a method to enhance your Facebook marketing and turn your Messenger account right into leads and a sales generating powerhouse, we positively suggest getting began with bots ASAP!

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