Facebook Messenger 3: Great Practices


Continue to find out the great Facebook messenger practices and tips.

Ideas and greatest practices for marketing with Facebook Messenger

1. Personalize as much as possible

A bit of personalization can go a long way in exhibiting to clients you are worth them. Little things, like utilizing somebody’s name, could make a big difference.

In a Facebook survey performed throughout eight international markets, 91% of consumers say they’re extra likely to shop with manufacturers who recognize, keep in mind them, and share relevant data and provides.

The first time somebody reaches out on Facebook Messenger, check out their Context Card. It contains basic info like their location and their native time. This will come in handy when somebody is asking about opening hours or location info. Use the details you might have on hand to offer one of the best solutions possible.

Following a conversation, save relevant notes. This will include attire sizes, order preferences, or different particulars which may be helpful to have on hand for future chats. The following time somebody reaches out, overview the Context Card, notes, and former conversation. This will take additional time, however, in case you have it, it will probably make all of the difference.

In case you’re taking the automated response method, make certain to add personalization where available.

Context card for a person on Facebook Messenger

2. Earn a Very Responsive badge

Businesses that reply to messages in a timely method are awarded a Very Responsive badge for their page. To earn a badge, companies should have a response time of fewer than 15 minutes and a 90% response rate.

Very responsive badge

3. Be strategic with the 24-hour messaging window

Facebook limits how typically a business can attain out to Facebook Messenger customers. Businesses can solely contact somebody after receiving a message from the first.

When you’ve acquired a message, you might have 24 hours to answer. After that, Facebook used to let businesses send one message. However as of March 4th, 2020, that choice shall be gone. Beyond that, the one remaining choice is to send a Sponsored Message. These advertisements can solely be sent to present conversations.

Inside the first 24-hour window, businesses can send unlimited messages, together with promotional content. That doesn’t imply you need to spam somebody. The truth is, in Fb and Debrett’s survey, 37% say it’s bad etiquette to over-reply to a message.

Ensure to close the conversation—or the deal—before the 24-hour time limit elapses. For instance, if somebody appears unsure about a purchase, a last-minute promo code may be enough to sway them.

4. Use the Send Message button

Companies can’t begin new conversations with clients on Facebook Messenger, however, they’ll encourage them.

A method to do that is to add a Send Message call-to-action button to your Facebook posts. The method is a bit more difficult but finally worthwhile.

The way to add a Send Message button to Facebook posts:

  1. From your business page, choose to Create Post.
  2. Click on Get Messages.
  3. Add copy and add a related picture. You want a picture for these posts.
  4. Click on Publish.

Get Messages button

5. Try Facebook Messenger Adverts

One other strategy to immediate Facebook Messenger conversations is with advertisements. Listed below are a few of the different placements and formats obtainable:

Click on-to Messenger Adverts

These advertisements are basically sponsored posts with call-to-action buttons. They will seem throughout Facebook’s family of apps. When somebody clicks, it opens a chat along with your account.

Facebook click-to-messenger ad

Messenger Ad Placement

These advertisements are positioned within the Messenger inbox between conversations. When clicked, they see a full ad with a customizable call-to-action button like Shop Now.

Facebook Messenger ad

Messenger Stories Adverts

These advertisements seem within the Messenger inbox between Stories and click on to full-screen story experiences on mobile. They’re presently solely that can be purchased with Instagram stories ads.

Facebook Messenger Stories ad

Sponsored Messages

Sponsored Messages land within the inboxes of individuals you’ve chatted with before. These are a great way to re-engage with clients after the 24-hour window has elapsed with particular affords or promotions.

Facebook sponsored message

6. Create a Facebook Messenger Bot for business

There are a number of the explanation why it might make sense for you to create a Facebook Messenger Bot. In case you’re low on time, a bot can field buyer inquiries for you.

Some manufacturers have given their bot a persona. WestJet created an automatic assistant named Juliet to deal with messages. By including a “name and face” to the bot, they earned a 24% lift in positive sentiment.

Bots can be used for Facebook Messenger marketing experiences. For the vacations, Lego created Ralph the Gift Bot to assist clients to make buying selections. Click-on-to Messenger advertisements were used to advertise Ralph in focused areas. When clicked on, Ralph requested questions about who you had been shopping for and making strategies.

Lego merchandise might be bought directly from the thread, and if folks appreciated the expertise, they might share the bot with family and friends. Ralph earned 3.4 instances higher return ad spend in contrast with advertisements that linked to the Lego website.

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