Instagram Launches Full-screen Home Feed With More Suggested Reels

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Instagram has launched a new, full-screen home feed that includes more suggested Reels. Its design is to make it easier for users to discover and watch Reels, the short-form video format that has become increasingly popular on the platform. The new home feed will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks.

The full-screen home feed will replace the current grid layout. The new layout puts Reels front and center, with a suggested Reel appearing at the top of the feed when users open the app. Users can also swipe left or right to browse through other suggested Reels.

Instagram has been working to boost the visibility of Reels in recent months. In September, the company launched a dedicated space for Reels on Explore, and earlier this month, it began testing a feature that would allow users to watch Reels without leaving their feed. The new home feed is another step in Instagram’s efforts to make Reels more discoverable and easy to watch.

What This Means for Marketers

The new home feed provides an opportunity for marketers to reach a wider audience with their Reels. However, it’s important to note that the content of Reels should be engaging and relevant to users in order to get them to watch. Marketers should also consider using hashtags and other tools to promote their Reels and make them more discoverable.

Welcome To The New Era Of Instagram:

The new full-screen Home feed does exactly what Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, hinted at for months. It puts suggested video content front and center in a manner that’s sure to be popular with users who are already hooked on their favorite live-streaming apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Live Creator. But there could just as easily come about because they’ve grown tired of scrolling through endless photos when you’re supposed to do something productive instead!

The change also reflects how important video has become to Instagram. The company says that there has been a 70% increase in the time people spend watching videos on the app over the past year.

This move is also a boon for marketers who have been using Reels to reach their target audiences. With the new home feed, brands will have more opportunities to get more people to see their Reels. But as with any content on Instagram, it’s important to make sure that your Reels are interesting and relevant to your audience if you want them to stick around and watch.

Does This Mean We’ll Be Seeing More Videos In Our Feed?

The new home feed includes a section for suggested Reels, which will be tailored to each user based on their interests. So if you’re into fashion, you’ll see more Reels about fashion; if you’re into cooking, you’ll see more Reels about cooking.

The suggested Reels section will appear at the top of the home feed, and users can swipe left or right to browse through other suggested Reels.

This is a big change for Instagram, typically organized around a grid of photos. The new home feed puts video front and center, making it easier for users to discover and watch Reels.


Instagram is making some changes to its app that will allow users to see more posts at a time. The suggested reels feature will also be coming back, which means users can expect to see more videos in their feeds. This update is sure to please avid Instagrammers who are looking for ways to consume more content on the platform. So if you’re a marketer, now is the time to start creating Reels that are relevant and engaging for your target audience.

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