Gain Instagram Followers Fast in 2022: New Ways (1/2)

gain Instagram followers fast in 2022

We will share with you 14 effective ways to gain Instagram followers fast in 2022 without using bots.

Instagram followers are more than just the quantity. They’re members of your online community on this platform.

Growing the variety of Instagram followers may also help you catch more people’s eyes and boost traffic to your website, earn more sales, or even become an influencer on social media.

Now, let’s dive into these helpful tips to gain followers on this hottest social media platform.

#1: Tap Into Instagram Reels

If you’re not sharing Instagram Reels yet, you could be missing out on an enormous opportunity to grow your follower count.

The short-form videos on Instagram – Reels, continue to be one of the most effective methods to reach new audiences on the app.

Unlike a lot of the Instagram experience, viewers within the Reels feed are served high-interest content from both users they follow, and users they don’t.

This means the Reels you create can easily reach far beyond your follower list, help you to extend your visibility, and develop the number of your followers.

For the perfect outcomes:

  • Use key phrases and hashtags in your Reels captions that accurately describe your video content
  • Use trending sounds
  • Keep your Reels short and snappy to encourage repeat views
  • Create unique content
  • Add on-screen text for audiences watching without turning the sound on
  • Try to create high-quality video footage (rather than uploading content with a TikTok watermark)

Even when your brand or business doesn’t feel like an obvious fit for Reels, there are still methods to see success.

Experiment with popular traits, take followers behind the scenes, or even share a before and after of your product.

#2: Optimize Your Post Captions for Search

Optimizing your Instagram posts for search is a significant Instagram hack for rising your following.

Following a current update from Instagram, English-speaking users in 6 nations are now able to search Instagram utilizing key phrases.

Based on an Instagram spokesperson via The Verge, the team considers a variety of elements, including the “kind of content, captions, when it was posted,” and more to surface-related outcomes.

It also uses machine learning to “discover the best quality content that’s related to you”. For now, only grid posts will show up.

You’ll be able to write all of your post captions in one focused power hour and then set them to go live at your best time to post.

#3: Create Instagram Aesthetic for a Strong First Impression

Having a well-planned Instagram feed, that clearly showcases your niche, is vital for converting profile visitors into followers.

When somebody lands on your profile, you need them to immediately understand what your account is all about.

Think about how your posts look together as a whole, and what impression they provide when someone lands on your profile for the first time.

#4: Spend money on a Hashtag Strategy

Instagram hashtags are one of the greatest tools for growth at your disposal, and shouldn’t be ignored.

We researched and found that the reach rate will increase by 11% (from 24% to 35%) because the number of hashtags grows from one to 30.

To put that in perspective, for an account with 20K followers, that’s an additional 2.2K accounts reached per post.

#5: Host an Instagram Giveaway

If you want to gain Instagram followers fast in 2022, hosting an Instagram giveaway will be one of the efficient techniques.

With the right strategy, you’ll be able to reach thousands of potential new followers, all while building a stronger sense of community around your brand.

Ensure you set clear entry requirements that support your targets, such as tagging a friend in the comments, sharing Instagram Stories, and following your account.

Instagram giveaways may be especially useful when hosted in partnership with a creator or brand that shares your target audience.

This brings us to our next strategy to get more Instagram followers.

#6: Collaborate with Influencers and Brands

Collaborating with like-minded influencers and brands is a major win-win. You’ll benefit from brand association and tap into a brand new pool of potential followers.

The perfect news? Collaborations don’t have to break the bank. A few of the best partnerships are easy and mutually helpful.

For instance, beauty retailer SpaceNK partnered with a luxury retreat destination to supply their community the chance to win an exclusive getaway.

Similarly, you don’t have to work with supersize influencers to make an effect. Nano and Micro-influencers usually have higher engagement rates than macro influencers. And sometimes, they have a lower rate card for sponsored posts.

However, you’ll have to work with more Nano or Micro-influencers to succeed in the same audience size as a Macro influencer – so the best strategy will depend on your bandwidth and budget requirements.

#7: Create Highly-shareable Content (Including Memes)

In terms of organically reaching new audiences, creating share-worthy content is a superb place to start.

Inspirational quotes, informative carousel posts, and on-trend memes are all tried-and-tested formats. And it only takes one viral post to achieve thousands of people.

Memes in particular are enormous to get viral and gain Instagram followers fast in 2022 – especially when they tap into something that’s trending in popular culture. They’re usually funny or clever, and so they usually feature a mixture of text and imagery (a photo, GIF, or video).

To create an excellent successful meme, try to find the balance between the trending visuals you’re working with, the sentiment of your audience, and your brand’s niche.

On Later’s Instagram account, for instance, they usually create memes that are related to social media managers:

The more your meme resonates with members of your community, the more likely it will be shared and expand.
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