5 Gen Z Marketing Strategies in 2022 (2/2)


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Gen Z Marketing Strategies To Implement in 2022

#3: Set up Your Brand’s Personality

To be able to engage and connect with Gen Z, say goodbye to the millennial-focused aesthetic of completely curated content.

No more sleek and minimal imagery — Gen Zers need manufacturers who might be bold, have a strong voice, and have a personality. Don’t be afraid to make waves!

Starface sells pimple-protectors and their website and social media profiles are full of bright yellow, stars, and smiley faces:

They’re capable of promoting their merchandise in a light-hearted and silly manner, and the technique has seen huge success. They’ve over 1M followers on TikTok with videos full of skincare routines, enjoyable transformations, and catchy music.

For more established manufacturers, Larry points to the Crocs and KFC collaboration for instance of concentrating on a youthful era:

“Love it or hate it, what they’ve done properly is faucet into an irony that Gen Zers gravitate towards, particularly in a world where there’s huge uncertainty and unrest.”

The takeaway? The zany and weird can work too — these Crocs sold out.

#4: Be Entertaining

Gen Zers have an uncanny capability to filter content. With a short attention span, “you have around 8 seconds to essentially tell us why we should concentrate before we move on.”

And one of the best ways to seize their consideration is to entertain them!

Larry says makeup model Fenty Beauty has done this successfully with both their TikTok and Instagram Reels content:

Creating fun and quick tutorials that include varied beauty influencers and creators permits Fenty Beauty to spotlight their merchandise in an easily digestible manner.

TIP: Create content material that’s both educational, entertaining, or useful – what’s a fun option to promote your services or products? How can you seize a consumer’s consideration and stand out from the crowd?

#5: Construct A Community

Constructing a digital community is integral to your Gen Z advertising technique.

According to surveys, Gen Z is the loneliest generation in America, so that they’re actively looking for methods to interact and connect with like-minded individuals.

Manufacturers may help facilitate authentic connection and conversation, however, it goes beyond working with mega-influencers. The answer? Seek actual individuals who have interesting platforms and embody your model’s values.

“It might be creative, an artist, a thought-leader, or an activist — discover individuals you consider can serve as ambassadors and faucet into their networks in a manner that feels less transactional and more authentic,” explains Larry.

One other option to construct a community is to both solicit advice and suggestions from Gen Zers throughout product development or celebrate clients who’ve been loyal to your model for years.

For instance, Chipotle hosted socially-distanced Zoom occasions with superfans and special celeb visitors:

Not solely will this assist strengthen your sense of community, but it might set up the trust with your model. And as we stated earlier, model trust is super vital to Gen Z viewers!

Gen Z advertising is an effective way to succeed in a youthful era and connect with a new sort of client: one that’s value-conscious loves bold personalities and is seeking community.

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