10+ Perfect Gifts for Instagram Influencers

Best gifts for Instagram influencer

If you’re looking for some ideas to choose perfect gifts for Instagram influencers, you came to the right place.

More and more people around the world join the Instagram community. Some are trying to build their business on the platform or make a living by becoming an influencer. Chances are that you like or admit at least one Instagram influencer. And you’re brainstorming a gift idea to give him/her on her birthday or Christmas.

Don’t worry much. Here, we gather all the things that an influencer is interested in. We divided four parts that are General gifts, gifts for Beauty Loves, Travel Lovers, and Cooking lovers. Just go through and you will absolutely purchase a perfect gift for your favorite influencer.

General Gifts for Instagram Influencers

gifts for Instagram influencer

Here is the list of gifts that every Instagrammer needs whatever they do to be an influencer.

1. Instagram engagement

Instagram engagement is knowns as followers, likes, views on photos or videos that prove your content is resonating with the people who see it. Every Instagrammer wishes to get a big number of Instagram engagements. The higher the engagement, the higher chance the content will be stood out, be visible on explore page and attract more eyes and attention.

For that reason, engagement is the best gift for Instagram influencers. For example, today is your favorite influencers’ birthday, try to buy her/him some comments. Then, many users will come to his/her profile and give her a wish. How cheerful she/he will be!

You could easily find lots of providers out there that offer this service. The matter is how to choose a good one if you don’t want to waste your money. We will share with you the tips to pick a good provider at the end of the text. It works really!

2. Ring Light

Instagram is known as a photo-sharing platform at first. Although it now expands for users could share videos, photos are the most popular format. Every creator wants to share a stunning photo with perfect lighting. Ring Light is chosen by most Instagrammers 

A ring light is a simple lighting tool to support taken photos/videos in a less-shine case. That makes an attractive catch light on a subject’s eyes. Meanwhile, it emits even, diffused lighting, like a softbox, that helps eliminate shadows. Hence, it’s the best gift for Instagram influencers for creating engaging content.

3. Camera

When it comes to Instagram, most people think of phones because of its mobile optimization. We use mobile to experience the platform, to take photos, and post content,… The truth is a professional camera will support taking high-quality photos. We can now post content from Instagram Web.

There are two types of cameras you can choose to match with influencers’ style. Those are Digital and Film Cameras. Each type has its own strength. You have to make a decision which is a better choice for the receiver.

For instance, If your favorite influencer’s feed is full of vintage content, a Film camera is likely a good present for him/her.

4. Tripod

Tripod is a three-legged stand for supporting a phone or camera. Using a tripod is a quick, simple way to improve the photographs’ quality. This tool helps us make a good photo even when we stay alone.

Tripods are also widely used for people who want to take the exact same background of photos, or scenes multiple times. This function is fit for Instagramers who love to create reels.

You can easily purchase tripods for cameras and phones as well. Importantly, choose one match with your favorite influencer’s need. 

5. Microphone

Actually, a microphone is more suitable for influencers who are going live in front of their audience frequently. If your favorite Instagrammers spend much of her/his time going live, buy her a good microphone. He/She will love it I bet.

There are two main types of microphones are chosen for streaming:

  • Condenser
  • Dynamic

6. Lightroom presets

Lightroom presets are photo filters that are used to better your image’s look. Photos will be brighter, richer, and generally more amazing on Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC

As mentioned above, Instagram is mainly photo-sharing at first. Everyone wishes to publish gorgeous photos. After getting a raw photo, we and influencers as well will spend lots of time editing and making it more attractive.

Giving a set of preset will save their time. They completely will use them for their next posts.

Here, we put together Lightroom preset collections to fit many needs:

  • Landscape and travel photography 
  • Night leaks
  • Golden hours 
  • All in one lightroom preset bundle
  • Boho wedding
  • Winter wonderland

7. Books

Influencers may spend lots of their time active on social media. They sometimes need to relax time for free entertainment. Book is one of the best choices to reset our minds. Here are some benefits of reading books:

  • Enrich knowledge and creativity
  • Decrease stress and pressure
  • Improve memories and concentration
  • Better writing skill

For that reason, Book is one of the best gifts for Instagram influencers. 

8. Custom things

Custom gift ideas are sure to surprise your giftee. This is a very unique present. What is your reaction if you get yourself picture by drawing? Complete delighted, right? A handmade picture or you could order a shirt with your favorite influencers’ photo, a mug with his/her name on that,… Let’s check some other custom ideas here:

  • A fancy throw pillow
  • A bamboo grill set
  • Cookie cutter
  • Puzzle

Gifts for Beauty Instagram influencers

Gifts for Beauty Instagram influencersc

Obviously, beauty Instagram influencers who share routine skincare or make-up tutorials are into cosmetic staff. If you’re are a cosmetic brand, don’t miss the chance to give influencers some gifts on her/his birthday or holiday. This is really a smart marketing strategy.

1. The Skincare Set

The basic skincare set includes Cleansers, Exfoliants, Retinoids, Moisturizers, and Sunscreen. Rely on the brand and price range you choose, they will offer less or more products on a set.

Before determining a skincare set, don’t remember to find out which type your favorite influencer’s skin is. It isn’t a good idea if she owns dry skin but you give her a set for oily skin.

Some good brands you could consider are Kiehl’s, Laneige, Olay, Estee Lauder,…

2. Makeup Staff

Every beauty blogger will appear with a perfect makeup look. Treating your favorite influencer with a makeup set is a good idea to inspire her. They could be a Lipstick set, Piece Face & Eye Brush Set, Eyeshadow Palette,…

Gifts for Travel Instagram influencers

Gifts for Travel Instagram influencers

The thing when we mention Travel influencers is they are likely always on the go to somewhere. A portable gift would be perfect. 

1.Gopro cameras

GoPro camera is a camera of versatile action. This camera looks small and portable but captures high-quality footage. It is usually used for taking photos/videos in hard situations like extreme sport or riding travel.

Every traveler wishes to own a GoPro to record their journey. If you want to choose a gift for your favorite travel Instagram influencers, give him/her a GoPro.

2. Drone

In any travel journey, we see stunning landscapes, we take photos with a near distance. However, we wonder what that landscape looks like from above. A drone will show you that. 

Every traveler is over the moon if they could share unique photos on Instagram. Hence, bringing him/her a Drone is one of the best gifts.

3. Sleeping bag

As the name – sleeping bag, it is a thick bag for sleeping in. It’s convenient for people who go camping, hiking, or trekking. You could follow three criteria of sleeping bags to purchase the best gift. Those are:

  • Shape: Rectangular, Barrel-shaped, Mummy, Double, Quilt.
  • Temperature: Summer, 3 season, Winter
  • Insulation: Down insulation, Synthetic Insulation

4. Portable Charger

A portable charger, or recharger, is a device that stores energy in a battery by running an electric current through it. It’s convenient for a trekking tour which is hard to find electricity to survive your mobile tools. 

Gifts for Cooking Instagram influencers

gifts for instagram influencers

1. Kitchen staffs

There are so many types of kitchen staff you could choose to reward your favorite influencers. If she/he is a pastry, microwave, stand mixer, ice cream maker… are considered. With a Japanese chef, a knife set would be perfect. 

2. Ingredients

The right kitchen basics will make it much simpler for cooking lovers to pull out their favorite dishes or try to create something new. Ingredients are one of the best gifts for Instagram influencers who love cooking. They will inspire your giftee and expand their pantry. 

3. Recipes

Cooking lovers are frequently hungry for new creativity. Hence, a great recipe is the best gift for them. You could easily choose some kinds of recipes for everyday meals, seasonal, cake & baking or even cocktails & drink,… Which flavor of your favorite influencers?

How to choose the best provider for Instagram engagement

As we showed above, Instagram engagement is the best gift for Instagram influencers. And we dont want you to waste money on poor providers and your giftee is disappointed in getting so many fake followers. Hence, let’s focus on five factors here to choose the best third party to purchase the gift.


Don’t work with providers which force you to provide private account information such as the password. You have to remember that, buying Instagram engagement DON’T have to show your password.


The most important factor is the Guarantee. You have to find out about providers’ policies carefully. They will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be repaired or replaced if not of a specified quality and durability or not. If they do a money-back guarantee and refund policy, you could put this provider on your list. Then, check other factors to make a decision.


Before putting money on buying any items, make sure you find and read real reviews and feedbacks. One of the sites including quality feedbacks is Trustpilot. If your targeted provider gains a high score there, you could put that provider on your list.


Pricing is important because it defines the value that the product is worth. You choose a cheap service. It might come with bot followers and engagement. Is that really saving?


Imagine that you find a problem with your order, you contact customer support. But they take so much time to get back to you. What do you feel? Hence, Customer support is the last thing you have to consider when choosing an Instagram engagement provider.

Because of all the above factors, you should consider Buildmyplays – the best trusted Instagram engagement provider. We’ve got score 4.4 on Trustpilot with around 100 real feedbacks. We also offer a 30-day retention guarantee to protect your benefits. If you’re unsatisfied with your order, just drop a message to our customer support. We will reply to you even at midnight. 

Final thoughts

To choose the best gifts for Instagram influencers, it’s not to pick staff to make people happier. It is to help your giftee solve some problems. For example, an Instagrammer gets into trouble with her light when live streaming, give her a light ring. A microphone is not a good idea in this case.

Now, you have a list of things that an Instagram influencer might need. The hardest part is to get a perfect one from that list. These are small steps that help you pick a suitable one

First, you have to define your budget before choosing a gift. If you set the budget already. Let’s do a bit of stalking. Everyone will be surprised and glad if you somehow found the staff they wish without asking. Hence, try to look through the giftee’s Facebook profile or Amazon wishlist to search for some clues.

Then, note down some cool ideas you got after stalking. You don’t have to buy all of them. Brainstorm something to go with every item on that list, good sides, and bad sides. You will choose the best from that list.

With the list of best gifts for Instagram influencers above and a short guide about how to choose a perfect gift, we now believe you came up with what you will give to your Instagram influencer.

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