Good Things to Post on Instagram

good things to post Instagram

As Instagram becomes one of the most wonderful platforms, many social media managers are working to find good things to post on Instagram. While people typically joke about coffee art and food photos, the truth is that with a little creativity you could get many more ideas about what to publish.

Your content on Instagram, like any other social media platform, will partly rely on who your audience is, and what your services or products are. Instagram is a gold chance to show your audience your creative side.


While Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, that doesn’t mean you can’t post words too. You do this by writing a quote caption or turning the words into graphic photos. Some ideas for kinds of things to post on Instagram which is word-based would be:

  • Inspirational quotes from others
  • Positive sayings
  • Facts and information
  • Testimonials from clients

For example, Nicole posts several of these different types of photos, and they typically get about twice the engagement as her usual photo posts! She really gets her audience and what they want to hear about, so think about the things that your users need and want to hear.

what to post on Instagram

These days, it’s simpler than ever to create text-based images for Instagram using tools like Canva. You could size them for Instagram, add your text and picture, and then save it for posting to your account. One of the good things about this type of content is that it’s usually evergreen, and can be used more than once.


On social media, the more interesting stories you share, the more chance to build massive audiences. The story will be more interesting when it is told along with an image that we call the power of visual storytelling.

On Instagram, the best brand storytelling involves telling the brand’s purpose, mission, and even people. Whether you are using Instagram for a business account or a personal account, you want to grow a strong brand presence that represents what you are passionate about in life.

Moreover, Instagram allows users to post video content so you totally share stories through videos.  Tell a short story about an experience or something that has shaped you or your brand’s values. This is a great way to build a more engaged audience that wants to learn about you and what you represent

Your Customers

Do you understand who is an expert at finding good things to post on Instagram? Your customers! This could come in a few different forms. The first is to take pictures of your customers yourself. Have fun with this one!

You get the idea. Get your client involved, smile, and share. It is a good opportunity to show your work, and/or happy customers! Remember to ask permission, and if possible tag them in the post for the best results with this one.

A company that does a fantastic job of building brand loyalty and awareness using this strategy is the women’s custom clothing company eShakti. They frequently encourage their users to post photos of themselves in their new dresses and reshare the best. Nearly half of their Instagram content is created this way, and it makes people enjoy their products even more!

User generated content on Instagram

Not only does give them additional original content for their Instagram, but it also offers them an opportunity to build relationships with their customers, and use the features of Instagram’s algorithm to their advantage.

Share tips and tricks

Everyone enjoys tips. You don’t need to write an entire blog post as a caption for an Instagram post. But you could share a cool tip or trick that you think may help your audience overcome an issue or achieve a goal.

Think about little hacks that have made your life easier. It should relate to your Knowledge Commerce business in some way, however, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need pro skills. Actually, many of the most-shared images on Instagram have a very amateur quality about them.

Make a Poll

Let’s take the opinion idea a step further and create an Instagram poll. Give users two or three options (preferably written on the image you share) and ask them to comment on their response.

This way is quite simple however never less effective. It’s not only great content for your plan but also helps you gain more comments actually. When you never do this, try to post a poll right now!

What about you?

Have you come up with any good things to post on Instagram? What do your followers react to the most? Are you going to try any of these ideas? It’s time for you to practice!

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