30 Effective Tactics to Grow Your YouTube Channel (2/2)

grow youtube channel

In the previous article we mentioned 14 effective methods to grow youtube channel. We will continue to explore the remaining 16 ways to discover more effective, and faster ways.

15. Create a series

Regularly post videos on a schedule to keep visitors returning to your channel.

For the greatest results, make your series name keyword-friendly. Create a unique thumbnail for each video in the series to give it a similar appearance and feel.

Every day, VICE News keeps subscribers engaged with new content.

Vice world news series on YouTube

16. Make playlists

Playlists are an excellent technique to get people to watch more in a passive manner. This is due to the fact that these collections are a bit addictive. The next video starts as soon as the previous one finishes.

Playlists are also useful for increasing discoverability. Playlist videos are more likely to feature in YouTube’s Suggested Videos column. Furthermore, playlist titles are an excellent place to include keywords.

There are two techniques to make successful playlists:

  1. Group existing videos on your channel page with a shared subject. This keeps people on your channel rather than on the channel of your competition.
  2. Gather videos from more relevant influencers or partners. This lets your viewers know that you’re “in the know,” and it motivates them to share your playlists.

The Cut’s “Lineup” playlist is more than a little addicting.

The Cut's playlist on YouTube

17. Go live

YouTube is one of the most popular live streaming sites on the internet, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, when in-person activities were canceled. Use this to your advantage by providing content that truly engages viewers.

Webinars, Q&As, and live events all work effectively. Another fantastic method to get inspired is to browse YouTube Live.

18. Add a call-to-action

To make the most of your hard-earned audience, include a captivating CTA in your video.

Perhaps you want to encourage your viewers to like or share your video. Perhaps you want them to visit your website. Whatever the “ask,” the most effective CTAs are always clear, engaging, and urgent.

For in-stream advertising, YouTube provides a call-to-action extension. However, there are other free methods for including CTAs in videos:

  • Direct host mentions: Look at the camera and tell viewers what you want them to do verbally.
  • In the description of your video, invite viewers to comment, share, or like it.
  • End cards: Add a customizable screenshot to the beginning, middle, or end of the video. These powerful visual cues add punch to your CTA.

19. Cross-promote your channel

Build a community around your channel by reaching out to viewers outside of YouTube. Consider incorporating videos into your blog, email newsletter, and other social media channels.

There are several inventive techniques to grow your YouTube channel that do not entail repeating the same message. Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

Social media

Different social strategies are effective for various platforms.

The recommended video specs should be brushed up on for each social platform. Then, optimize your video as needed. Again, make certain that your brand’s overall look and feel is consistent throughout. Also, be sure to use unique captions each time you submit.

GIFs are an entertaining way to promote YouTube videos on Twitter.


Is there a blog on your website? Include videos and searchable transcriptions in your posts. Yoi can both grow your Youtube channel and page views as a result of this.

Your blog may also be used to generate fresh content ideas for your channel. Utilize Google Analytics to determine which posts receive the most traffic. Is it possible to make a video on that subject?

Insert the final result into the post. This will increase the worth of your blog while also enticing users to visit your YouTube channel.

Email marketing

Email may be outdated, but it is still effective. The worldwide email marketing industry was worth 7.5 billion dollars in 2020.

Make an email list of YouTube subscribers. Then, notify them whenever you publish new content. It’s a simple technique to boost the number of views on your video early on. As a result, YouTube’s recommendation system will be activated.

You may also make use of your email signature. A simple link to your YouTube channel beneath your name is a non-obtrusive approach to get subscribers.

Instead of a long, ugly URL, we advocate utilizing a simple icon.

20. Promote your channel, not just your videos

Do you understand how domain authority influences page authority in SEO? The same may be said about videos.

Take advantage of this by marketing both your channel as a whole and your individual content. Push for subscribers and include links to your account whenever possible. This will grow the visibility of videos on your YouTube channel and Google searches.

21. Take advantage of the holidays

Gain more attention by predicting what others are looking for. Make use of holidays, famous movies, and trends to offer relevant content. You’d be shocked at how effective this method may be!

For example, At Home With Nikki, a home organizer extraordinaire, created this “How to Decorate a Christmas Tree” video one month before Christmas—near enough to the holidays to be timely, but maybe not so close to December 25th that many would have already done their décor.

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

22. Make evergreen videos

Upload a few timeless videos that your fans will come back to time and time again. How-to guides, tool and resource lists, stat collections, tip roundups, and other popular evergreen content including how-to guides, tool and resource lists, stat collections, tip roundups, and more.

This type of evergreen content may rank high for years, improving visitors and SEO.

23. Find out what works (and do more of it)

Make good use of YouTube’s analytics because they are quite useful.

Dive into your statistics to have a better understanding of your audience. What are their ages? What languages do they understand? Which types of videos do they prefer? Use this data to produce content that actually speaks to their interests.

Rob Kenney’s “Dad, How Do I?” videos have lately gone viral on YouTube. He discovered his niche: judgment-free “Dad” how-tos for those who need assistance jumpstarting a car, using a camping stove, installing a ceiling fan, and other traditionally Dad activities.

How to jump start a car | Dad, how do I?

24. Post teasers on your TikTok

TikTok is sweeping the world (here are some statistics to prove it), but the video-sharing app’s 3-minute restriction pales in comparison to Youtube’s limit—15 minutes for non-confirmed users and up to 12 hours for verified users.

You may use TikTok to advertise your YouTube channel by releasing a teaser video or publishing the first three minutes (or 15 seconds, or 60 seconds) of the video and inviting your viewers to visit your YouTube channel for the rest. Make sure your TikTok bio includes a link to your channel.

25. Participate in Youtube trends and challenges

Look at what’s trending on YouTube—the explore page is a wonderful location to check what’s fresh and popular. Trends and challenges provide fast inspiration for new content, and those on YouTube frequently continue longer than those on other platforms (for example, the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge, which initially appeared in 2006, is still going strong). Morning and night routine videos will be popular in 2022.

26. Make virtual reality videos

360º films and virtual reality provide a one-of-a-kind video experience, and the tremendous surge in VR headset sales demonstrates that viewers are hungry for 3D content. Youtube VR180 and 360º are the two formats available. There are tutorials for each that will help you get started, such as what type of equipment you’ll need, how to film, and how the movies are put together.

VR 360 Video of Top 5 Roller Coaster Rides 4K Virtual Reality

27. Post videos in multiple parts

Posting videos in numerous sections, similar to a cliffhanger on a TV program, can keep people coming back to your channel (as long as they aren’t too long).

The idea is not to release videos in numerous parts just because you have to–for example, this late-night piece with Jeff Goldblum was posted in two sections (each 7 minutes long), despite the fact that it is just over 15 minutes long.

Posting in more digestible parts encourages visitors to click on your video, where you may gently direct them to Part 2.

28. Get verified on Youtube

You can apply to be verified on YouTube if you have 100,000 or more followers. ( And if you need assistance getting there, here are 15 ideas for increasing your subscription base. In addition, we’ve put up a tutorial to Youtube’s verification procedure.

Although you do not need to be verified to be successful on YouTube, having that extra stamp of authenticity can grow your YouTube channel.

29. Promote your videos in a Youtube Community post

You also need a particular amount of followers to receive the Youtube Community tab on your channel—but unlike the 100k necessary for verification, just 1000 subscribers are required for Community access.

Your YouTube Community tab includes a feed that appears similar to Facebook or Twitter, where you may publish video announcements, polls, questions, and other media for your audience to view. (Warning: in the next video, they pronounce GIF as “jif”).

YouTube Community Tab

30. Do what your favorite YouTubers do

Most likely, you began your YouTube adventure as a fan. The internet has been active since 2006, and every day, individuals across the world view more than a billion hours of YouTube. Your favorite YouTubers aren’t just a source of funny sketches, cosmetics tutorials, and vlogs—they’re also a great case study in marketing and promotion.

Find successful channels that are comparable to yours and pay attention to what they are doing. Then, add your own twist to it. You have access to a massive library that is always expanding (500 hours of new videos are uploaded every minute). The school year has begun.

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