Your Guidelines For How To Release Music (2/2)

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As the previous article has stated about some tips for releasing music. Let’s continue reading to get more that definitely helps you.

Claim And Often Update Your Artist Profile On Stores

Updating your artist image and bio on online music stores and streaming companies is a useful step to spice up your release. This enables listeners that uncover your music, simply find out more about you and probably turn out to be followers. Some streaming services have made this simpler for artists by means of platforms equivalent to Spotify For Artists, Apple Music For Artists, YouTube For Artists, and Amazon Music For Artists.

When you claim your artist profile by means of these platforms and your request is accepted, you may immediately update your artist profile on these streaming services. This falls within the pre-release actions solely when you’ve got distributed music to online streaming services before. If it’s your first time, this may fall under post-release actions since shops don’t usually create artist profiles until the artists’ music is distributed to them. This is an important tips for releasing music.

Prepare Your Press Kit

It’s important to prepare and update your press package for each project you release. A press kit typically accompanies your music to present extra details about your artist’s brand and the release. Among the items that go right into a press package embrace your artist bio, artist images, press release, artist rider, and of course, your music. Keep in mind to update your artist bio to incorporate new developments in your career since your final release. Update your artist pictures to incorporate present photos that greatest characterize your brand. One convenient way of packaging your press kit is by creating an electronic press kit (EPK).

Compile Your Mailing List & Send Your Press Release/EPK

You’ll need to compile a mailing listing of whom to send your EPK to. This might embrace contacts for radio, TV, music magazines and newspaper segments, music blogs, booking agents,, and occasion organizers… not forgetting your followers mailing listings. You will need to notice that compiling your mailing list is a steady process, and also you by no means cease building your contact list!

The most effective time to ship a press launch or your EPK can be 2 to three weeks previous to the release date for a single launch. That is to permit time for correspondence and planning. A bigger project would require more time, and varies depending on the place you might be sending it. For instance, when releasing an album, you could need to send your EPK to venue owners, event organizers, and booking agents months prematurely if you intend to do a tour.

Build The Hype

Earlier than the release date, you must let your followers know {that a} new release is on the way. Construct the hype in the direction of the brand new project. You can begin sharing the artwork, teaser videos, amongst different promotional content material on social media. A superb time to begin is 1 or 2 weeks earlier than the release date, relying on the size of the project. You can even begin getting ready promotional content material that you’ll use on and after the release day.

Release Day Activities

Share Broadly

On the release day, social media must be your greatest friend. That is the time to share the much-anticipated music (when you built the hype towards it) as extensively as possible. Have interaction with the excited followers in your posts by liking, sharing, retweeting, and commenting. Send messages, emails, make phone calls, inform, and remind people on your mailing list concerning the new release. Keep in mind to update your social media profiles and knowledge on your artist website.

Set A Premiere Time

YouTube has a fascinating characteristic that lets you set a premiere time for your song. You need to use this to construct anticipation for the release, permitting your followers to experience the moment when your song goes live. Utilizing features like ‘premiere your video’ on YouTube, you should set the hour of release at a time when most of your viewers are more likely to be online.

Create Ad Campaigns

Paid ad campaigns can work wonders for your promotional marketing campaign. Working ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and may help get extra sales and streams for your music. Google ads additionally help you run advert campaigns on YouTube and different Google affiliates. When you really feel that is overwhelming, don’t be afraid to rent the services of a music promotion company. They may assist promote your music in additional methods than one. Keep in mind to include this in your budget.

Pitching To Playlists

Now that your music resides in stores, pitch it to playlist curators that feature songs in your genre or an identical style. You’ll need to have accomplished some analysis beforehand to have the contracts prepared for release day. Spotify gives a chance for new releases to get featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists by Spotify for Artists platform. You may solely do that earlier than the song’s release day, so you’d wish to get your song on Spotify early enough!

Launch Event

A launch event or listening occasion to your mission helps followers have a unique experience and interaction together with your new music. Make certain to have the physical copies and merchandise ready for the event.

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Post-Release Activities

Lots of the post-release actions are a continuation of the pre-release and launch day actions. In the days and weeks following the release, you must maintain sharing the music as extensively as attainable. Get creative in the way you share on social media by utilizing the promotional content material you had ready. Run totally different ad campaigns and discover more playlists to pitch your music to. Be always remember this tips whenever releasing your music.

Follow Up And Response

When your music is on the market, it’s a good time to follow up on any contacts that you’ve got sent your EPK to. Find out if they’ve heard your music and what they consider it. Do it in a means that doesn’t come off as spamming or nagging. A follow-up e-mail after 2 weeks could possibly be ok timing. Reply to the media platforms that characteristic your music (as many as you can) to point out your appreciation. Slightly may go a great distance.


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Communication might be your strongest suit when planning a tour. Get in contact with the venues you may be enjoying early sufficient to coordinate higher. Have the physical copies of the music and merchandise prepared so you may incorporate them in your tour. Learn more on how to plan your tour.

Registration Of The Music With Relevant Bodies

It is best to register your music with the relevant performer’s rights organizations and collection societies in order that you don’t miss out on any income your music generates. Working with a publisher could show you how to gather extra revenue out of your music.


Releasing your music may show to be a busy affair and will take up lots of your time. Nevertheless, the better you propose, the more probably it’s to be successful. Write down your release plan and include the actions above in your planning. Set out targets you want to obtain together with your release and measure your success at the end of your release campaign. Hope that these tips will beneficial for releasing your music. Good luck!

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