How Influencer Marketing Will Change in 2022? (3/3)

how influencer marketing will change in 2022

The way to Find Influencers

Figuring out the best influencer to work with might seem like a daunting process — so, we’ve put together this list of how you can use it to find the best person that will help you improve your brand awareness and reach.

Google Search

The most simple method to go about an influencer search is with the help of Google (or any search engine). Keep in mind an influencer is already creating content in your field and reaching your target audience. So, Google’s search for industry-related terms and keywords will surface experts in these areas.

Review articles related to numerous topics in your field, conduct individual searches for people you’ve heard of or know are already high-impact contributors, and scan industry-specific sites and web pages for influencers.

Social Media

You can also search for influencers on numerous social media platforms. Whether or not you’re going for a social media influencer, most influencers will likely have some kind of social media presence — their profiles serve as an effective way to learn more about them.

On social, search for keywords and phrases, specific users, hashtags, and tagged viewers on particular posts (brands and social users may have tagged influencers you may potentially work within posts).

Don’t forget to look within the comments sections of high-traffic posts related to your niche or kind of work as influencers may have posted comments and interacted with members of your target audience there. You’ll be able to even get some ideas from influencer posts on your competitor’s accounts.


Use your current network to obtain referrals. Search for KOLs on LinkedIn and ask your team if they’ve recently followed any micro-influencers on social who often post content that’s compatible with your brand and image.

If you’ve worked with any influencers in the past, ask them if they’re willing to connect your brand with other influencers that they know.


Reading blogs is one other great method to find your brand suitable influencers — that is, both the blog authors and their sources. Scan for the people mentioned within the blogs. Maybe the blogger is reviewing their work, talked about a quote from them, or requested them to contribute to the piece.

Moreover, themed publications (enterprise, artwork, magnificence, or trend) typically do expert round-ups where they function dozens of influencers. You’ll be able to research the individual additional to find out if they fit your business.

Influencer Software

Because of the rising popularity of influencer marketing, numerous technologies and software have emerged to assist businesses to identify influencers and measure their success.

Two of the most popular choices include BuzzStream and BuzzSumo.

  • BuzzStream allows users to analyze influencers. As a user, you can also build profiles, review influencer interactions, measure their success by engagement metrics, and review their contact history.
  • BuzzSumo lets you determine key influencers that are popular among your target audience. It also lets you analyze which kinds of content perform best for influencers and review the content of your competitors.

Talent Agencies and Agents

If you’re seeking to hire a specific celebrity influencer, it’s unlikely you’re going to have the ability to send them a direct email or give them a call (although that’d be pretty cool). Instead, you’ll probably go through a talent company or work with an agent to find out whether or not that celeb is willing to work with your brand and for what price.

How Influencer Marketing Will Change in 2022

Innovative industries are constantly changing; influencer marketing is no different. Influencers and marketers alike are discovering new methods to reach audiences and promote products.

As we move into the new year, there are five key ways that influencer marketing can be changing. Make note of these changes as you adapt your marketing strategy.

how influencer marketing will change in 2022

1. Micro-influencers will have a greater influence.

Micro-influencers may appear to be the smallest players within the influencer marketing game. However, they pack the most important punch.

The latest research means that micro-influencers may produce higher outcomes than mega-influencers. That’s as a result of as influencers become more common, sometimes their engagement goes down.

And based on HubSpot Blog Research, brands are not followers who rely first on when considering influencers. It’s more about the quality of their content and their engagement rates.

Because of this, micro-influencers will likely have more effect than celebrities in 2022.

2. Influencer activity will extend beyond Instagram.

A 2021 HubSpot Blog Research survey found that Instagram is the most popular place for influencer marketing. However, it’s surprisingly not the platform that brings within the highest ROI.

Turns out, that’s Facebook.

This doesn’t mean that Instagram is fading into the background anytime soon. However, it seems more brands are increasing beyond Instagram and considering how other channels can help their marketing efforts.

In 2022, keep an eye out for influencer marketing on YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Pinterest, especially in the case, your audience leans more toward Generation Z.

3. Employees and customers will turn out to be influencers.

We have talked about the power of promoting by your clients. However, have you ever considered how powerful your clients could be as influencers? Customers are people who already find out about, like, and personalize your product; this makes for a simple transition from customer advocacy to customer effect.

The same goes for your employees — people who’ve invested time and creativity into growing your business. This issue alone provides your staff with genuine credibility.

As people who are already engaged with the development of your product or service, employees can be natural advocates. In 2022, we’ll possibly see the rise of these two parties as brand influencers.

4. Businesses will spend money on long-term relationships, not one-off campaigns.

You’ve read about it in this guide — it may be tough and costly to determine and connect with the best influencer. In the past, brands often employed influencers for one-time campaigns. As we move into 2022, however, we’ll likely see brands building long-term relationships instead.

Not only does this effort save time, energy, and money for entrepreneurs, however, it also allows the influencer to build belief with and make a greater effect on a brand’s audience.

Long-term relationships with influencers also improve credibility for whatever product or service the influencer is marketing.

That’s how influencer marketing will change in 2022. Let’s update!

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