How to Advertise on Spotify in 2021 (2/2)

how to advertise on Spotify

In this next part, let’s explore how to advertise on Spotify to gain more listeners and earn revenue.

How to Advertise on Spotify?

There are many types of advertisements you could create for Spotify, and perhaps surprisingly, they aren’t all audio. This means you can simply create an entire advertising campaign based around Spotify if that is where you feel your target audience spends their time.


Mercifully (from the users’ perspective), you do not break up songs to play advertisements. Spotify plays audio announcements between songs.

Spotify plays audio ads on all versions of the app, it doesn’t matter what your device.

You’ll be able to create audio ads lasting between 15 and 30 seconds. Technically, a Spotify audio ad is more effective than its radio equivalent. You can even create an image that a user can click on to do some action; for instance, it may take them to a particular landing page.

You’ll be able to specify the kinds of music to which your ads connect. Just remember to give attention to the kinds of music listened to by your target audience. You can also personalize your ads to a selected geographic region, so it may be a good suggestion to mention it in your copy.

It’s also essential to remember that the main Spotify listeners are Millennials and Generation Z, although it has also taken off with older audiences. The younger generations do not like loud, in-your-face ads, so do not create these annoying ads you typically hear on the radio or see on television. Ensure that your ad is related to your target audience, in any other case they will switch off completely.


Spotify provides you two choices for using video in your advertising.

Firstly you could produce a Takeover video. Right here, you purchase an advertising spot between songs, similar to the audio ads, however in this case, you show a full-screen video instead of a static image. Obviously, this is only helpful for people viewing the app, however. People who solely use it to play music are unlikely to take a look at the app to watch a video.

Spotify has also collaborated with some businesses to sponsor a music presentation.

Display Ads

Some companies may prefer to make use of the same kinds of display ads that they use on other platforms. These are similar to the display ads you see on other sites, which are often delivered by Google Ads.

Spotify shows display ads for 30 seconds, usually appear at the top of the Spotify browser. Spotify can also be intelligent enough not to overlay your display ads over any other kind of advertisement. Users can click on a display ad, and it will take them through to wherever you choose, for instance, a targeted landing page.

Display Ads

You’ll be able to choose from three kinds of display ad:

  1. Homepage takeover – this can be a clickable ad. The user’s Home Page changes to reflect the advertised brand for a while
  2. Megabanner – these look just like your typical banner ad. They take up the bottom part of a user’s screen
  3. Overlay – these begin as a full-screen ad, however, the user can close them by clicking on the X. If the user still hasn’t clicked on an Overlay ad, they would disappear after 30 seconds

Sponsored Playlists

While most companies that advertise on Spotify do it formally through the Spotify Ads Studio, that isn’t your only choice. You’ve another possibility. One of the features of Spotify is you can create playlists of songs and make them available for anybody to make use of. You can even upload a suitable image to go with your sponsored playlist.

how to advertise on spotify

Image Source: Forbes

Therefore you’ll be able to easily create a playlist and name it after your brand. Obviously, you will want to put together a list of songs that will appeal to your target audience.

All this takes is some imagination, and possibly a method to market your playlist off Spotify, as there will, of course, be thousands of other playlists that others have assembled.

Creating a sponsored playlist helps you get closer to your target market and interact with your target customers.

Of course, you’ll want to think twice about any playlist you create. There is little point in putting together a disjointed series of songs. You need people who use your playlist to be in the best mood, hopefully, to enjoy the songs you have chosen and then return to play the list again. This means that you need to use psychology to create the right list of songs, with each one leading to the next.

Creating an Ad to Advertise on Spotify

Advertising on Spotify used to be very expensive, and this restricted Spotify advertising to just large businesses. However, with the arrival of Spotify Ad Studio is a self-service platform in 2017, Spotify suddenly turned viable for small and medium-sized companies.

Firms can upload their ads directly to Ad Studio and set their budget and concentrating on factors themselves. It operates in a really similar way to the advertising platforms of Facebook, TikTok, and many of the other social networks.

You don’t even have to file your advertisements yourself. You possibly can merely add a script and choose appropriate background music. Spotify’s know-how can file the script and convey every part collectively for you.

When you’ve got a larger budget, then you can consider adding display or video ads to your campaign mix. Research shows that Spotify users spend a surprisingly long time on their devices, which means that there is an affordable chance that your target audience will see your more visual ads.

As with all self-service advertising networks, Spotify Ad Studio leads you through a process, helping you set up your ads campaign. You’ll need to go through the following steps when you wish to use audio ads.

  1. Step 1: Select your objective

how to advertise on spotify

2. Step 2: Upload your audio or request a voiceover

3. Step 3: Target your viewers – you’ll be able to target your viewers by demographics (such as location, age, and gender), listening behavior, or platform

how to advertise on spotify

4. Step 4: Set your advertising price range and schedule. You’ll need to spend at least $250. The exact price you will end up paying will depend on your location and your ad focusing on. Additionally, you will have to set the dates for your campaign, together with your budget spread evenly across the campaign period.

5. Step 5:  Create your ad creative – that is where you add details like the companion image to go with your audio ads, the ad headlines, and the link to your landing page.

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