How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name: 25 Name Suggestions

change youtube channel name

Choosing a name for your YouTube channel is similar to choosing a band name. It can be difficult to make a decision, and when you’re just starting out, you may not believe it matters. But you don’t want to become famous and be trapped with the name you choose. Fortunately, you may now change your YouTube channel name and profile image as of last year. The firm has released a new function that will allow you to refresh the aesthetics of your account without having to modify the name and photo on your related Google account.

Continue reading to find out how to modify the name of your YouTube channel. While you’re here, we’ve also created a list of unique channel name suggestions to help you get started with your YouTube marketing strategy.

Should you change the name of your channel?

Of course, before making any major decisions about your YouTube channel, you must examine the advantages and downsides. Does changing the name of your channel imply that you should?

Finally, the answer is most likely yes.

Perhaps your YouTube channel’s theme has evolved over time, and it no longer feels right to use the “Epic YouToobz!” moniker you picked in high school. Perhaps you no longer speak to a hyper-specific niche and wish to upload under your own name. Maybe you’re just tired with your channel and want something new.

All of these are good reasons, and in the broad scheme of things, altering your channel name will have little impact on your channel’s success. In fact, if you lean into the transition, it may be a brilliant marketing move.

Consider YouTuber Matti Haapoja, who changed his moniker from Travel Feels in 2018. He revealed the change in an eye-catching vlog that reached a large number of YouTubers:

The end of Travel Feels...

In fact, if you’re going to change the name of your YouTube channel, you should do it in conjunction with a video announcement post and some updated images on your social media networks. It’s an excellent method to increase involvement while you make the major change.

The adjustment will have no effect on your YouTube algorithm ranking. The essential thing to remember is that verified YouTubers lose their checkmark status when they rebrand. In reality, you’ll have to reapply for verification under your new name. That is the only significant disadvantage to consider when considering a change.

How to change the name of your YouTube channel

Making the move has been made exceedingly simple by YouTube. With a few clicks or taps, your channel may be totally renamed and you can resume uploading content.

We’ve got all the instructions you need, whether you’re using a mobile device or a desktop computer.

channel settings YouTube

edit name

How to change YouTube channel name on mobile

  1. Open YouTube and tap your profile image.
  2. Select Your channel, then Channel Edit.
  3. Type in your new channel name and press OK.
  4. To alter your profile photo, touch your image, then choose an existing photo or snap a new one before tapping Save.

YouTube Studio channel customization

channel customization layout branding and basic info

How to change YouTube channel name on desktop:

  1. Open YouTube Studio.
  2. Select Customisation then Basic Info from the left menu. Click Edit, and then type in your new channel name. Click Publish.
  3. Select Customisation then Branding to alter your profile photo. Select an image by clicking Upload. Change the size of your image, then click Done. Click Publish.

It’s simply that simple to alter the name of your page.

However, this will not instantly alter your YouTube URL. It’s always a good idea to abbreviate your URL if possible.

To make that adjustment, you must have at least 100 subscribers and your channel must be at least 30 days old. A profile photo and a banner image are also required. If you match those conditions, you’ll be able to select a personalized URL based on YouTube’s suggestions.

channel settings and account information

How to change YouTube channel URL on desktop:

  1. Open YouTube Studio.
  2. Select Customisation then Basic Info from the left menu.
  3. Click the link to Set a Custom URL for your channel under Channel URL.

25 Creative YouTube Channel Names

Are you looking for a catchy YouTube channel name? Why not give one of these a shot:

  • 366Days
  • 4-Minute Mastery
  • Homing Moments
  • Kitchen Missions
  • Detailed Tales
  • Christmas Collection
  • Upstartr
  • DIYaries
  • Quilty Critters
  • Sewing Hems
  • Thrifty 101
  • MrJumpscare
  • MsBlizzard
  • GenreInsider
  • Cinema Topography
  • EpisodeCrunch
  • TapeSelect
  • FeedRoll
  • Countent
  • Planetation
  • Becoming Better
  • Crafty Sunshine
  • DIY Dares
  • Tool Crunch
  • Future Starter

Tips for creating the best YouTube channel name

If you don’t want to just copy and paste, you may brainstorm to come up with your own great YouTube name.

There are basically four types of YouTube channel names:

  • your given name,
  • the name of your company
  • the name of your channel’s category
  • the description of its content

There aren’t many regulations for channel names. You can add or exclude spaces from your name as long as you don’t violate YouTube’s community rules. You may make it as long as 50 characters or as short as a single letter.

Otherwise, your YouTube name is only limited by your imagination.

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