How to Create a Campaign With an Instagram Reel Ad

instagram reel ad campaign

If you are a business owner looking to create an ad for your Instagram account, here are some quick steps you can follow to create an Instagram Reel Ad campaign. Besides all of these, don’t forget to add branded hashtags to your ad and choose a popular audio track.

How To Create a Campaign With an Instagram Reel Ad

Create an Ad for Reels Placements Only

A Reel ad is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and generate clicks and sales. Create a new campaign with your desired objective.  Also, use the right campaign frequency – too many ads will only lead to ad fatigue and wasted ad dollars. If you can, keep your ads under thirty seconds. You can also target a specific audience by combining audience segments and targeting. You can choose optimization and delivery settings at the ad level and create a target audience.

Choose Manual Placements

The second step in creating an Instagram Reel campaign is to decide where to place your ads. To determine which placements will give you the best results, you should experiment with different settings and test out different creatives. However, if you don’t want to waste your time and money, opt for Instagram reels options and facebook reels after you’ve chosen manual payments.

Upload a Video File

You can use the Instagram Reel app to create your campaign using video clips. You will need to upload a video file in order to do this. Ensure that you follow the guidelines for the format and size of the video file.

instagram reel ad campaign

Edit the Creative

Whether you are making an ad for your business, an upcoming event, or just want to promote your brand on Instagram, you can take advantage of this new feature by editing the creative. To maximize engagement, you can also use music in your Instagram reels. Music has been proven to create a more engaging experience for your audience. Moreover, you can choose from available options to edit your video!

Write Ad Copy

It can be hard to write effective Ad Copy for Instagram reels campaigns. Your headline should be eye-catching and catchy, as it is often the first thing a customer sees. While writing your Ad Copy for an Instagram reels campaign, it’s crucial to consider how these Reels are viewed by your audience and plan accordingly.


Instagram has made a few changes to its video ads, and you might be wondering what you can do to stay relevant. If so, follow these tips to advertise after the new policy has gone into effect. Regardless of your business, if you follow the tips above, you can stay up to date and continue your successful marketing.

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