How To Get a Business Instagram Verification Badge

business Instagram verification badge

Business Instagram Verification Badge is a function for people to find that the notable accounts they are following or searching for are exactly who they say they are. If we find a few accounts with the same name, the Instagram badge is the way for us to determine which profile is authentic.

Every brand wants to get it to avoid ruining its audience’s trust because of fake accounts.

In this guide, let’s explore why an Instagram verification badge is vital, when you should seek verification, and how you could go about getting your Business Instagram Verification Badge.

What’s a Business Instagram verification badge?

An Instagram verification badge is a small blue checkmark on a profile page that appears next to the username. The photo below shows three profiles from brands and public figures — HubSpot, Beyonce, and Telfar — which are verified.

instagram verified symbol

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Overall, the biggest reason to get verified is that Instagram confirmed the account to be authentic and owned by the celeb, influencer, public figure, or business claiming to own it and that its content is legitimate

Instagram Verification Criteria

Anybody could request verification, however, Instagram is careful about who you are, considering the blue badge carries important weight.

Instagram mentions that there are some key factors when reviewing requests. Most importantly, your account has to align with Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

Your account also needs to be:

  • Authentic: Your account represents a real person or a real registered brand.
  • Unique: The content you publish needs to represent the unique qualities of the person or brand.
  • Complete: Your profile has to be a public profile that consists of a bio and profile photo and an active presence on the app when you apply
  • Notable: Your account needs to represent somebody that’s well known or often searched for. Instagram reviews information sources for notability, however, it doesn’t think about paid or sponsored media.

How many followers to get verified on Instagram?

There are no official reports about how many followers to get verification from Instagram. However, some sources say 10,000 followers, Instagram has never verified this claim.

It is best to seek out verification that is not based on follower count, however, more about the presence you are hoping to build on the app and if you suppose there’s a chance for impersonation.

The Reason Your Instagram Verification Application Could Be Denied

In case your Instagram verification request is denied, it may be because of these reasons:

  • Your profile was not complete
  • The content available is only paid or sponsored media.
  • You provided misleading info during the verification process.
  • You tried to verify your account via a 3rd party.
  • You request a verification badge multiple times before geting a final decision from Instagram.

You could also lose your Instagram verification at any point when you violate community guidelines or terms of use. Instagram can disable your account for future use when you violate guidelines.

How to Request To Get Verified on Instagram

Here is everything about the verification process, let’s go over how you could apply.

1. Click on the three lines button on the top right corner of your profile, as shown in the photo, and choose Settings, then Account.

get verified on instagramImage Source

2. In the Settings tab, choose Account and scroll down to select Request Verification.

get verified on instagram: select account and then request verificationImage Source

3. Once chosen, you will find the Apply for Instagram Verification tool pop up.

image 3

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In the form fields, you will be asked to verify the authenticity of your or your business, confirm your notability and relevance to the public interest, and add additional links that show your presence in the public sphere. It is the best practice to include as much info as possible.

5. Once you’ve filled in the relevant info, tap Submit at the bottom.

How long does it take to get Instagram verification badge?

Instagram says you will get a notification about your verification request in the Activity tab up to 30 days after requesting submission. While you wait, it is best to continue utilizing the platform as you usually would. In case your application is denied, you could submit another request after 30 days.

Whether you are verified or not, the best way to engage with your followers on the platform and generate a presence is to be active and update valuable and informative content. Your followers will recognize that you’re there to help them succeed, and they will view you as a reputable source.

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