How To Get An Inactive Instagram Username

how to get an inactive instagram username

Instagram is the best place for people to share their daily images, influencers endorse rands and earn revenue, and businesses engage with their customers and gain conversion rates. So, how to get an inactive Instagram username which is no longer used on the platform?

Here is a complete guide on how to get an inactive Instagram username. You can also use these tips in this guide to request Instagram to delete an inactive account and fix the issue of an Instagram username that is taken but does not exist.

Let’s dive in!

How to Get an Inactive Instagram Username Account

As of 2021, Instagram does not have any official guide that shows you how to get an inactive Instagram username. However, you can create a report of impersonation account or trademark infringement, then Instagram will help you take that inactive account. Always remember that when you file a trademark infringement report, you are doing legal action against that Instagram account.

If you have an Instagram username and you are sure that it is inactive, follow these steps to claim this username:

claim inactive instagram username

  • Then you can see four choices that you can choose from to get a taken Instagram username
  • Read carefully and choose the option that describes your situation. (You may choose “Someone created an account pretending to be me”)

claim inactive instagram username

  • Fill in your personal information such as name, email address, etc.
  • Then upload a photo of your identification card to verify.

claim inactive instagram username

  • Right when you complete filling in all the required details, click on the send button
  • That’s it, within 24 hours, Instagram will send you an email to notify you about this request

In case that this guide above doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! We have more alternative ways on how to get an inactive Instagram username account. Check them out!

Alternative Ways to Get Inactive Instagram Username Account

1. Copyright or Trademark the Username

Getting the trademark and copyright from the same account is the most effective way to get this account transferred to you. When you have the trademark, you can send your complaints to Instagram reporting copyright infringement issues.

Many Instagram users took their Instagram accounts back using this technique. A tip for you is that you must create some stories or content that includes the username of this activated account. Then just make a claim reporting that this account is using your content.

This trick may involve a whole plan, but it works and you can get this username.

2. Try to Purchase the Account

You may see this account is inactive for a while. However, it doesn’t mean that the owner of it isn’t active on the platform. Don’t be surprised that many owners will happily sell their accounts.

So, how do you contact them? Because they are inactive on this account, they may not check their DMs or notifications.

Some people share their details like an email address or their website link in the bio so that you can contact them easily through this detailed information.

But what if you can’t contact them, you can try to find their other social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. Let’s use the username of this account and search for it on other social networking sites.

One more way to contact the owner of this account is to look at their mentions and followers list. Then you can contact one of their followers and ask for the contact of this owner from these people. This way is effective only when this account has a limited number of followers.

Right when you have the contact of the owner, give them a perfect offer. Tell them what the value of this account is, how much you want to pay to own it and whether this owner accepts your offer.

3. Make the Account Appear Less Valuable

This trick sounds weird but it actually works. If you want to buy an inactive Instagram account and the owner doesn’t accept your deal, you can make this account appear less valuable.

How to do it? You can sign up on other social platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat,… using the same username as it on Instagram.

So now, that account with this username appears on other social platforms. Its value decreases and the owner may be less likely to reuse that account anymore.

4. Wait for the Instagram to Delete Account

Instagram is trying to make this platform authentic. It deletes fake profiles, bots, and deactivates an account that doesn’t abide by its terms and conditions.

It isn’t sure that the inactive account you want to purchase will be deactivated by Instagram, but it is possible. There are some common reasons for account deactivation are long inactivity, spam accounts, and fake followers.

Moreover, you should know that you won’t get any notifications for inactive account deactivation. To keep yourself updated, you should follow that account and check its follower list regularly. The username of a deleted account can be used to create a new fake one.

5. Use a Close Name

If the owner doesn’t want to sell the account or the account is inactive for days but doesn’t include any content that could violate Instagram terms and conditions. There is no point in waiting for an Instagram purge.

Wait! There is still a method to help you get this username without infringing on terms and conditions. You can not use this username, but you can come up with a similar one with a little change. Instagram allows you to create a 30 character long username. You can include numbers, underscores, letters, and other characters in your username.

Does the Username Matter?

An Instagram username shows your identity, represents a brand and business. You don’t need to create a unique username, but it needs to be related to the identity.

The username helps you catch people’s attention in seconds. It’s the first thing the social media users look at and determine your personality.

To be honest, it’s not essential for you to have a perfect username to engage with your audience, ger followers, and impress your customers. There are tons of active accounts that have a massive follower count with a silly username. However, there are many users who create an account with a brilliant username but don’t have many followers.

When you choose a username for your account, make sure that the name should be available on all the main social media platforms. It will be easier for your audiences to explore your brand on all kinds of platforms.

Let’s check these tips on how to find the best username for your social media accounts!

Try to be Creative

Using your brand name as your Instagram username may not be a good idea.

The same as finding a username for your personal account, it will be better to include some words or things to make it more compelling.

username generator

Keep Favorite Things

Including your favorite things or activities on your username is smart as well.

All you need to do is to think about your favorite games, number, or food. Then add them into a strange word and tada, you have your own username.

For example, if you are interested in pandas, you can choose FoodPandalndia, Pandalalala, etc.

Choose a Memorable Username

Nothing can describe yourself better than a username that is unique.

For example, you love traveling, you can choose your username as “Lunathetraveler”

Choose Interests, Attributes & Unique Habits

You may have certain habits and qualities that all your family or close friends know it.

Well, it will help you stand out from the crowd of users on a social media platform like Instagram.

username generator

If you always wink your eyes in public, you can choose a name that defines this habit, such as “winkingSam”.

Try Some Adjectives

You can also use a combination of your favorite item and an adjective that matches your personality.

Draw two columns in a note and list some adjectives that describe you the best. In the second column, create a list of your favorite activities.

Once done, try to match the names from the first and the second column until you create a perfect match.

Never Use Phone Number

You must have heard of how easy it is for others to explore your address just by getting the initials of your location.

It sounds pretty tempting to include numbers to make it unique. But ensure that these numbers could give a considerable amount of information to strangers.

Try to use a number that’s relatively less revealing such as just your lucky number or the one you like.

Final Words

I hope guys now you can easily get an inactive Instagram username after reading this article. And you have more tips to find the best username that defines yourself on several social media platforms.

With your dream username, you can attract people and become more famous on Instagram and other sites, then you can earn more revenue from the platforms.

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