How to Roll out New Products on Instagram

How to Roll out New Products on Instagram

How to roll out new products on Instagram? Congratulations! Your company is launching a new product after much hard work! What happens next?

It’s time to let your followers know about your new product and share the exciting news! Product launches are a way for businesses to announce an upcoming launch and build anticipation in the lead-up to a launch using native Instagram features, which are currently available for checkout-enabled Instagram businesses in the United States.

Product launches, also known as drops, are a method of selling that leverages fandom, cultural relevance, exclusivity, and a strong call to action. The product launches feature enables businesses to reach these new Instagram shoppers who are eager to discover the latest products. In general, you can generate buzz and awareness for your new products by doing the following:

How to Roll out New Products on Instagram

1. Product Launch Tags

Product launch tags can be used in all Instagram formats, including the Feed, Stories, Live, and Reels.

Woman in blue dress from @hillhouse

Hill House Home (@hillhouse)

2. Stickers For Product Launch

Countdown and reminder stickers can be used in Stories to allow customers to easily set reminders to be notified when your product becomes available.

3. Notifications

Through notifications in the Activity Tab and push notifications, customers can be reminded of an upcoming product launch.

4. Product Detail Pages

In Product Detail Pages, customers can also learn more about the product, view additional images, and set reminders.

Product launches also provide businesses with the opportunity to gain additional exposure and reach new users. Within the Instagram Shop tab, a new “Drops” destination showcases current, upcoming, and previous product launches. 44 percent of those polled strongly associate Instagram with discovering local/small brands, so make sure your products are in front of as many people as possible.

To begin, here’s an example promotional timeline for launching a new product on Instagram:

5-7 Days Out

Increase awareness of your new products by tagging them in any type of Instagram content. We recommend combining feed posts, stories, and video content. Even if you tag products in pre-launch media, they will not become available for sale prematurely once they are part of a scheduled product launch.

3-5 Days Out

Customers can set reminders for your launch by using the product launch tag in Feed and the product launch sticker in Stories. To keep the momentum going, post about your new product(s) on a daily basis, as Hill House Home (@hillhouse) does in the video below.

1-3 Days Out

Collaboration with creators can help you generate additional buzz and reach their audiences for your product launch. Product launches promoted by creators outperform similar launches that do not involve creators on average.

Rolling Out Day

Live Shopping allows you to celebrate with your followers in real-time. In the final minutes before launch, when a countdown timer appears, go live and pin your launch product(s). So, a celebratory “confetti” animation will appear at launch time, as shown in the example below from Hill House Home (@hillhouse).

@hillhouse Holiday countdown - How to Roll out New Products on Instagram

After Rolling Out

Using the product launches feature allows you to reach new users, so make sure to engage your growing community with shoppable media even after the launch. Continue to sell the remaining launch inventory, if applicable, by targeting shoppers who are most likely to be interested in your launch with ads that include product tags.

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