How to Schedule Facebook Posts (2/2)

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

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6 tips to schedule Facebook posts

Whether you utilize a Facebook scheduler like Hootsuite or schedule posts immediately on Facebook, you need to comply with these greatest practices:

1. Always stay on model

When scheduling posts, the pressure to post instantly is off. So take the time to craft relevant content that can land together with your viewers.

Scheduling posts may assist you to maintain your model guidelines in thoughts when composing weeks or months’ worth of content. Ensure that your campaigns throughout Pages and even social networks are aligned with your and your viewers’ values.

2. Carefully select the publication date and time

Keep away from posting when your viewers aren’t online. Tools feature will enable you to schedule Facebook posts on days and at times when your viewers are active on the platform.

The more people see your Facebook updates, the more alternative there’s to generate engagement, drive traffic and gain potential new followers.

3. Know when to pause your Facebook posts

Don’t neglect the posts you’ve scheduled. At all times consider how present events or crises might change the means and tone of the posts you wrote effectively before these events — they might become irrelevant or insensitive in methods you simply couldn’t have predicted.

Often check in on your scheduled posts to maintain a monitor of what’s coming up. With that approach, you possibly can pause or delete scheduled posts before they’re published, and keep away from any potential backlash.

4. Keep in mind which you can’t schedule everything

Some issues you need to post in real-time. And a few sorts of posts can’t be scheduled at all. On Facebook, these embody:

  • Facebook events
  • Facebook check-ins
  • Photo albums

5. Consider your posting frequency

Don’t overwhelm your Facebook viewers by overscheduling posts. However, don’t under schedule, either. Discovering the best balance is vital.

The optimal variety of Fb posts per week or month will rely on your model and your viewers. For some companies, like an information website, that might be 10 Facebook posts a day. For different businesses, like a small non-profit with only a few staff members, perhaps a post as soon as a day and even every other day will do.

6. Observe analytics and engagement

A great posting schedule shouldn’t be based on guesswork. You’ll know what works greatest in your Facebook viewers by monitoring your efficiency in a social media analytics tool.

Historical data will present you with what posts perform effectively, and where you might make improvements.

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