How to Sell Products on Instagram in 2022 (2/2)

sell products on Instagram in 2022

Keep reading to explore these next steps to sell your products on Instagram this year 2022.

How to Sell Products on Instagram in 2022

5. Create regular posts too

After all, you don’t want to just show your followers only sales posts because this might come across as pushy.

We believe the 80/20 rule mentioned above is such an effective method for balancing shoppable posts vs. regular posts.

Try to aim for 80% regular posts and 20% shoppable posts.

It’s essential to keep in mind that with every post you need to try to create value and not just post for the sake of posting.

Create content that’s both engaging and creative.

Post content that you realize your followers will want to share with their friends or repost.

That’s free promoting!

If you’re searching for some post idea inspiration here are a few we recommend:

  • Ask your customers engaging or thought-provoking questions
  • Provide educational content in your niche
  • Give your followers behind scenes peek at your business
  • Share your favorite thought leadership pieces

6. Get on the Explore page

Getting discovered on the Explore page is a vivid dream of all the creators.

That’s because it’s the important thing to increase your organic reach.

What’s the Explore page? It’s a public collection of photos, videos, reels, and stories that are customized to each Instagram user.

Picture this: you’ve been thinking about buying a new pair of hiking boots and searching on the explore page.

Suddenly your Explore page is filled with hiking boots and similar products.

But wait, how is that possible?

The truth is that the Instagram algorithm is a fine-tuned machine.

It serves up focused content to users based on their interests, search history, and consumer behavior data.

It’s intuitive and knows exactly what to show users. Giving them the best content, at the right time.

Here are some more of the advantages of showing up on the explore page:

  • Boosts engagement on a piece of content
  • Drives discoverability and new followers
  • Signals to the algorithm that your content is great and takes note of that
  • Increases conversions which mean more sales

Getting your posts within the Explore feed should be the goal of every post.

There is an art and science to get on the Explore page.

Luckily, we’ve figured it out and put together some helpful tips below on how to get on the Instagram Explore page:

  1. Know your audience and what kind of content performs best
  2. Share engaging content that gives your users some helpful information
  3. Mix it up. Check out some different formats like Reels or Stories
  4. Build an active community of followers that can engage with your posts and help boost them in the algorithm
  5. Post when your followers are most likely online
  6. Use related tags which are medium-low volume to start
  7. Post content that resonates by digging into your analytics
  8. Consider using ads within the Explore feed
  9. Avoid any scheme techniques like buying followers or creating Instagram pods

7. Try live shopping

sell products on Instagram in 2022

Another way to start earning money is by using Instagram live shopping.

Instagram live shopping is a live, interactive shopping experience available to approved Instagram shops based within the U.S.

Live shopping allows you to sell products directly on your Instagram live broadcast.

You’ll be able to instantly interact with viewers, engage with potential customers in real-time and you can save your videos for later.

You’ll be able to go live on Instagram anytime and promote your products while people are tuned in.

Going live is also another opportunity to grab people’s attention and tell a story.

And it’s an effective way for customers to discover new products.

What are the other advantages of Instagram live shopping?

  • Interact directly with buyers and show use a product or answer to questions
  • Feature new products and promotions
  • Collaborate with influencers or creators
  • Schedule stay purchasing broadcasts

Before you go live, ensure you add products to a collection to showcase every product.

Product launch coming up? Schedule a live shopping experience to create awareness.

Or when you have a hot seller, you’ll be able to feature that product by pinning it to your live broadcast.

Don’t be shy. Lives are an opportunity to show your best-selling products and drive more product discoverability.

So, give it a try!

Moreover, the algorithm loves when accounts engage with their followers. Bonus points for you.

8. Use Instagram Checkout

Instagram recently introduced a brand new feature for shop owners called Instagram checkout.

Only shop owners within the US have this feature right now but Instagram plans to expand to more countries later.

With Instagram checkout, your customers can buy products they love without having to leave the app.

It’s a safe and secure method to sell products directly on the app.

And customers are more likely to make a purchase when it’s easier to buy and fewer steps are involved.

These are 8 easy steps that help you sell your products on Instagram in 2022. Check them out and happy selling!

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