How to Use Instagram Collab Post to Increase Reach (2/2)

how to use Instagram collab

Keep reading the next part of this guide to know more tips on how to use Instagram collab posts to increase the reach of your account.

Tips for making Instagram Collab posts 

This part gives you helpful examples of how to create and use Instagram Collab posts. We’ll help you take advantage of Collabs for your brand.

Collaborate with influencers and content creators

Collabs posts are an effective way to coordinate your brand’s Instagram presence with the influencers promoting you.

The share of social media marketers taking advantage of influencer marketing has been rising steadily since 2019. Instagram Collab posts help emphasize this important part of your marketing activities.

share of US marketers using social media and influencer marketing 2019-2022 -how to use Instagram collab

Source: eMarketer

Always keep in mind that Instagram Collabs doesn’t take the place of a branded content label. If you have an Instagram creator account that uses the branded partners feature, you still need to label your spon-con to stay compliant with advertising rules.

The Collabs post between @jenneatsgooodand and @drinkculturepop uses the Collab tag to publish their content. It additionally uses a paid partnership notice to announce to its customers that it’s an ad.

Create Instagram Collab posts with other brands

Collaborations between brands are a good match for using Instagram Collab posts.

Group promotions allow two brands to pool their resources. This way they have a better reach than any individual marketing push.

Brand-on-brand collaborations can also make your prizes and giveaways more interesting and attract more users. Combine your product with a complementary brand and see your engagement take off.

Make use of Instagram Collabs to ensure that you and your partner are maximally discoverable.

Additionally, you can collaborate between different parts of your brand’s online presence. Adidas creates a Collab tag to coordinate posts between their main account and their basketball line.

Send shouts-out for user-created content

User-generated content is an essential part of social marketing. Collabs take the benefits it brings to a different level.

Earning your audience’s trust is essential for successful social marketing. And the appearance of authenticity that posting user-created content creates is an efficient way of getting that trust.

Crediting your audience when they create content for you. It highlights this authenticity for other users. It also drives engagement. Of course, who doesn’t want a shout-out from their favorite brand?

Take a look at the example, the @bodegacatsofinstagram account wouldn’t have content without user submissions. Collab tags can be an ideal fit to represent this relationship.

Tag contest winners with Collabs posts

Turn user engagement into content by publishing a post on your Feed about Instagram contest winners in your Feed.

Show that real people are taking part in and winning your contests and encourage engagement. Tag contest winners in a Collabs post to connect with the people who are interested in your product.

Dick’s Drive-In may use Collabs to show off members in their Blank Bag Art Contest.

Keep Collabs targeted

Instagram allows you to only have one other collaborator in each Collab post. This post also has to be manually approved by the other party. This makes the feature the best for close, intimate collaborations.

If you’re trying to boost the numbers of people involved in a single post, it’s best to use a feature like user tags or hashtags.

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