How to Use Instagram Reel Insights (2/2)

How to Use Instagram Reel Insights (2/2)

Continue to discover how to use Instagram Reel Insights to make better Reels…

Learn how to use Instagram Reels analytics to make better Reels

Now that you recognize where to seek out your Reels analytics and why it’s best to track Reels efficiency, it’s time to put all these findings to work.

Listed here are 4 ideas for utilizing Reels analytics to make better content:

Tip #1: Test different Reel styles

To make good Reels, it’s essential to… watch plenty of Reels. Without a feel for what’s trending, you should have trouble discovering a style that works for your model.

However what if what you like doesn’t essentially resonate with your viewers?

The important thing to discovering one of the best visual styles, filters, effects, and traits to your model is testing. And now that you’ve access to Reels Insights, you may drive more insights from your tests.

Before, you could possibly solely base your efficiency assumptions on comments and likes. However, an excessive variety of comments isn’t all the time factor — a few of them could be negative. Take the comments from a giant grocery chain’s kitchen hack Reel for instance:

Instagram Reel comment section

With the two new engagement metrics, you’ll have a greater understanding of what number of customers truly liked your content (enough to reserve it for later or share with associates). Once you post a Reel that will get lots of likes, comments, saves, and shares, you’ll know that something is working!

Tip #2: Test different Reel lengths

Instagram at the moment lets all customers create 15 and 30 second lengthy Reels, with choose accounts having access to 1 minute Reels.

Just like testing different trends and effects, you may wish to test different Reel lengths to see what your viewers respond to finest.

Tip #3: Test different audio options

Instagram provides many alternative options for including audio to Reels. You possibly can:

  • Use the unique audio from your video clip
  • Add voiceover to your video
  • Use a text to speech generator
  • Use a saved audio track — a tune or a viral snippet, like within the instance below from McDonald’s:

With access to Reels Insights, you may check out different choices and see if a few of them are likely to work better than others.

Accessibility tip: No matter your selection, ensure to add captions to your Reels so that everybody can enjoy them!

Tip #4: Test different times and days to post

It is a huge one. Enhanced Reels analytics can assist you to pin down one of the best days of the week and time of day to post your Reels for max reach and engagement.

The concept is straightforward — test different posting times and watches your outcomes carefully to seek out out what time works finest for you and your viewers. In that manner, you’ll never “waste” an important Reel by posting it when your viewers just aren’t online!

(Check out our post about the best times to publish on Instagram to set all of your Instagram content up for success.)

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